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Lost Betty Davis 1969 Sessions With Miles Davis Released (July 2, 2016)

The Columbia Sessions 1968-1969 also features Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Mitch Mitchell, and more

Betty Davisfunk albums from 1973-1975 were reissued in recent years by Light in the Attic.

But before those records were made, Betty and her then-husband Miles Davis recorded sessions at Columbia’s 52nd Street Studios on May 14 and 20, 1969.

Miles and Teo Macero produced the sessions, which featured Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Mitch Mitchell (the Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer), and others. They covered Cream and Creedence Clearwater and recorded originals by Betty, but the songs were never released. Those sessions have now been unearthed and remastered, and are released today as The Columbia Years 1968-1969, via Light in the Attic.

The Columbia Years also features recordings from a 1968 Los Angeles Columbia session featuring Hugh Masekela and members of the Crusaders. All but one of the songs on the collection are previously unreleased. Since the 1969 sessions predate Bitches Brew, the album’s bio notes that these sessions are integral to Miles’ discography (“the true birth of Miles’ jazz-rock explorations”).

Andrew Bossone shared a link.

The album was made with Betty’s cooperation; the liner notes feature a new interview with her. It also comes with rare photos, a poster, and some vinyl copies will be pressed on “solid gold” wax. Watch a trailer for the album below.

As previously reported, Betty Davis is the subject of a new film called Nasty Gal: The Many Lives of Funk Queen Betty Davis. The movie is due early next year.

The Columbia Years 1968-1969:

01 Hangin’ Out
02 Politician Man
03 Down Home Girl (Take 4)
04 Born on the Bayou
05 I’m Ready, Willing & Able (Take 1)
06 I’m Ready, Willing & Able (Take 9)
07 It’s My Life (Take 8)
08 Live, Love, Learn (Take 12)
09 My Soul Is Tired (Take 9)

Trash Baby? Amy Winehouse?

“They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no…” Amy Winehouse was found dead, alone, on July 23 at 5 pm in her luxury apartment (valued at $2.5 million) on Camden Square (North of London), at the age of 27.

I am kind of translating an article on Amy Winehouse in the French weekly “Le nouvel Observateur”:  I don’t think I have seen a picture of Amy, or knew who she was, or realized I was listened to one of her song…Still, another “icon” committed suicide prematurely, and it is worth finding out some more on the story of the person.

Amy is from a middle class family, born in Southgate (North of London), was cared and pampered by her parents who paid her university tuition in art major.  Amy childhood was stable and received a guitar at age 13. Amy’s grandmother was the girlfriend of jazz-man Ronnie Scott, and her father sang jazz.

Ironically, parents, Tabloids, and social platforms, have been forecasting Amy demise since 2006 as she had sold 10 million copies of “Back to Back”.  “Amy was no longer among us for sometime. It was a matter of when.” would declare her mother Janis.   “If my daughter continue in that path, she is a goner” said her father Mitch a few says before the suicide.

The fans of Amy have witnessed the ghost during concerts, particularly in Belgrade in June 18.  The audience was pretty upset:  Amy forgot the words, was totally drunk, eyes glassy…

Amy married her terrible video assistant, Blake Fielder-Civil, in 2005 who filmed Amy smoking crack.  Her husband is a junk and was familiar with courts and jails.

Amy inspired Lagerfeld, wore Swingin’ London style, frequently beaten by her boyfriends… She was discovered by Simon Fuller, the producer of “Pop Idol” at the age 19.  It is reported that, since Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, England had not witnessed another auto-destructive, Charismatic , and eccentric icon.

Salomon Hazot, Amy’s manager in France said: “When she sang at the Zenith, she was wonderfully amazed as a kid.  The first time I saw her, Amy was mostly timid, polite, and awfully talented.”  Amy was 157 cm tall, anorexic, suffering from emphysema in the lungs.  Amy frequently would say to her musicians: “Are you sure my fan love me?”  It is the same attitude of Janis Joplin, who died at 27 from overdose, and had said: “My fans would love my songs less if they were not convinced that I am destroying my health…”

These icons had the instinct that most fans are fascinated with their fragility, imperfections, and weaknesses. “Our societies strive for zero risk in life, and have great urge to see public figures transgressing their fear.” claims the sociologist Stephane Hugon.  The spectators in reality shows wait for one thing: The final whissel of who won and who lost, voting on iPod and PlayStation…

Many icons who have been regular at rehab institutions managed to survive age 27, and control their public image of a goner not to be devour them alive, and keep the limelight, such as Madona, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Pete Doherty, Whitney Houston…at The Meadows rehab clinic in Arizona and La Priory in France.

When Kurt Cobain of Nirvana committed suicide at age 27, his mother said: “Kurt joined this stupid club”.  The mother meant that Kurt died as many in her family, by suicide.  The media interpreted this quote as meaning the club of the young icons who died at 27, such as Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin…




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