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How to negotiate and for how long? James de Rothschild 

James de Rothschild, father of Edmond de Rothschild who colonized Palestine, gave his son this lesson in negotiation.

Edmond was dispatched to negotiate with Italians at Berne to sell a railroad the family owned. He told Edmond:

“See this sealed box? You negotiate without conceding any concession on our demands. After 40 days, if the negotiation is Not getting to a closure, then open the box and you’ll find the points we are ready to concede. You Zionists have this mania of prematurely acting and talking before the time is ripe

(What would happened if they took their time? Many people, including the Jews would have been far better off)

From 1930 to 35, the British mandated power over Palestine recorded 235 grievances and work stops. 90% were from Jewish syndicates and organizations.

26 of these grievances resulted from hiring Palestinians.

Elie Kahanoff wrote that between 1933-36, 36,000 German Jews immigrated to Palestine. By the end of 1936, the Jews constituted 30% of the total population of 1, 320,000

At the Colonial Exposition of Paris in 1931, Justin Godard speech for Edmond said:

“A great French, who is animated with faith and fraternity, has created for the persecuted, 43 immense domains for asylum and for work. Edmond introduced scientific agricultural methods in Palestine and arid spaces are now covered of vines, olive and orange trees…”

But all these trees already existed in Palestine and in abundance, and the Palestinians exported all these produces.

Currently, it is the Israeli colons who are cutting down and burning the Palestinian olive and fruit trees (11,000 for this year only) for expansion of their settlements, or for just spiting the Palestinians.

Before 1900, most Zionist administrators of Jewish colonies and living in Palestine had thrown the towel and could barely suffer the new immigrants and their endless demands and rebellious nature.

Most of the new immigrants wanted to do anything but work the land: They wanted to open factories, trade… but never get into agriculture.

The new immigrants coming from northern Europe, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany.. had hard time living in Palestine, a totally different climate and social customs. Most of them got sick with malaria, diphtheria

It was Edmond de Rothschild who insisted that he will only fund agricultural colonies and agricultural projects and that the school main objective is to train in agriculture and for fabricating tools for cultivation.

Edmond poured money into the colonies about to fold and the more he sent money the higher were the demands and requests.

He invested more than current $100 million in 15 years, and kept investing till he died in 1934.

By 1882, at the time Edmond started to focus on Palestine, the French Universal Israelite Alliance (UIA, with main purpose of opening schools to Jews in north Africa and the Near-East) had already shipped Jews to colonize America.

In 1883, F. Veneziani ( a member of the UIA central comity) pleaded with Edmond to come to the rescue of the settlers who were having a hard time surviving. From then on, Edmond began to send fresh funds to sustain the colonies.

At his period, the Ottoman Empire decided to crack down on the illegal Jewish immigration. Edmond circumvented this law and shipped the Jews to Egypt and Lebanon and from there by land to the existing colonies in Palestine.

Edmond had high preference for the settlements in Galilee because of the fertile land, plenty of water, closer to the only port of Haifa and the better attitudes of the Jews from Rumania who didn’t mind working the land. (The Russians in the southern settlements were constant trouble and engaged in revolts).

The four main colonies in the north that Edmond supported lavishly were: Ekron, Rishon-Le Zion, Samarin (Zakhron-Jacob) and Rosh-Pinah.

Edmond appointed Elie Scheid (Alsace) to be the administrator of the colonies with the main job of registering the transferred properties in Istanbul. The colons could acquire a private piece of land for agriculture, but they could not sell it to anyone without the agreement of Scheid.

Between 1883-86, the settlements of the Amants de Sion were faltering while those of Edmond prospered.

In these years, Samuel Hirsch (Edmond’s director for colonies) admitted that he could receive 100 sons of colons to his agricultural school in Mikveh-Israel.

Joseph Niego (1863-1960) born in Edirne (Turkey) and a professional in agronomy, succeeded to Hirsch. He was a member of the B’nai B’rith (Jewish American Franc-Mason lodge). He could not suffer the troublesome Jews arriving from Russia, Rumania and Bulgaria.

It is when Elie Krause became the director in 1914 that the “peaceful conquest of the Sacred land” started in earnest.

If Edmond participated in funding colonies in America, even investing one dollar out of 100 in America, instead of focusing on Palestine, the Jews would have colonized America.

The result of all this foolish stubbornness left very miserable people in the Middle East for the coming century: very unlucky Palestinians, unlucky citizens in the States bordering Israel and the worse unlucky Israelites who were born and raised in Palestine.

