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“State of Israel existence dependent on outside support and recognition”

Yusi Sarid, former minister and former Knesset deputy, wrote on the event of Independence Day of the State of Israel:

“We realize that the Zionist dream was far more beautiful than our current reality. I don’t like my current country. I used to love it the way our founding Fathers dreamed it to be…”

Nice to romancing the “Zionism Dream”, but it is founded on falsehood. The forerunner Zionists were never innocent and had no peaceful projects for Sarid to disseminate abject fictitious false stories. The program of the forerunner Zionists were bludgeoned with blood from its inception.

The “Zionism Dream” of occupying all of Palestine and far more by blood and fire, by transferring all the Palestinian “Arabs” (as Zionists prefer to call the Palestinians) outside of their villages and lands, by all means available, and to installing an exclusive Jewish State in Palestine…would have never materialized without the total support and consent of the USA, the Soviet Union of Stalin, France, Germany, and England…

England trained the Jews to using weapons during the WWII and conducting terrorist activities and quelled the Palestinian first civil disobedience (Intifada) of 1935-38 by sending 100,000 soldiers to Palestine and by never monitoring any democratic elections…

France by offering Israel a nuclear facility to building atomic bombs in 1955…

Germany by financing 7 nuclear submarines and extending $2 billion in 1954 to Ben Gurion…

The USA by providing at least $3 billion a year in financial means and free sophisticated weapons and total political backing against the will of the UN member States… A research committee in the US Congress came up with the amount of $115 billion that the US extended to Israel since its creation in 1948. This amount is more than what 15 European States received after WWII from the Marshal Plan.

This research team has been biased in lowering the real financial amount given to Israel and opted not to consider many other forms of indirect financial support, such as the tax-free contribution to the settlements by US organizations and corporations, the duty-free import of goods from Israel, the reduced cost of military hardware, the interest-free grants…

Fact is, Israel is totally isolated in the Middle-East, politically and economically, and relying totally on the European market for import and export.

The internal policies of Israel is fundamentally based on apartheid ideology, alienating the Palestinians and the people in the States bordering Israel.

Actually, Israel built two walls and starting to build a third wall on Lebanon borders.

You have the Wall of Shame (of about 800 kilometers) erected on what is supposed to be the legal separation borders between the occupied West Bank and Israel proper and usurping Palestinian lands and cutting Palestinian towns and cities in half…,

And the wall on Egypt’s borders separating Israel and the Sinai Peninsula in Gaza…

These walls are not meant for security or defensive projects.

Practically, Israel is reverting to the ghetto mentality so that “Out of sight, No see Palestinians, No mingling with Palestinians… Thus, no threats, no fear, do not exist occupied population…The walls are not for security reasons or for defensive means…just preventing the Israelis from seeing Palestinians under occupation…

Note: Post inspired from a piece by correspondent Shalhat to the daily Al Nahar




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