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Why you should fall in love with your clients?

William Choukeir posted this April 8, 2014

jay tells a story and a priceless lesson…

one evening, not able to sleep, he goes into the lobby of a hotel lounge. across the room from him, he spots one man having a drink by himself. being a lover of people, jay approaches the man, and introduces himself.

he only provides two pieces of information. ‘my name is jay abraham.’ ‘i’m here on business.’ he then proceeds to ask the man about his name, and why he’s here.

turns out the man is here for a conference. he sells population control plans to governments. jay proceeds to ask him what population control is, what the process is, how does he approach governments, what the plan looks like.

jay then switches conversation about where the man is from, how it’s like to live there, his wife and children, the school system.

And jay resume the conversation about this new acquaintance hobbies and past time.

an hour and a half later, tired, jay excuses himself and walks towards the elevator having only told the man his name and that he’s here on business.

before jay reaches the elevator the man shouts out to him: ‘hold on!’ he paces towards jay. ‘i just have to say that you are the most interesting person i’ve met during the past 5 years.’

standing by himself on the elevator door, jay realizes something big.

to be the most interesting person, you have to be the most interested in persons.
to have your clients fall in love with you, you have to fall in love with them.

there’s one mindset that you can change, that by itself will transform the way you do business. jay calls this the strategy of preeminence.

all you have to do is genuinely believe that it’s your obligation to fight for the best interest of your clients, and then act on that obligation forever. yes forever.

because this only works if you’re in it for the long run, just like your clients are in it for the long run.

once you’ve fallen in love with your clients, then your clients will see you as their most trusted adviser.

they will only want to do business with you.

if you do this from day one, way before any money exchanges hands, then it’s inevitable that one day money will change hands.

love can drive business.

Comment: Possibly, Jay Abraham failed to expound on his story.

Most probably, Jay didn’t machine-gun his acquaintance with all these questions, and he took his time to listen carefully to each “piece of intelligence” and asked for more details.

Most probably, Jay considered the acquaintance to be smart enough and will expect reciprocation in information of the same kinds.

Most probably, Jay didn’t provide just two pieces of information, otherwise he wouldn’t be such an “interesting person

If you are not willing to be forthcoming, at least have a scenario ready to respond to the new acquaintance’s curiosity.

In any case, asking questions to know the “pedigree” of a person is not necessarily a basis to “falling in love” with the person.




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