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“It is a truth, universally acknowledged that…”

“It is a truth, universally acknowledged that a Moslem man, regardless of his fortune, must be in want of a 9 year-old virgin wife…”. That’s how Nassrine started the discussion with the opening sentence of Jane Austin book “Pride and Prejudice”, a temptation that a reader is most likely to feel and rearrange…

Azar Nafisi held Thursday’s sessions for 7 of her former students, discussing selected English fiction novels and keeping diaries.

Manna rejoined: “It is a truth, universally acknowledged that a Moslem man will eventually displace his older wife for a fresh naive 16 year-old virgin…”

What is your “truth, universally acknowledged….?”

Azin, who is in the process of divorcing her third husband, said: “Who is thinking about love these days? The islamic Republic of Iran has taken us back to Jane Austen’s blessed arranged marriages. Nowadays, girls marry either because of famiy pressures, or to get a green card, or to secure financial stability… And we are talking about educated girls, discussing English literature, and who have gone to college…”

Mahshed replied: “Many women are independent in Iran, and are business women and who have chosen to live alone…”

Manna retorted: “Most women don’r have a choice now. My mother could chose her husband and wearing the veil was optional…”

Nassrine said: “Temporary marriage contracts are all the rage. President Rafsanjani is encouraging these kinds of short-term marriage contracts… Many conservative clerics call these contracts a sanctified form of prostitution… A few progressive men are for these contracts, and I tell them that they should demand that this law gives women the same rights as men… Talk about hypocrisy!”

At the start of the 20th century, the age of marriage was changed to 13 and increased to 18. In the 1960’s, there was little difference between the rights of both genders, and women were at a par with western democratic States standards in human rights.

As Khomeini grabbed power in 1979, and this totalitarian and theocratic regime came in the name of the Past, and individual freedom was banished… the first law was to repeal the Family-Protection law, which guaranteed women’s rights at home and at work.

The legal marriage age for women was lowered again to 9 year-old, sort of 8.5 lunar years… Adultery and prostitution were punished by stoning to death, and women were considered to have half the worth of men

And why this 9 year-old cut-off standard?

Prophet Muhammad had officially married Aicha at the age of 9. Aicha’s father was Abu Bakr, later to become the first Calif of the Moslems.

Muhammad didn’t have intercourse with Aicha until she was 13, but they didn’t beget any children. Aicha was the most beloved of wives and the most educated.

This terribly jealous wife used to throw tantrums when exposed to injustices. As Muhammad announced his desire to marry another wife (9 in total), Aicha shouted: “This God of yours has the habit of satisfying all your desires in verses…

Aicha was in charge of transcribing the verses during Muhammad’s bouts of epilepsy.

And the Moslem clerics want to emulate their prophets, particularly in life-style that pleases their pleasures and comfort…

Sanaz was to meet with her long-time preferred Iranian young man, accompanied by her family, across the border in Turkey: The beau was settled in England for the last 6 years and decided to give it a shot and get engaged with Sanaz. The discussion among the girls was on how to discover the compatibility attribute, after so many years of absence, before Sanaz agrees to get engaged.

Nassrine suggested that “The first thing you should do to test your compatibility is dance with him

This suggestion was a reminder of the “Dear Jane Society” idea of forming dance sessions: Teacher Azar had gathered the girl students after class following a lecture on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to dance in the style of Austen’s period (the Napoleonic age). But that is another story.

Note 1: The story is taken from “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi

Note 2: If interested in a biography of Aicha, check

How serious is a preemptive military attack on Iran?

US State Secretary Hilary Clinton has recently published a lengthy essay in Foreign Affairs Journal on the future policies of the US.  The US is to focus its energy and investment on eastern Asia, from India onward to Japan and Australia, where over 35% of world population is located and where 65% of world economy is concentrated.  Half the world population will live there by 2020!

Russia is barely mentioned. Why? It appears to the US policy makers that Europe, which reached the cash cow declining cycle for the US economic interests, according to the majority of the US Think Tanks scholars, will rely heavily on Russia potentials for exporting 50% of Europe’s needs in energy, particularly gas, and the investment potentials in Russia natural resources… Let Russia, China, Brazil…buy the scrap parts of Europe’s industries and enterprises…The European university graduates and scholars have but one way out: Going west to the USA.  That’s how the US is considering the situation in the European Union States

This new trend in US strategic policies is sending a strong message that the current obstacle for the executing of the plan is to confronting Nuclear Iran.  The idea is that, as long as Iran is intent on acquiring nuclear weapons, the entire Middle-East, with its vast oil potentials, will be hostage to Islamic Iran hegemony.  Consequently, if diplomatic endeavors reach a dead-end, then a preemptive military attacks on Iran nuclear installations must be contemplated.

For example, if Iran was already nuclear, do you think that the US will be so persistent on deposing Bashar of Syria, without agreement with Iran?

It is to be noted that Iran has the military potential to close-off the Arab/Iranian sea strait for any oil shipping tankers…The US will be tempted to go it all out in the war because Iran does not need very sophisticated weapons to deter oil tankers from approaching the strait to replenish in Saudi Arabia oil and Qatar liquefied gas.

Russia will gain the most from “reducing” Iranian military might. Why? All Iranian oil and gas export will have to use the land pipelines linking Russia to China and Russia to Europe… In addition, Iran will purchase more heavy military hardware from Russia…Iran will inevitably become Russia sphere of influence for long time.

China is the main country exporting nuclear equipment to Iran and importing 50% of its oil and gas from Iran. But this is not a problem to China.  The negotiations between the US and China are to iron out two sticky difficulties:

First, China wants full guarantees that Iran oil infrastructures will not be damaged in the war, and that Iranian oil be permitted to reach China through the Russia/China pipeline across the central Asian States. Exports of Chinese products should not be included in any embargo or economic sanctions.

Second, the US wants full guarantees that oil prices will stay affordable during the war, until a peace treaty is signed, and that shortages in oil and gas export to Japan and the rest of the developed States be covered by China and Russia.

The US can unilaterally destroy Iranian nuclear facilities and ensure airspace security for aerial attacks.  The question remains: How far is Islamic Iran willing to suffer in order to keeping the strait closed-off for oil shipment?

In any case, Iran will eventually win in the medium-term, regardless of military damages. Why? The US wants out of this Greater Middle-East nightmare region, and this is not possible until Iran obtain hegemony over the Island Emirate States of Bahrain and Qatar, and possibly, a percentage on Saudi Arabia oil production. Iran will demand and obtain these conditions in order for the US to succeed a negotiated peace treaty. Mind you that destroying nuclear facilities does not mean that Iran will feel pressured to kneel under any conditions.  Maybe Iran welcomes a preemptive attack in order to shake off its internal problems and acquire a few more friends, and strengthen its influence in Iraq and Afghanistan…

So why launch this preemptive war if any regime in Iran will invariably be Islamic? What’s all this fuss again?




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