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“Be Free is all that I am” (April 18, 2009)


Marguerite Porete was burned live in 1310 in Paris at the “Place de Greve”.  She wrote a mystic book “The Mirror of the simple souls”; the manuscript was in the vernacular French language, not Latin mind you, in a narrative and poetic mode, and worst, did not follow the prescribed Aristotelian logic of the theological canons. The Church did not like what it read and censured the manuscript and burned it in 1306.

Published about 1296-1305, the book describes the conquest of soul via divine love and the yielding of the soul to the total love of God. The technique is a dialogue between Love and Reason; Reason is overwhelmed and fails to comprehend truths. Marguerite claimed that when we conquer our wants and desires then the soul would be freed and would not need any kind of faith to be saved.

The freed souls cannot but express in paradoxes and scandalous propositions. The freed soul know the depth of its nullity and let humility reign and guide it to the highest sphere of kindness because the freed soul needs no intermediary. The freed soul reaches a state of innocence and indifference and allows God to act on it as He pleases. The freed soul is liberated of sins and thus, has no need to be dominated by virtue. The freed soul does no longer worry to accomplishing works of charity with purpose to be saved and has no inclink for sacraments.  As the freed soul let God will for it then nature will cater to its bodily wants.

The “Mirror” pointed the way to liberating morality and thus, a rejection to sacerdotal mediation.   Marguerite beseeched the scholars to “humiliate their knowledge” before attempting to read her manuscript.  Marguerite was accused of persevering in disseminating her message and was incarcerated by the inquisition.  She refused to talk in her defense.  The Church didn’t like Marguerite anyway.  The message of Marguerite Porete was a source for medieval mysticism. The manuscript survived because it was not written in Latin, the sole monopole language of the sacerdotal caste and scholars.


In a previous post “The Meaning of Life” I stated: “Most religions have to erect an ideology and sometimes slightly update it to face changes; the sacerdotal castes main job is to pressure you to accept their set values and morals as the best that characterize you.  In fact, religions do not want you to exercise introspection and learn your own characteristics; they want to “save you that hassle” and show you the proper way; they want you to be the man among all same men with preferred set of passions instead of realizing your individuality.  Only those following the preferred “type” are selected in heaven as on earth; the black sheep of strong individuality are not recognized in heaven because only the mediocre, the humbled, the naïve, the simple minded can be saved.  The sacerdotal caste doesn’t care if you have faith or if you believe in One God; the caste wants you to obey its guidance and follow blindly its daily guidelines”.


I tend not to exaggerate; when I do then you quickly realize that I am in a humoring mood.  Look in the sky, the vast oceans; look around you the insects, plants, and pets.  I have a question: do you think that what you have seen is man-made and created by man?  If you are an optimist then who created all that wonder?  Do you need a sacerdotal caste to tell you the obvious?  Do you need a special caste to making a career reading in the same Book or what amount to the same Book and think that they are in a position to guide your steps and meddle in your daily life?  If you are a pessimist then whatever you will hear or see is naught anyway.




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