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Select the Lebanese personality (dead or alive) you can be proud of

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s nothing to celebrate this Independence Day in Lebanon!

We may not have a president, or a functioning government – but when have those ever been what made Lebanon great?

We give you 72 Lebanese people who make us proud – with compatriots like this, who needs a president?

(Add to the list other personalities and leaders who made us proud)

Some of these are the legends we grew up admiring, some are relatively unsung heroes, and some are legends in the making.

But they all share one thing: They show the strength of the Lebanese spirit, and that’s something worth celebrating this Independence Day

1. Fairuz (80) (Singer) Like

‎قناة الميادين - Al Mayadeen Tv‎'s photo.

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2. Ahmad Kaabour (Singer) Like

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3. Georgina Rizk (Universe Beauty Queen of 1969)

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4. Late Ghassan Tueni (Journalist and founder of daily Al Nahar) Like

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5. Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah (Inventor. Electrical engineering genius. He and Tesla discoverer of Alternative current and who invented most of the electrical equipment in use today) Like

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6. Aida Sabra (Actress/Director)

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7. Joumana Haddad (Writer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 joumana haddad 01 big

8. Kim Ghattas (Reporter)

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9. Late Chouchou (Actor. Most famous ironic icon) Like

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10. Fadi El Khatib (Basketball Player)

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11. Philemon Wehbe (Composer) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 wehbe nohra culture pic 1

12. Carlos Ghosn (Businessman. General manager of Nissan and Renault) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 carlos ghosn


13. Zuhair Murad (Fashion Designer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 zuhair murad 2

14. Late Said Akl (Poet, Writer)

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15. Yasmine Hamdan (Singer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 défilé chanel dubai

16. Late Samir Kassir (Journalist/Activist)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 samir kassir 078

17. Late May Ziade (Writer. Launched the first literary salon in Cairo) Like

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18. Maxime Chaya (Sportsman. Climbed highest mountain peaks and reached the North Pole) Like

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19. Charif Majdalani (Writer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 litterature le romancier libanais charif majdalani laureat du prix jean giono article popin

20. Bernard Khoury (Architect)

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21. Amal Alamuddin Clooney (International Lawyer) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 amal alamuddin

22. Late Pierre Sadek (Caricaturist) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151118 pierre sadek muerte movil

23. Nidal Al Achkar (Actress/Director of theatre/Activist) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 lebanon nidal ashkar 650 416

24. Elia Abu Madi (Poet)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 1344 1

25. Ziad Rahbani (Musician/Actor/Director of theatre/Singer) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 ziad

26. Nadine Labaki (Actress/Director) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 14001990402

27. Ounsi el-Hajj (Writer)

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28. Mazen Hajjar (Investor)

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29. Serge Hochar (Winemaker)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 serge hochar lg

30. Majida El Roumi (Singer) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 lebanese singer majida el roumi

31. Walid Toufic  (Singer)

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32. Amin Maalouf (Author/Journalist/French Academy member) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 amin maalouf elu a l academie francaise

33. Ray Bassil (Sportswoman)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 ray bassil

34. Melhem Barakat (Singer) Like

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35. Reem Acra (Fashion Designer)

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36. Silvio Chiha (Sportsman)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 lebanon sports water ski silvio chiha1 850x480

37. Bushra El-Turk (Composer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 tala bushra 154n

38. Lebanese Rocket Society Like

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39. Fady Raidy (Comedian)

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40. Xriss Jor (Singer)

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41. Octavia Nasr (Journalist)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 125776 img650x420 img650x420 crop

42. Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib (Entrepreneurs)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 anghami


43. Jalal Khoury (Playwright/Director) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151120 jalal khoury

44. Hamed Sinno (Musician)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 hamed sinno screen shot 2013 08 02 at 12 28 15 am

45. Late Charles Malik (Philosopher/Represented Lebanon at the UN session of 1946 in San Francisco)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 malik large einstein e1377417637749

46. Ramzi Haidamus (President of Nokia) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 ramzihaida

47. Joseph Harb (Poet/Song Writer) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 joseph harb

48. Late Nasri Shamseddine (Performer) Like

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49. Hind Hobeika (Techie)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 final prime 15

