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“Arabs” Date of Infamy (December 27/1966) : Official letter of Saudi Monarch Faisal to President Johnson

This official letter by Saudi Monarch Faisal to US President Johnson was published in “Decades of Desolation, 1995” by Hamdan Hamdan (the first edition, pages 489-191). The letter/document bears the number 342 from the Saudi Arabia government.
Mind you that the letter preceded the 1967 preemptive Israeli war, a war that defeated the Egyptian army and permitted Israel to expand to the Suez Canal, occupied the Syrian Golan Heights, Jerusalem and all of the remaining portions of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza).
The document (Translated from Arabic) states:
“From what we exposed previously, it can be demonstrated to you that:
1. Egypt of Gamal Abdel Nasser is our main enemy to both of us. If this enemy is left to freely support militarily and in the media our common enemies, as your expert Kermit Roosevelt confirmed, then by 1970 the survival of our monarchy will be up the wind.
I propose that the US incites Israel to launch a military attack on Egypt, destroy its vital infrastructure, and deny any Egyptian the right to raise his head and look beyond the Suez canal. Egypt must be drawn to focus on Israel’s occupation and gives our monarchy a long reprieve from Nationalistic tendencies in the Arab World, like the trend that Muhammad Ali started in the 19th century.
(Mind you that Muhammad Ali, on the order of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmoud II, launched two military campaigns against the Wahhabis, reconquered Mecca and destroyed their capital. The British supplied the Wahhabis with money and weapons. That is why, Saudi Arabia is not about to forgive Egypt and Turkey for their earliest involvement against their movement.)
After Egypt is vanquished, we have no qualm extending financial aid for its reconstruction.
2. Syria is the second enemy that Israel must occupy part of its land so that Syria does not feel obligated to fill the void and replace Egypt as the hotbed of Arab Nationalism.
3. Israel must also occupy Gaza and the West Bank to relieve our Kingdom from the Palestinian virulent tendencies to harangue Arab Nationalism. The Palestinians must be denied their “Rights for Return”, demand the liberation of Palestine and be relocated in the Arab countries.
4. I also suggest to back the Kurdish leader Mustafa Barazani in order to occupy Iraq in internal problems and not meddle with any kinds of Arab Unity. We have been supplying Barazani with weapons and money since 1965, with the complete cooperation of Iran and Turkey.
Together, we can ward off the deadly danger facing our kingdom.
(This not the first document where Saudi Arabia sold Palestine as if a piece of land in Mars. In note 6, you read another document where the first Saudi monarch Abdel Aziz al Saud wrote to Percy Kox that he doesn’t mind allocating Palestine to the new Jewish immigrants or any other ethnic groups, since “he is not about to refuse Great Britain any of its wishes”)
In note 7, you see a joint picture from 1918 of World Jewish president Haim Weismann and Faisal.
Apparently, the Islam Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia considers Islam as the latest version of Judaism.
Note 1: This letter was primarily targeting the attention of the Israeli government, knowing that it will surely obtain a copy of it, one way or another. It stands to reason that Saudi Arabia and Israel were in very close cooperation, swapping intelligence pieces and Saudi monarchy coughing off the financial needs for Israel weapon systems to carry out the entire military and political plans.
And all these yearly subsidies to Israel and Egypt (about $4 billions in military and economic aids) since the signing of the peace treaty with Sadat are basically funded by Saudi Arabia via the US.
Note 2: During the successful counter-offensive of 1973 by the combined armies of Egypt and Syria, Faisal felt the heat of the rising nationalistic zeal in the Arab World and he faked to cut oil export for a couple of days (and this is not proven either).
The US oil multinationals jumped at the occasion to claim oil shortage (there was no shortage whatsoever) and hiked the prices at the gas stations. The oil export resumed, but the gas prices never came down.
Note 3: In order to circumvent the nationalistic zeal, Saudi Arabia launched a counter-offensive based on the Islamic nature of the Arab World and pumped in the Arab and Islamic countries $trillion to build mosque and export its own brand of Islam, the Wahhabi sect.
The consequences are the current extremist Wahhabi Islamic movement and the Al Qaeda brands.
Note 4: Currently, along with Israel, Saudi monarchy is the only State against Iran Nuclear Program agreement and a political resolution in Syria. Saudi Arabia is willing to resume the fights in Syria to the last man that money can buy.
Basically, Saudi Arabia is the main rogue State in the world that refuses to have peace and stability be maintained in the Arab region.
Note 5: This is part of the original Arabic letter:

