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Communities life cycle: How to mind our social fabrics in the Near East?

There are people in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, people in Jordan, in Palestine, and people in Cyprus.

All these people share a long history of common customs and traditions, and live in a geographic area that was opened to interactions and daily trades throughout thousands upon thousands of years, the bedrock of human development

These people have shared the same plights, infamies and indignities of foreign invasions from warrior-like ancient civilizations such as Turks, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, French, British, and lately the Ashkenazy Zionist State of Israel…

Throughout history, anytime one of these people were invaded, the remaining communities fell to the occupiers within a couple of years and their communities were transplanted to the invading country in order to develop regions living in prehistoric state of development…

The topography in the Near-East regions does not exhibit any “natural boundaries” among the currently created “independent States” by France and England.

The major rivers of Euphrates, Tiger, Orontes…have been resources to link the hundreds of City-States built along their river shores…Only the invading armies settled their differences along the major rivers as demarcation lines. For example, Roman Empire and Persian empires, Ottoman Empire and Persian empires…

You might say that I forgot the Arabic/Islamic empire.

We are the Arabs. Regardless of the origins of the tribes, whether from Yemen, Hadramout, Hijaz, Jazira, Najd, southern Iraq…, they were living in the Near-East for centuries before the message of Islam spread all over the old world…

Islam is originally a pragmatic religion that was meant to constitute the common denominator religion of most of the religious sects of the tribes in the Near-East, including Christian sects and those labelled by Byzantium as heretic christian sects… How Islam degenerated is another story that I confronted in many articles

The people in the Near-East, also called the Levant region by the French mandated power, share a cycle of life, and varied resources, a land of bounty and water and fertile lands, and mountain chains, and deep valleys, and deserts…

A vast land opened to easy and fast transportation system that can link the various communities…if the political will is established to facilitate the communication and daily trades among the communities…

Any State in the Near-East that put forth political and economic policies meant to obstruct communication and trades among the States should be criticized for promoting dangerous programs that will hinder the life-cycle among the communities…

Any State in the Near-East that creates a situation of local war for borders delineation should be criticized of instituting smokescreen obstacles meant to disseminate internal isolationist policies at the expense of the long-term welfare and progress of all the communities…

Any State in the Near-East that foment sectarian rivalries and abridge the rights of any community should be confronted as promoting divisive policies…

Our region is in the execution stage of dividing it into sectarian regions and prohibiting the natural flow of man, products, resources, and development…

I read recently that the US and Israel have coaxed 5,000 Iraqi scientists into immigrating to the US and England. Over 1,000 scientists opted to stay in Iraq and were assassinated by the US and Zionist secret agents. Why?

No State in the Near-East is supposed to be self-sufficient in scientific minds and talents…

The case of Syria is the last link in the chain to dismantle this strategic region





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