50. Abdallah Absi (Entrepreneur)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 20150930 abdallah 880x490


51. Karl Sharro (Writer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 404600 img650x420 img650x420 crop

52. Guy Manoukian (Musician)

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53. Late Wadih El Safi (Singer/Musician/an icon)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 wadih and lotfi 1

54. Sabah (Singer/Actress, an Icon) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 maxw640imageversiondefaultar 141129306

55. Late Mikha’il Na’ima (Writer/ Friend and contemporary of Jubran in the USA) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 600x600

56. Late Gibran Khalil Gibran (Writer/Drawer. Famous for “The Prophet”) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 kahlil gibran

57. Marcel Khalife (Musician. An Icon) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 about1

58. Late Rahbani Brothers (Musicians/Writers/Playwriters. Icons) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 3a8eb85e9ea96b77e077f0474723a456

59. Habib Haddad (Entrepreneur)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 4173241207 06bc8aa6f9

60. Nicolas Jebran (Fashion Designer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 nicolas1

61. Zeina Daccache (Actress/Director)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 350493900 1280x720


62. Rabih Alameddine (Writer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 rabih alameddine autor contador historias

63. Lucien Bourjeily (Director/Writer/ Activist) Like

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64. Charles Elachi (Scientist/Director of Jet Propulsion Lab) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 dr charles elachi

65. Mona Bawarshi (CEO)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 photobnw 1307

66. Elie Saab (Fashion Designer)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 eliesaabpfwreadywearfallwinter2011rxr6iqdiw8 l

67. Ralph Debbas (CEO)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 w motor 2

68. Bassam Jalgha (Engineer/Musician)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 resized lamba labs 9

69. Rudy Rahme (Sculptor)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 c13r0385

70. Georges Khabbaz (Actor/Writer) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 georges khabbaz

71. Hilal Khashan (Scholar)

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 r923854 9620596

72. Adel Termos (National Hero/Tackled a suicide bomber) Like

/home/deploy/ content/uploads/2015/11/20151119 8e3dcef76cde5dffef023078a758fe5e

 I also like Antoun Saadeh, founder of the first secular political party in Lebanon in 1933, during the French mandate. He was summarily executed for insisting on the strategic value of our oil and the threat of the nascent Zionist movement, and the strategic danger of expansionist Turkey

Happy Independence Day ‪#‎Lebanon‬!|By Ghida Ladkani

Michelle has hope for Lebanon: Sort of 5 reasons…


  M ()Posted on November 23, 2012 “Why I have hope for Lebanon this Independence Day

“Since the Syrian revolution began over 20 months ago, the headlines around the world concerning Lebanon have all had the same tone – “Lebanon on the brink”, “Tensions in a divided Lebanon run high”…

And since last May, we have seen what appears to be a breakdown of Lebanon’s social fabric. Fighting in Tripoli between Bab el Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, tire burning around the country, the so-called “military wing” of the clan Moqdad family kidnapping of Gulf nationals, Syrians…and blocking the road to the airport.

A travel ban for the nationals of UAE, Qatar and Bahrain crippled Lebanon’s tourism over the summer.

And a month ago, the car bomb that ripped through Beirut’s bustling Ashrafieh district that claimed 3 lives, including that of Brigadier General Wissam al Hassan, his bodyguard, and an innocent woman walking in the area. In the days that followed, protestors stormed the Grand Serail, (the PM administration) and gunfights erupted in several areas around Beirut.

International media basically had a field day predicting the next civil war in Lebanon, and elaborating on the oversimplified narrative of Syria’s conflict “spilling over” and Lebanon’s sectarian divides continuing to “widen” as change rocks the region. What happened instead?

Millions of Lebanese woke up in the morning, got in their cars and faced mind-numbing traffic to get to work for completely unfair salaries. For that, I respect them and their resilience immensely.

Schools, bars, restaurants, and malls remained open despite shooting in several areas of Beirut. In the days that followed, life here largely returned to normal, and the media’s eye shifted away from Lebanon. Basically, over the space of two days, columnists and foreign correspondants from around the world predicted a major breakdown of social and political institutions in this country.

