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Israel cannot say NO to any US administration…but insists on giving the illusion of an “independent” State

Ethan Haber, former cabinet secretary during Rabin, said this week: “Never in Israel short history, any single political leader dared saying NO to any US administration.  This trend was confirmed and established after the 1967 war against Egypt and Syria and the occupation of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza…Israel is completely dependent on the US for economic and military largess…”

David Ben Gurion (first PM) has decided early on that Israel will be totally allied to the western block, to the chagrin of Stalin who assumed that Israel will turn the first communist State in the Middle East if Israel is recognized by the UN in 1948.

Israel receives every year $3 billion in economic and military aids, excluding the heavy price for each “peace” treaty with Egypt, and Jordan, and the Palestinians (at Wy Rivers)…

The US aid excludes the trade benefits that encourage Israel products to enter the US tax-free…

Excluding the $10 billion in loan guarantee extended in 1992 to accommodate the influx of Soviet immigrants…

The yearly aid excludes the JEDG agreement that extend cyclical resolutions to Israel financial and economic difficulties…

Whatever are the so-called “single-handed” decisions that Israel undertook against atomic installations in Iraq (1980) and Syria(2003), the invasion of Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank (Jenine) and Gaza, the successive wars against Lebanon… were orchestrated by the tacit green light from the US…

In the last couple of years, scores of politicians and aids to the current Netanyahu PM have been fired or pressured to resign.  Eshel (cabinet secretary) resigned after molesting a young secretary.   Yohaz Hendel, Tsivi Howers, and Yuhan Lucar resigned: They lost the “trust” of  Netanyahu for informing the Justice department before talking to him…

Since 2010,  several other aids resigned such as Nir Hivitz, Ozi Arad, Ayal Gabaye

Note: Post inspired from an article by Antoine Shalhat, the daily Al Nahar correspondent in Israel




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