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WikiLeaks Finances: As detailed in “Inside WikiLeakds” by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

In 2008, WikiLeaks had three accounts PayPal for donation deposits.  On March 2008, after the Julius Bar Swiss bank leaks, the account was of 1,900 Euros.  By March 3, the donations were of 3,700 Euros, and by March 11, WL amassed 5,000 Euros.  On June 2009, a US journalist informed us that the accounts on PayPal were frozen, though PayPal continued to receive donations that reached $35,000 in August 2009.

PayPal requested the form 501c3.  Thus, Daniel Domscheit-Berg got on the task of of acquiring the status of a society.  He realized that PayPal customer services had no physical employees, but using programs run by Indian subcontractors. We access for the account for one day, and then, more formality requirements were demanded to be fulfilled.

Julian Assange contacted in September 2009 “The Nanny”.  The Nanny was in her forties and an energetic  longtime friend of Julian.  Finally, it was a female journalist in the New York Times that got engaged and unfroze the account. Daniel wanted to purchase new equipments and servers because the only server they had was obsolete and any problem could jeopardize the entire security of the system.  Julian refused to update his server, preferring to focus on screen public companies or offshore companies but he didn’t do anything of that kind.

In April 2008, Julian opened a personal account at Moneybookers with a direct link on WL page for donations.  In August 2010, the account on Moneybookers was closed for government authority investigation, but the account had been previously emptied.

Daniel tried twice to apply for the complex procedure for a grant of two million dollars by the Knight Foundation, but failed.  The last attempt reached the fourth stage in the competition. Julian made it difficult for Daniel to arranging a face to face interview.  The foundation of John  S. and James L. Knight had extended grants for $105 million to media organizations

Thanks to the video “Collateral Murder” shot in Iraq, donations started to come in.  Collateral Murder showed a US helicopter shooting at civilian Iraqis coming out of a van.  The foundation Wau Holland in Germany had agreed to receive the donations, handle the fiscal and tax deductions procedures, and sending requested expenses.  By April 2010, the account was about $100,000.  By summer, the account climbed to $600,000.  By the time Daniel Domscheit-Berg quit WL, he said that he estimated that the foundation had accumulated one million.

The late Wau Holland was a computer scientist and a philosopher; his foundation aided with grants on projects that enhanced freedom of the press.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg claims in his book “inside WikiLeaks” that the project had spent $75,000 by September 2010 on state of the art equipments, like seven servers, decrypted mobile phones, pagers by satellites…During the 6-month stoppage of Wikileaks due to the previous archaic equipments and server, WL continued to receive documents while restoring the network.

The transactions with the foundation was pretty straightforward: The foundation extended the sum that Daniel requested and Daniel remitted the invoices.




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