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Incest was inevitable to multiply mankind: It generated a multitude of dysfunctional humanity

Before the advent of faster and affordable locomotion to main urban centers in provinces, incest was inevitable

Simone de Beauvoir wrote:

The western socio-political structure of the 20th century was based on this premise: Incest is no longer permitted.

You read this cliché: Tribes looted neighboring tribes for the goods and wealth.

A rational reasoning that hides the tacit and more urgent purpose of attacking another tribe: Bringing in “fresh meat” of girls to increase the tribe’s choices.

Thus, razzia main objective, and tacitly acknowledged by most tribes, was to make sure that the tribe would Not die from incestuous customs.

A few tribes around the world made sure in their traditions to marry outside the village or tribe. Otherwise, the custom of incest was predominant in human procreation.

With the exception of France throughout its history of admitting mistresses as a custom in the nobility, in order Not to break the marriage and retain the wealth within the family, Britain and Germany were the hotbed of incestuous intermarriage in Europe.

It is documented that Hitler’s father married his daughter, probably without knowing this fact before he hired her to care for his house and then marrying her. He had intercourse with his close relative and the mother didn’t divulge to him explicitly that he is most probably the father.





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