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The Jar of Glue, (March 17, 2009)


Paulo Coelho recounts that he had an important trip in the morning, that he did what he had to do yesterday, and that in the morning he checked his mails and realized that his afternoon is free. He had nothing to do: Paulo had taken care of everything.  

Coelho realized that his jar of glue is empty, but he had no gluing task to do for the afternoon.  Still, the idea that he needs to purchase a jar of glue disturbed his mind and prevented him to focus on his meditation.  It took him hours of struggle to shake off this insignificant disturbance before he managed to listen and converse with his soul.

So many times at work we are conscious that all that need to be done was finished in the morning, and that tomorrow’s tasks can wait for tomorrow.  In the meantime we are practically “redundant“, but we cannot shake off the feeling that something more should be done, since we are paid to log in 8 hours of work. 

We fret, we meddle in others tasks, our nervousness becomes contagious, and the entire workplace is disturbed and anxious.  All that was required is to acknowledge that you have finished your job and you deserve some time off to cool it down and converse with your soul.

What! Being in harmony with your soul isn’t an important job?

Since when did material tasks have presented the only solutions to stability of the mind and body?

For a true dream idea we should be satisfied with board and lodging.

An enterprising man got bankrupt.  He discovered a decrepit residence that matched his dream.  The owner of the property agreed, for board and lodging, to let the ruined man to restore the residence.  Within a year the dream house was standing in its former glory and the man’s spirit shining like a gold coin.


Maybe it is a congenital posture; I come to the realization that thinking and keeping a straight back are not compatible. Elegance and a straight posture are a pair of matching gloves: I should be content, occasionally, to socialize with non-thinking gatherings.


The best value you can boast of is the pleasure of facing choices.  It is the best training ground for making your own choices.


I like to pray and ask the Lord to hurl at me all kinds of temptations, all the times, for me to select among them, the temptations.

By the by, I will test them all. 

With Your grace Lord, I should grace the temptations and salvage my spirit. 

If I fail, so what!  I was challenged, I accepted with my own free will, and I tried my best




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