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No rockets from anywhere in West Bank: And yet…

Noura Erakat posted this July 22, 2014 on FB

Yesterday Israeli soldiers clashed with Palestinian youth and used live fire in Nablus, Hebron, Jerusalem, and surrounding villages.

Israeli police also clashed with 200 Palestinian-Israelis in Nazareth.

There are no rockets from anywhere in the West Bank. There are no rockets from Jerusalem where the population is subject to ethnic cleansing as explicitly stated in its 2000 Jerusalem Master Plan to shift the demographic balance of Jews to Christian and Muslim Palestinians from 60:40 to 70:30.

There are no rockets in the Negev where Israel seeks to forcefully displace 70,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel to make room for a Jewish-only settlement. Israel does not have a problem with Hamas, it has a problem with Palestinians.

The attacks on the besieged population of the Gaza Strip are horrific.

I struggle to even write 650, because one death is too many and yet we have become conditioned to expect suffering in the hundreds in the form of decapitated bodies, flailing limbs, charred faces.

I struggle to even write 4,000 terribly injured civilians with barely a hospital to treat them with archaic equipment and medication.

But emphasis on Israel’s war on Gaza or headlines about Israel and Hamas attempt to separate and make Palestinians in Gaza exception from the rest of the global Palestinian nation.

This is a diversion from Israel’s primary problem: it cannot be Jewish and democratic.

Being Jewish means that it MUST discriminate as a matter of fact and no country whose constitution is predicated on such stark discrimination (from slavery and Jim Crow in the US to Apartheid in South Africa) is sustainable.

The debate among sympathetic liberal Zionists is about how much discrimination is acceptable. The conversation we are pushing is that discrimination, subjugation, and supremacy in all its forms is unacceptable.

Israel seeks to either placate, co-opt, or force the Palestinian population into submission. But it is not in our human nature to submit.

Like all people, Palestinians fight to live; not just during spectacular episodes of carnage and destruction but daily, year round, for decades through resilience, sumoud (steadfast) protests, storytelling, cooking, dancing, singing, loving, and memory. You can’t blow that up.




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