The Israeli has to serve 3 solid years in the army, serve on month as reservist till the age of 50, participate in successive preemptive wars against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, learn to be the oppressor of the Palestinians, learn to dehumanize the Palestinians, to rob the Palestinians of their basic human rights… And suffer the lot of new Jewish immigrants bringing their lot of extremism, religious zealots, colonial mentality and European brutality.

The theocratic ideology of maintaining the absolute dominion of the Jews in the Middle-East and the western countries is throwing havoc to any sensible

Israelites who already feel they are doomed to disappear as a State for constant policies of preemptive wars, apartheid policies, State ruled by religion,  and antagonizing the world community.

By the way, the steady strategy of Israel is to assassinate every important scientist and engineer in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

I wrote in a previous article that “Israel has no longer any strategic allies in the region, not even minor allies:  The people in the region guarantee that no State regime in the region will dare schmooze and negotiate with any Israeli leader who refuses a Palestinian State, support the resumption of building in occupied land, and is not serious of transferring the Jews of colonies in occupied land back to Israel. Not a single State around Israel is scared of Israel’s military retaliation of any kind: the people have risen from the ashes of humiliation and imposed foreign policies.

The regime of Shah of Iran has long vanished since 1979, Turkey has been alienated and Israel still refuses to apologize for the crime against the peace boat incident, Mubarak of Egypt is down.  Tunisia of Ben Ali is down; the people in Jordan are putting the squeeze on the Hashemite monarch; the people in Lebanon have fired ex-PM Saad Hariri; the Palestinian Authority is discredited with the latest WikiLeaks and Hamas of Gaza and the West Bank are is on the ascendance.”

Fact is, Israel shares two common denominators with Lebanon and the Palestinian people.

First, Lebanon political system comprehends that to sustain security and stability it must support a stable Syria and satisfy its strategic policies in Lebanon.  The same mentality coincides in the relationship between Israel and Egypt:  Israel considered in the last 30 years that its stability is strategically linked to a stable and secure Egypt.  There is a single fundamental difference:  While the Lebanese share strategic, social, trades, historic, and geopolitical features with the Syrians, what the Israelis share with the Egyptians?  A “peace treaty” signed by Egyptian dictators?

Second, Israel and the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza are totally dependent on the European States economic and financial support; not just for long-term development but actually for daily survival. Period!

Thus, Israel believed that it could flaunt the US policies for a Palestinian State as long as Egypt is stable and secure; Egypt closing its borders with Gaza; Egypt harassing Hamas for various reasons; Egypt supporting and planning Israel preemptive wars against Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza…

Israel should no longer expect free oil and gas from Egypt.  What is this deal signed in 2005 for Israel to getting Egyptian gas paying just one dollar when the market price is $85 per million unit of gas?  No more free phosphate from Jordan.  No more free water from Lebanon and Syria.  No more lands by force or negotiations. No more moving nuclear submarines through the Suez Canal…

The policies of the US for establishing the so-called Greater Middle East is down the drain:  the US invasion of Iraq has been routed; the US troops in Afghanistan are readying to retreat from a war that cannot be won; the credibility in the sanity of the US Administration’s policies in the Middle East region has disintegrated; the faulty programs of the International Monetary Funds have not been revised for transparency and discussion with the concerned parties that led to the latest upheaval in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen.

Israel has to come down its high horses:  Israel is a tiny and artificial State, barely surviving on the economic and financial support of the European Union and the USA; Israel depends on subsidized goods and preferential status for open market in the European markets.

Israel is no longer in a position to play coy and humiliate the US and everybody else during the negotiation of a Palestinian State, not even Saeb Erakat, one of lame and cowardly Palestinian negotiators.  The crude statement of Tzipi Livni  (Israel ex-foreign affairs minister) “To create your Palestinian State, you have got to agree with Israel in advance on everything.  Your only choice is to relinquish any choices in the future.  Those are the founding bases for negotiation” is one of Israeli posturing relegated to history bins.

The Palestinian State in formation, already recognized by Russia, most of Latin American States, and Cyprus, refuses to be totally dependent on Israel economy, finance, and military support.  The Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza will demand total withdrawal of Israeli troops to the 1967 border; it demands the dismantling of all the Jewish colonies in occupied land; it refuses swapping small portions of lands to legitimizing forced settlement; it wants borders with Jordan and Egypt, it wants and an international airport and a maritime port and full autonomy.  A new election for the Palestinian people is necessary before the resumption of any “peace talk” with the extremist Israeli government and all the major Palestinian factions, including Hamas, will be represented in the negotiation team.