من كل ما تقدم يا فخامة الرئيس ، ومما عرضناه بإيجاز يتبين لكم أن مصر هى العدو الأكبر لنا جميعا ، وأن هذا العدو إن ترك يحرض ويدعم الأعداء عسكريا وإعلاميا ، فلن يأتى عام 1970 – كما قال الخبير فى إدارتكم السيد كيرميت روزفلت – وعرشنا ومصالحنا فى الوجود
لذلك فأننى أبارك ، ما سبق للخبراء الأمريكان فى مملكتنا ، أن اقترحوه ، لأتقدم بالاقتراحات التالية :
– أن تقوم أمريكا بدعم إسرائيل بهجوم خاطف على مصر تستولى به على أهم الأماكن حيوية فى مصر، لتضطرها بذلك ، لا إلى سحب جيشها صاغرة من اليمن فقط ، بل لإشغال مصر بإسرائيل عنا مدة طويلة لن يرفع بعدها أى مصرى رأسه خلف القناة ، ليحاول إعادة مطامع محمد على وعبد الناصر فى وحدة عربية بذلك نعطى لأنفسنا مهلة طويلة لتصفية أجساد المبادئ الهدامة، لا فى مملكتنا فحسب ، بل وفى البلاد العربية ومن ثم بعدها ، لا مانع لدينا من إعطاء المعونات لمصر وشبيهاتها من الدول العربية إقتداء بالقول ( أرحموا شرير قوم ذل ) وكذلك لإتقاء أصواتهم الكريهة فى الإعلام

– سوريا هى الثانية التى لا يجب ألا تسلم من هذا الهجوم ، مع إقتطاع جزء من أراضيها ، كيلا تتفرغ هى الأخرى فتندفع لسد الفراغ بعد سقوط مصر

– لا بد أيضا من الاستيلاء على الضفة الغربية وقطاع غزة ، كيلا يبقى للفلسطينيين أي مجال للتحرك ، وحتى لا تستغلهم أية دولة عربية بحجة تحرير فلسطين ، وحينها ينقطع أمل الخارجين منهم بالعودة ، كما يسهل توطين الباقى فى الدول العربية

– نرى ضرورة تقوية الملا مصطفى البرازانى شمال العراق ، بغرض إقامة حكومة كردية مهمتها إشغال أى حكم فى بغداد يريد أن ينادى بالوحدة العربية شمال مملكتنا فى أرض العراق سواء فى الحاضر أو المستقبل، علما بأننا بدأنا منذ العام الماضى (1965) بإمداد البرازانى بالمال و السلاح من داخل العراق ، أو عن طريق تركيا و إيران

يا فخامة الرئيس

إنكم ونحن متضامين جميعا سنضمن لمصالحنا المشتركة و لمصيرنا المعلق ، بتنفيذ هذه المقترحات أو عدم تنفيذها ، دوام البقاء أو عدمه


أنتهز هذه الفرصة لأجدد الإعراب لفخامتكم عما أرجوه لكم من عزة ، و للولايات المتحدة من نصر وسؤدد ولمستقبل علاقتنا ببعض من نمو و ارتباط أوثق و ازدهار

المخلص : فيصل بن عبد العزيز

ملك المملكة العربية السعودية

Note 6: This is another document where the first Saudi monarch Abdel Aziz al Saud wrote to Percy Kox that he doesn’t mind allocating Palestine to the new Jewish immigrants or any other ethnic groups, since “he is not about to refuse Great Britain any of its wishes”
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