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How are we handling the balancing act: Current environmental Status and children fast coming realities?

We really have most fun when kids.

Later, we never have so much fun until we act as kids

(On ne s’amuse vraiment que quand on est enfant . Plus tard on ne s’amusera que comme des enfants …).

“How do we handle the very fine balance of preparing our children?

Without having to weigh them down, to inspire them without hiding the reality, and to train them when we ourselves are not sure what to do?

Of all the significant issues in the world, nothing strikes as more crucial than the future of our children.

It is our children who will inherit our planet in its current state,

and it is our children who will have to cope with the changes that are on setting…” by mimo

hanging in the balanceHanging in the balance~ mother and child in Yangshuo

I am awed by pictures of children, from all kinds of countries (rich countries, desolate countries, and famished countries…) looking straight in the camera lens, wide smiles, teeth all showing, giggling, happy, surprised…

All the attitudes, except bitterness…

Here are a few pictures of children considered “impure” in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, and unless they are saved and homes found for them, they are killed…

The Omo River Valley is located in Southwest Ethiopia, Africa. It has been called “the last frontier” in Africa.

Lale and his wife Gido Labuko

Steve McCurry in the Omo Valley

Help John and Lale rescue and care for these children.

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