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Confederation of the World (Written in 2002)

It was a time when leeches and bleeding of blood

Were not administered for every ailment.

Most children were vaccinated according to a protocol,

Whether parents consented or not.

Infants were still allowed to die in their sleep.

Knowing well the infant genes,

His death was predicted within a couple of months,

According to a well established protocol.

Breast cancer was under control

And the loss of bone tissues decelerated considerably.

Women could now outlive their spouses by 20 years,

Simply because men revolted against any prohibition;

Prohibition of eating meat, smoking and consuming large quantity of beer,

Made men to revolt peacefully and abstained from vegetables and fruits.

Instances of men just helping their mates to conceive 

And then die within months were common occurrences.

The patterns of the Queen insects killing or eating their mates

After the job is done was very appealing to the women public consciousness.

The ideology to make men keep in waiting

Till they are diagnosed with terminal illnesses

Before they copulate was widespread.

It was a time when nuclear bombs or mass destructive devices 

Were banned in the world;

All the documentations and knowledge burned and erased 

From computer storages;

Theories of nuclear fission were prohibited by law.

The only equipments for waging war at a distance

Were under the control of an international army;

Equipments such as tanks, ballistic missiles, long range guns,

Torpedoes and airplanes were controlled by the Universal army.

Countries could still go to war against their neighbors,

But killing has to be at short range, preferably man to man.


It was a time any person could request an International passport,

Issued by an International Committee after a long due process.

Holders of these special passports had to relinquish

Affiliation to any political party or citizenship of any country.

They were permitted to visit any country for short duration,

And if they decide to work in any specific place,

They could do it for up to 4 years on condition never to return,

Even to take care of business or visit relatives and families.

The issue of how to establish any kind of profitable enterprises

In such a short period was a taboo:

It was inconsequential; it was not the committee’s affairs.

It was assumed that people had to get into the internet or die.

Face to face business and paperwork were regarded

Pre-historic endeavors;

Of third class people and barely classified as working people.

A new name was assigned to these bottom lives:

Bad Breath Creatures or Bugs.


It was a time oligarchies were accepted, even encouraged,

As long as the dynasty had accredited genes.

People could still revolt against their leaders,

This inalienable right was to stay, at least on paper,

Because the USA Congress insisted.

The rebels knew such acts would result in a lukewarm intervention

From the Confederation of the World.

Should a powerful neighbor, obviously a more populous ethnic group, attacks

The rules of human rights under the Geneva Convention applied.

The extinction of any human species was nor permitted.

Shrinking species were allocated reserves

And electronic devices implanted on its inhabitant for experimental observation

Of their behavior and their survival techniques.

The leaders of States were to be benevolent and peace loving.

Especially, they should be staunch believers in the new world order.

Any power should be very cooperative with the delegation of the Confederate;

Save those who have earned a veto right;

By definition the creators and sustainers of that world peace assembly.

It was a time when military force was concentrated in the World Confederation.

A genuine ideal for the ‘world unite supporters’.

A genuine ideal for ‘prepare to war to get peace supporters’.

A genuine ideal for ‘cut military spending supporters’.

A genuine ideal for ‘eliminate the mass destruction arsenals supporters’.

Funding to military spending doubled.

The professionals in security, military administration and management

Infiltrated every department and agency of the World Confederation.

And services instituted to eradicate famine, illiteracy, contagious diseases… dwindled in number and effectiveness.

Continental world bodies, like the Arab League, the African Federation,

The South Asian Economic Union, the Latin American Federation

And others were weakened or forced to bankruptcy.

All the noble ideals and all the utopian schemes were tried and proven faulty.

Moral slipped dangerously, innocence lost its meaning and apathy prevailed.

The poor population got poorer and the rich richer.

Terrorism was master and dominated the world.

Note: this is a draft for a short story




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