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My grandparents spent time in Krakow Ghetto: They agree Israel is Nazi

Naomi Wolf shared on FB:

Michael Cohen who posted below, also had this to say on his own fb page.

I hope it is okay to repost: “I find what Israel is doing in Gaza profoundly disturbing and would have thought that, of all people, Jews would find it profoundly disturbing.

It is my right to express my feelings on the matter and say that it truly does remind me of Nazi behaviour (I might add that my grandparents spent time in the Krakow Ghetto and I know my grandmother would have agreed with this post).

I do not like, most of all, to see old “Arab” men who should have been proud land-owners surrounded by olive groves (and whose only crime was being born in Palestine when we wanted that piece of land) crying and fleeing bombs in a festering open-air prison/ghetto/slum, surrounded by machine guns, cameras and barbed wire.

A foul attempt to rob these people of all their pride (which will fail).

Israel is creating generations worth of resentment and do not for a moment think they will get away with any of this unpunished.

It will all come back to haunt them and when it does they will find little sympathy. ‪#‎GAZA‬‪#‎ZIONISM‬

We are no longer here, do you care? Palestinian Invisible Children

‪#‎Gaza‬ ‪#‎GazaUnderAttack‬ ‪#‎FreePalestine‬
‪#‎ChildrenUnderAttack‬ ‪#‎Palestine‬

Dutch Children Protest the Killing of their Palestinian Peers’

Dutch children have taken part of a short movie to protest against the continuing Israeli bombings of Palestinian civilians; children in particular.

In a short video by filmmaker Abdelkarim El-Fassi, 8 Dutch children tell the story of eight Palestinian children killed by Israel.

War, bombs, terror. The video tells exactly where the children were at the time of their death. Some were on Facebook, while others were greeted with violence that no innocent person should be exposed to, while sleeping or while watching a World Cup match.

From the year 2000, every 3 days, a Palestinian child has been killed at the hands of Israeli forces, a appalling and confrontational number.

In recent days, during the ground offensive on the ‘open air prison’ GAZA, this average only increased.

“I am no longer here, do you care?” is an awareness campaign to bring injustice taking place in Palestine closer to home .

This is necessary because the disproportionate actions of Israel, which violates many international and human rights, have not been condemned.

Is the life of a Palestinian child worth less?

The recent Israeli attacks on Gaza have slaughtered more than 160 innocent children, and counting. Such an inhumane policy should cease as soon as possible.

Therefore El Fassi start this campaign that brings the innocence of hundreds of now deceased Palestinian children forward.

El Fassi had previously made a video denouncing the injustice in Palestine in 2012; the video on Mahmoud Sarsak went viral.

Mahmoud Sarsak is a Palestinian footballer who went on hunger strike for more than 200 days because he was arbitrarily arrested and locked up in an Israeli jail without trial.

Because of international pressure, he was finally released. Are we going to get that done now? #doyoucare? 




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