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Dan Rockwell. November 29, 2019

Teams suffer when leaders believe lies.

Most people won’t speak up when you’re convinced lies are truths.

The worst lies leaders believe are the ones they tell themselves.

The two biggest lies leaders believe:

Lie #1. I am a good listener.

Any leader who always needs to be right gets dumber as time passes.

Listening to learn includes willingness to change.

But having authority makes learning and changing a challenge. People in authority tend to believe that position elevates IQ.

Alan Alda put it best, “Real listening is a willingness to let the other person change you.”

5 commitments:

#1. Choose to show respect. Few acts show respect better than real listening. Respect the talent and perspective of people who live in the trenches.

#2. Adopt a learner’s posture. Listening to learn is real listening. Listening to persuade is  manipulation.

Ask yourself, “What can I learn?”

Accountability question: What did you learn today?

#3. Explore what is right, before proving what is wrong.

Leadership is adversarial when the goal of listening is to prove someone wrong and convince them you are right.

#4. Dedicate yourself to curiosity.

Plan your next question, not your next statement.

#5. Devote yourself to the practice of empathy. You haven’t listened until people feel understood.

Leaders often listen to solve, refute, or explain. But when you listen to make people feel understood, everything changes. You explain less and take another’s perspective more.

Lie #2. I don’t have a problem with arrogance.

Humility is pursued, but never attained.

The second lie is at the root of the first. Arrogance doesn’t listen.

Arrogance crouches at the door waiting to:

  1. Encourage a closed mind.
  2. Preach self-sufficiency.
  3. Bolster superiority.

Any leader who doesn’t grapple with arrogance is self-deceived.

If you’d like to experience the power of humility, make the five commitments of a listener.

What lies do leaders believe?

How might leaders navigate the challenge of self-deception?

 The Will Roger phenomenon? Stage migration of averages, patients, IQ…

Will Roger stated that the migrating people from Oklahoma (during the dust bowl period) to California have raised the IQ in both States. How that?

I am trying to figure out this logic that is not based on any study

I guess Will Roger thought that the thousands of ignorant and the less educated people from Oklahoma who migrated to California have left a pool of the better educated in the State and thus the IQ must have been raised.

But how these same immigrants raised the IQ in the State of California?

I conjecture that Roger was alluding to the preponderant theory that white people have higher IQ than Hispanics and Black people of the same education level.

Consequently, the people in California enjoyed an infusion of higher IQ white people.

Any other interpretations?


Other kinds of average stage migration effects.

Cancer patients are classified in 4 stages of seriousness, with class 1 as curable cancers patients.

With increasingly new and advanced diagnostic techniques in medicine, many previously found “healthy” patients are being screened with minuscule tumors.

Consequently, the addition of relatively healthy patients in cancer “stage one” prognosis increases the group’s average life expectancy.

There is no medical success in this case: Just mere stage migration from the most treatable group to the worst rated group 4.


It is easy to raise the averages in many cases, but the end result is the same.

For example: suppose you have two branches of a car dealership in the city. Branch A has 3 salespeople selling one, two and three cars respectively per day

Branch B has 3 salespeople selling 4, 5, and 6 cars respectively per week

You hire a consultant to increase the average car sales in the 2 branches.

The consultant transfers salesman #4 to branch A. The average in branch A jumped from  2 cars to 2.5.

The average in branch B jumped from 5 to 5.5.

The overall car sales remained the same. Only the averages changed to give the illusion of performance.

Switcheroo strategies don’t change anything overall: a simple creation of illusory improvement.

Note: Read Rolf Dobelli “The Art of Thinking Clear”

 IQ test schemes grafted on overbearing Genes (May 10, 2009)

“Name three kinds of cereals that are served for breakfast” is one typical IQ question.

As if people around the world eat cereals at breakfast or can afford more than one kind of cereals during their wretched life.

I watched the movie Slumdog: the questions of the program for wining 20 millions rupees are essentially relevant to India’s traditions, customs, sport activities, and famous personalities. The hardest questions can be answered by those who attended middle school.

Thus, if you had a free, active, versatile adventure in your life, and you enjoy a huge and unfailing memory then you have the potential for success in this program and you don’t need to be tortured by the police to investigate cheating alternatives schemes.

The contestant has three support alternatives for help: he may ask to eliminate two of the four multiple choices, he may ask the opinion of the audience, and he may call a friend. I suggest that the contestant be eligible to skip a question.

There is a growing tendency for people to literally boast that their faulty characters and unacceptable habits are due to their genes. And they broadcast their deficiencies with a broad defying smile and a booming voice.

These tendencies are not the sole domain of the hooligans in sports events, exhibiting their protruding cheap beer guzzling stomach and nasty tatooes defaming their bodies.

These tendencies are not just categorized as bored adolescents, applying urbain civil war techniques of conquering the streets and making a mockery of the police force.

The overbearing genes are not restricted to benign statements such as:

I am always late: I take it from my mother“; or

I keep breaking objects any which way I move: I take it from my uncoordinated uncle”.

The worst part is people seem very forgiving and understanding when someone utter such lame excuses. As if they want to prove that they agree totally with the “scientific” findings that genes control all our behavior and all our decisions.

There are various types of IQ (Intelligence Quotient?) tests.

I recall that during my PhD set of experiments, I had to confuse the subjects as to the real purpose of my experiment and they sat for a sort of IQ test that the French had devised a century ago to select aviators.

The IQ test was a series of visual patterns and a correct answer for the 8 options in each slide. With training, you might get quite proficient; the only handicap is the time constraint.

Mind you that the French consider proficiency in math as the measure of intelligence, and the students who are great in math do not have to worry about the scores in other subject matters on the ground that the other subjects can be learned, but math is a fundamental measure of innate intelligence.

Wrong! Math is basically an attitude in perseverance

IQ tests do not prove intelligence in any of the scientific or logical disciplines.

The high scorers in IQ tests are the motivated individuals who take trouble to train and exercise on various samples because they want to succeed.

IQ tests sort out the erasable minds that have the flexibility and astuteness for assimilating the rules, regulations, and biased tendencies of their specific society governed by the establishment of the period.

Those with high IQ scores are very in demand by the establishment because they consider life as a set of games with rules and regulations and the winner is the one who assimilate well those restrictions and constraints and play the game wholeheartedly.

The high scorers in the IQ test are capable of erasing entire sets of rules and regulations from their mind and focus on new set of games for the requisite period.

IQ test is not interested in reflective minds that examine his conscious before considering an answer.

IQ test has Time as a fundamental variable in order to avoid sound versatile thinking;

IQ test wants to select the robotic human minds plainly and simply.

Those verbal complicated sentences with an amalgam of negation and affirmative adverbs are not testing logic in any way.  Logic is a set of rules that need to be thoroughly explained, and once comprehended then the best test is using mathematical symbols that are precise and do not rely on reading ability of convoluted nonsense sentences that no one is supposed to be using in writing.

You might feel that I am exaggerating.

Exaggeration is good because it has the best potential to set you free from pernicious “covert apartheid” education, appreciation, and selection.

Exaggeration is one aspect of healthy sense of humor. Intelligent readers can discriminate an exaggeration from limited minded opinions that refuse to study and analyze a topic from various perspectives and angles.

Refuse to pay for IQ testing and save your soul and sound spirit.

In any case, review a complete sample of IQ test by applying your critical thinking with the understanding of what kind of people an establishment prefers to hire.

Good reading.




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