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Are you an immigrant? Do I want to forget my “history”?

Posted on July 3, 2010 (Written in May 7, 2009)

The citizens of the developed Nations (mostly the colonial powers), within their own boundaries, feel that they have no longer any need to learn history, especially their own history.  (But the atrocities levied on the people of the “colonized” will keep reminding them that their history was effectively Evil)

History to the citizens of the developed nations is a drag, a waste of time, of no use, totally irrelevant. They are mostly correct in their feeling and appreciation of the uselessness of history relevant to their nation.

Why is this feeling?

First, they have reached a level of social cohesion, awareness, appreciation of human dignity and human rights that reduce historical accounts of injustices (and exploitation of the “citizens” in mines for many generations) as redundant stories.

Second, they are more concerned about their present state of affairs such as maintaining their current level of comfort, consumerism choices, creating diverse opportunities, future availabilities for their desires and wishes. 

These modern citizens have institutions to continue the good work; institutions to analyze whatever history is appropriate for the nation, institutions for research, for legitimacy, for governance, for economy, for finance, for strategic studies, for learning, for art, for marketing, and for studying the underdeveloped States and minorities.

History for the citizens of the developed nation is plainly relegated to the under-developed States.

The Third World and Fourth World “citizens”, (we should create another term for citizenship for the underdeveloped world because it is frankly too pompous and inappropriate any which way you define a citizen), have nothing left but “history” for amusement and to give them reference to an illusory identity.

History for the “history citizens” has been written by the vanquisher and then translated and interpreted by the colonial powers.

The archeological sites in the land of the “amused archaic citizens” were dug out and investigated by the colonial powers and the artifacts were dusted off, cleaned, and conserved in secured museums that the traveling tourists and immigrants never visit. 

The chasm between the developed and the “non-developed” States is huge and growing larger by the day. 

History is still being taught in the developed nations simply because more immigrants are flocking in and some sort of integration is commendable.

More likely, a citizen would visit an immigrant friend to fill him in on current news, and occasionally, getting a good laugh on stories of their respective ancestors. 

Yes, the immigrant might know more details on the developed citizen’s ancestors and the history of this citizen’s country. 

In fact, hard copy dailies are published to satisfy the voracious curiosities of the immigrants. Storytelling is a cultural trademark among immigrants: Usually, getting together is worthless and devoid of any interest if No bickering accompanies the assembly of immigrants.

If there are rival “civilizations” it must be in the mind of the immigrants: They are attuned to any gesture, tone of voice, slang, or posturing that remind them of their “indignity”, their frequent humiliations, their total dependence on the host nation for understanding, leniency, forgiveness, compassion, and equal treatments under the laws.

The immigrants are overachiever, hard-working, on constant alert of changes in behavior and special laws, on foreign policies regarding their “homeland”, on unequal measures doled in foreign policies and moral values.

“Civilization clash” is in the mind of the immigrant: the “developed” citizen doesn’t care about the agony and tribulation of his immigrant friend. 

The immigrant is a sponge for all kinds of curiosities in art, theater, intellectual life, and any association that invites him to participate. 

The immigrant is most likely polyglot and can converse in many languages and he has to suffer being mocked for his accent in the local slang; he has to be corrected frequently because accent is the main avenue for integration and acceptance as a civilized individual.

Discrimination is in the mind of the immigrant: A citizen would immediately recognize an immigrant for miles if he cared to focus a second on the individual. 

The citizen in an administrative position has to call upon the cleric, the community leader, or the father of the immigrant before taking any decision for any kinds of permit application.

The immigrant is supposed to be looked after as an immature kid no matter how old he is. Equal treatments are the domain of the citizens and interpretations of the law and customs are appropriate when dealing with an immigrant. 

The whole gamut of the UN laws for human rights were targeted for the under-developed States that are shaming human kinds in their state of affairs. 

Yet, many “non-citizens” would like to experience a new era when embargoes on military hardware, military trainers, and military experts are imposed on dictators, juntas, and oligarchies who are flaunting the UN human rights declarations in their underdeveloped States.

Learning seriously the language of your immigrant friend is the first sign of real friendship.

Blatantly observing the differences in culture and customs is an excellent sign of friendship. Vigorously and unabashedly critiquing divergence in opinions is sign of friendship. 

Make no mistake:  Any behavior that smack of covert apartheid is quickly sensed by your immigrant “friend”. 

Make no mistake: the next generation of your immigrant friend will be exactly you, when you were younger. If you are serious for integration of your immigrant friend , then behave as if you are dealing with the next generation, on a par.

Did a dog on two feet taken a bite off your kid? (Feb. 17, 2010)

            “Every black man who teaches another black person to extend the other cheek when attacked is robbing the newly freed Negro of his natural rights to defend his moral and intelligence rights. Why everyone in nature has the rights to defend his life save the American blacks?

            Everytime a dog on two feet bites your wives and children, if anyone among you stands up for leader to compromise with this rabid dog for a job in the city then, I say this leader is faked. A Negro has to rely on his inner strength, will, and education to get ahead and be someone of value.

            Integration is but an astute gimmick of white people to shock blacks into lethargy; making him believes that white folks can change. White people in America have sawn crimes against humanity for centuries; it is time for them to reap our thunder.

            Why is it that Jews are presidents of black organization such as NAACP?  Did they ever consider any black to head B’nai B’rith or any of their associations?  When we prove that Jews in the USA are exploiting black people in the ghettoes in the northern cities (90% of Jewish trades are targeting blacks) then they shout “anti-Semite”.  Deep in their soul Jews know they are hiding their culpability; they have this sensibility to believe they are targeted when exploitation is mentioned. They are right to feel that way because they preferred to exploit blacks’ hard earning rather than taking them for slaves.” (Extract of an interview by Malcolm X, 1963)

            Malcolm Little, known as Malcolm X (1925-65), did prison term (1946-52) and then got engaged with Nation of Islam.  His highly valued oratory skills made Elijah Muhammad apprehensive that Malcolm X was quickly usurping his authority within the Black Moslems brotherhood.  Thus, by 1963, Malcolm took his distances and started his own black organization. Elijah Muhammad backed by the FBI assassinated Malcolm X in 1965.

            Malcolm X was an influential leader among the young generations in the northern US cities; he went on pilgrimage to Mecca and visited many African States that recently acquired their independence from colonial powers.  Malcolm X program was to establishing an independent black state in the southern part of the USA before re-immigrating to Africa, the homeland of the black slaves.

            The Black Panthers, headed by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, as well as Black Power, headed by Stokeley Carmichael, echo Malcolm X positions for organizing black people into auto-defense institutions.

Note: I opened a new category “Black culture/ Creole”.




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