This masquerade of offering free parcels of land to Israel, a parcel from here and a parcel from there and pretty soon there is no land to giving away, is no longer accepted.  The quarters of Har Homa, Gilo, the Armenian quarters, Ariel, and Maaleh Adumin belong to East Jerusalem, the Capital of the Palestinian State.

Israel has a new window of opportunity to live in peace . Israel shred to pieces the Oslo agreement of 1993 and is refusing to return occupied lands in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.  This makeshift democratic mask, hiding blatant apartheid policies, can no longer be sustained by the Western States with the frequent public Israeli policies reinforcing the apartheid and racist activities.

Israel has to fulfill two requirements for short-term peace and security.  First, Israel has to return all conquered lands in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. Second, it has to facilitate the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, the sooner the better.  Israel has to desist demanding unfeasible conditions such as Syria disengaging from Iran or pressuring Hezbollah to disarm.

The long-term strategic policy to living in peace and be accepted in the region is for Israel to start demonstrating that it has the interests of all the people in the region as her own for survival and human development:  What rational State refuses to comprehend this basic requirement?

Down with the Wall of Shame separating people along the dividing line.  Time for Israel to deal with the UN Charters for human rights, prisoners rights, legal prosecution processes, crimes against humanity, sex market, slave market, drugs market, arms market.

Jewish Colonies in Palestine: Major Dumping Grounds (April 24, 2009)

The Oslo accord was signed in 1993 for a Palestinian homeland.  There were 112 colonies in the Palestinian land for a total of 265,000 Jewish colons.  In 2006, 150 colonies were established with a total of 453,000 colons and new expansions are already decreed by the State of Israel

The successive Israeli governments, regardless of ideology, were the instigators for the planning and funneling of the funds and budgets. The Israeli governments had many motivations:

1. nationalist for occupying and extending “Great Israel”,

2. for better defensive positions,

3. for demographic modifications, and

4. for economic greed. 

Initially, most of the “savage” colonies were erected along the Jordanian border. Then Goush Emounim wanted to settle in Samaria.  As the Likoud government of Begin came to power in 1977, the rate of colonies increased to create de facto status that would prevent the establishment of a Palestinian State.  The fact is that the colons were enticed to relocate for economic reasons and the availability of financial facilities.

In 2005, General Shaul Mofaz, Defense Minister, charged his deputy in the ministry, General Baruch Spiegel, to gather information on the colonies as reliable data base. Ehoud Barak would not publish the findings on ground of “State Security”. 

The daily Ha’Aretz managed to secure the data base of all colonies arranged in alphabetical order with the following information:

1) original denomination (for example, urban implantation, rural, kibbutz…);

2) political affiliation (for example, Federation of Colons tied to the ultra-nationalist Herout, religious nationalist Amana, Labor Takama…),

3) population,

4) governmental decisions (for example, creation or extension,

5) land status  (for example, public land, private Palestinian land, old Jewish property…),

6) survey of the illegal posts at the proximity of the colony, and

7) the status of expansion work validated by the Israeli Administration.

The mayors of these colonies stated that nothing was done without government approval or encouragement.  The colons understand that if asked to vacate then they will vacate because they know now that they have built on private lands.

What the newer Zionist colons in the last decades failed to be informed is that these implantation are major dumping grounds for noxious and toxic wastes of the Industrial/Military complexes in the State of Israel. 

The neighboring Palestinians have realized that fact the hard way for many years due to increasing heath problems.  Israel is a major military hardware exporter that surpassed Britain this year.  The other booming sectors in Israel’s economy are the human slave trade and drug trade around the world: Israel is one of the main Carrefour for illicit trades.

The funds for these illegal colonies came from the budget of the State of Israel, from the financial aids of the successive US Administrations that amounted to two billions dollars a year for over 50 years, and the contributions of the Zionist sympathizers in the US and Europe. 

Every penny spent on the colonies was known by the US governments and the State of Israel.  In addition to financial aids from the US and the European governments, Israel received yearly 3 billions dollars in military ultra modern hardware; Germany is still delivering new submarines, cruisers, and torpedo launchers to the Israeli naval forces, for free, at the expense of the German citizens’ welfare.

Note: The German cargo transporter “Wehr Elbe” discharged 300 containers of military ammunition in Israel. The irony is that the US is delivering White Phosphorous bombs that caused the outcry of the international community for being dropped consistently on Gaza and burning thousands of Palestinians.  The “Wehr Elbe” resumed its mission to delivering other military cargo in Odessa (Ukraine). 

The previous Bush Administration has signed an accord with Israel for 25 billion dollars in free military aids!




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