And that may yet happen. But instead of breaking down worst case scenarios, let’s take a look at the reality of the past month in Beirut.

1. Beirut White March

A week after the blast in Ashrafieh, around a thousand Lebanese gathered in Martyr’s Square dressed in white, and marched peacefully to Sassine Square (the location of the blast) to show solidarity for the victims, and to express frustration with the March 8/14 rift that characterizes Lebanese politics. “March against March”  and “5losna Ba2a” signs were held up, along with hundreds of Lebanese flags.

The mood was positive, despite the grim events of the week before. I overheard two photographers jockying for position joke to each other “In peaceful protests, the photographers are the ones who fight.”

No violence.

2. Ashrafieh for All

Again, immediately after the bombing, a group of young Lebanese began the “Ashrafieh for All” initiative. Spread through Facebook, the group description simply read: “[We are] a group of young people looking to help the people of Ashrafieh out. This is in no way political. Anyone willing to help can join.”

Over the following weeks, hundreds of volunteers, including youth groups such as les Scouts du Liban, collected food, water, clothes, medicine and money for those whose homes had been destroyed in the explosion. Major Lebanese brands including Zaatar w Zeit, Roadsters Diner and many more also contributed to the efforts.

3. Beirut Marathon

On November 11th, in the pouring rain, over a thousand Lebanese gathered to complete a 10 km run, or a full marathon, throughout Beirut. Thousands of Lebanese of different faiths gathered together in a massive crowd, while jogging, under a torrential downpour – sound like a perfect recipe for conflict. But no – the event was a great success.

4. Seculars in AUB election

Student elections at the American University of Beirut are closely watched, as they are known for representing Lebanon’s political divides. Unlike typical student elections, which are either popularity contests or based on campaigns pertaining to student life, AUB’s are highly politicized. Competing student parties openly endorse the March 8 and March 14 camps that divide national Lebanese politics, and have a history of high tensions, and even outbursts of violence.

Given the events of the past few months, many expected this year’s election season to be particularly inflammatory. Though the elections were highly politicized as usual, with political chants and quite a bit of booing taking place as results were announced, there were no fights. And in an interesting turn of events, AUB’s very own Secular Club, supporting candidates running independently of any politically affiliated organizations, performed particularly well this year.

For a soundbite I compiled featuring interviews with AUB students regarding their view of the influence of Lebanese politics on student elections, click here: You may be surprised by what you hear. While some cited the inevitability of Lebanese politics spilling into AUB, others expressed major disappointment with this – despite the fact that they had won because they ran with politically-backed parties.

5. TEDxBeirut

TEDxBeirut, a full-day conference that took place November 17th at Beirut’s UNESCO Palace, brought together Lebanese speakers, activists, innovators, leaders, and regular citizens with “ideas worth sharing” as a part of the larger TED talks global movement. A TEDx conference even took place in Tripoli, despite the strife that has marked the city since this summer.

What does all this mean?

Lebanese people are far from war-hungry sectarian-driven individuals. The above events show that Lebanese do want to live together, and enjoy normal, happy lives. And that’s what gives me hope in Lebanon this independence day.

As summarized by Bernard Pivot:

“Les Libanais sont sûrs qu’il y aura un autre attentat. Puis, plus tard, un autre. Ils ne vivent cependant pas dans la crainte. Ils vivent.” (The Lebanese are sure another car blast is being readied, and another… They don’t live in fear. They live.)



ImageOn top of that, JLO carried a Lebanese flag on stage while performing in Dubai. I mean what more do you really need? End of article

If the reader has noticed, almost all of these events are set in Beirut, where about a third of the population live and work. Outside of Beirut, in this tiny country, life is controlled and administered by the communities: The pseudo-State (government, institutions, and deputies…) exists just in Greater Beirut.  A few sectors in Beirut get high priority in potable water, 24/24 electricity, and all the amenities that other sections in Beirut don’t enjoy…

Apparently, the rate of hope is “measured” on how people living and commuting to Beirut behave and have fun…





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