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There is a difference between an envious and a jealous person. You envy what you don’t possess and want it.  You are jealous of what you have or mostly think you are entitled to own and have possession of, for the rest of your live.

Jealousy is one of the most potent basic instinct.  Try snatching a piece of meat from a cat or a dog.  Try to separate newborns from mothers.  Try cancelling a privilege from a nobleman or a clergyman.

There is a difference between love of kindness and concupiscence love.  concupiscence love connote what we consider as our possession, whether an object, a property, our spouse, or our girlfriend.  The ego of people would like you to link jealousy with love saying: “He is jealous; thus, he loves me…”  Yes, he does love this piece of meat, this servant, this valuable addition to his possession, this chattel.

Jealousy is most preponderant among colleagues of same profession:  Colleagues are ever ready to empathise with your failure; never with your successes. They think that learning to share success is beneath their potentials and will harm their zeal to further successes.

Jealousy is a basic instinct among corporate competitors in the same line of business:  Money is not the prime factor in the behavior of jealous competitors.

It becomes pretty nasty when a religion claims that its God is a “Jealous God”.  God is not jealous, kind, magnanimous, or loving.  It is the clergy that is threatening its co-religionists of the terrible harm that will befall upon them if they switch to another competitive God.

Jealousy is a terrible and lethal instinct.  You don’t want jealousy to be part of your culture; basic instincts have no need to be encouraged.  We don’t need a jealous God on our back. Is mankind meant to suffer frequent religious wars in the name of jealous Gods?  Do we own God or vice versa?  Do we have monotheist religions or following mono-idolatery religions?  Are we sharing the same God with the same basic instinct of utmost jealousy?




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