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Have the Depositors no recourse to edit the coerced contracts?

People have been indoctrinated that “Banks are safe haven to deposit your money. When you need your money back, you can get it without any hassle.

So, no need to save your earning under your mattress or a secret location but the bank vault.

The economic system needs “fresh money” to be infused into the internal market to expand and sustain the “survival” of a community.

What if your hard earned money is re-exported/transferred overseas in order to expand other nations and other multinational companies?

You methodically sign sheets of paper of a contract to deposit your money, ream of them, and more small prints paragraphs at the end that barely can be read.

It never occured to you to say: “Hola, these are plenty of paper to read. I am a slow reader. I’ll get back to you next week for pertinent questions

Occasionally, you feel sorry for the long time the clerc on her computer is trying to figure out how to input the many dozens of information you provided, and to check if you are an “appropriate” customer to get rid of you money into others’ people coffers.

You feel kind of ashamed how you are going to blurt it out: “I just have a couple of $ hundred. Is that sum cover the minimum required to open an account?”

Sure, you have been told that the bank invest your money in other “businesses”.

You assumed that investments do not involve shady companies, like professional snipers, weapon merchants, mafia activities, selling human organs, selling girls for prostitution bordellos…

Sure, this bank has the same moral standard that you have, and investment are re-routed to companies enjoying “Moral Entity” of government laws and judicial systems…

And then, you discovered that you have been a “Haircut” candidate and whatever money you still have in your account has been reduced drastically, while food prices have skyrocketed.

The job of Central Bank chief is to put your worries to rest: the financial situation is under total control.

Is it a valid assumption that the Silent Majority has been following the process of the incoming Bankruptcy calamity, Not of a single bank, but of an entire government, of a central bank and all the private banks…

Is it highly doubtful that Silent Majority has been reflecting on any Ponzi scheme by a party in the financial system? That the first depositors at high interest rate are the one encouraging the remaining depositors to be swindled of the saving?

This Majority wholeheartedly trust the government, the politicians and the public institutions.

By the time this Majority shakes off its apathy, mentally and physically, it is already too late.

The guillotine has fallen, and they have to lick their bruised ego and world view.

What are the laws that can protect the depositors from their hard earned money?

How can you investigate that the bank has been reshuffling your deposit into many accounts that serve the interest of the board directors?

How can a government investigate banks and central bank if they insist on the “privacy” of major depositors?

And how after every international financial crisis the boards of multinational banks meet in Bale, Switzerland, in order to clear and clean shady accounting registers? And restarting their businesses as if nothing happened?




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