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Prime enemies to Capitalist America: Well-adjusted and well-fed minority and educated working class kids

Note: re-edit of the article posted on September 12, 2010

The prime enemies to Capitalist America are well-adjusted and well-fed minority and the educated working class kids.

Parents in the US are witnessing a reduction of 40% of their quality time to caring for their kids.

Kids return home alone, eat frozen food, watch TV, play video games, and are isolated from their environment.

Parents have to work twice harder for longer duration for less than what they earned three decades ago.

Even national health care coverage for the downtrodden has barely passed Congress with drastic restrictions.

Kids are getting hooked to alcohol and drugs and are seeking gang-type protection against their loneliness and disorientation.  Fact is, most States that are satellites to the USA lack national health coverage and the schooling system is mostly privatized.

Why IQ is dropping dangerously?

James Coleman reached this conclusion: “Kids competence in school depend largely on the total effect of the environment (family, community…)  The effect of school programs and system are secondary factors.  It is basically the lack of environmental support and care that is driving kids stupid and dropping from schools:  Kids are being herded to the job market earlier than expected and working in minimum wage jobs with no prospect for advance for lack of adequate education.

For example, Bush Junior has started this program “No Child Left Behind” and is continued by Obama with a nastier restriction.  This program is meant to just teach kids to pass the test.

Kids are tested every couple of years and so are the teachers tested for “performance” of teaching to the test program.

Not only kids are not learning but teachers have been robbed of their educational rights to forming good minds, reflecting brains, offering various perspectives and point of views.

Students are to answer according to preset ideological programs.

Obama wants teachers to be evaluated by students!

Ignorant kids evaluating how well the teacher is preparing him to pass a stupid test. Teachers have to play kid among kids to earn his salary.

Kids are not learning anything in deep; the educational system does Not want to produce competent and creative kids:  Just kids proficient in passing tests.  Later on, proficient in scalping institutions and bypassing regulations by learning how the system works.

John Dewey (1859-1952), social reformer and influential in educational methods, was a prime US principal sources of inspiration to a progressive educational movement.  Dewey wrote: “The ultimate goal of education is Not consumerism goods but producing free men, associated as equals.”

Dewey stated in 1920: “Power resides in the control of means of production, of exchange, of publicity, of transport, and of communication.  Those running these facilities are governing the society. The quest for profit is managed and controlled by banks, landowners, and barons of industries. This quest for profit is reinforced by the press, journalists, and the other vectors in publicity and propaganda.”

The British mathematician and philosopher, Bertrand Russell stated: “Education has for objective to extending values contrary to domination; it must be forming well-advised citizens, in a free society; to conciliate patriotism and liberty with individual creativity.  This pre-suppose treating children as we treat a young shoot endowed with proper nature:  Requiring the right soil, air, light, and water.

The current educational ideology can be summarized as follows:

“Each individual, in an ideal configuration, seeks to a position of master among slaves.”

Relentless competition and the lure for quick gain are sure ways to destroying a sense of community.

Normal people are feeling insecure, afraid, and uneasy in their environment (and the rate of suicide is climbing dangerously).

People are claiming to be “apolitical” (in a bad connotation) because they feel helpless to performing any social changes:  They simply blame the political structure, government, and official.

People are sensing after frequent crisis (preemptive wars, financial crashes, and reduction in opportunities and salaries) that governments are but shadows to the capitalist structure favoring private multinationals.

Capitalist enterprises impress upon governments the policies and laws that suit their monopoly and reducing common people to serfdom.

The media is not doing an honest job:  They are not pointing the finger to the proper sources of people’s insecurity and inequality in opportunity and wealth.

For example, David Moss of Harvard Business School compared two graphs extending for a century.

The first graph showed statistics of the gap between the rich and the poor in America over the years.  The second graph showed the tightening of financial regulations and financial crisis.

The two graphs matched completely.

In 1929, 10% of Americans hoarded 50% of the wealth (the 1% of the richest Americans disposed of 24% of the total wealth). In 2007, exactly the same gap between the classes were observed.

In Europe, more factors inter in times of crisis because the States are involved in supporting the downtrodden in matters of health, schooling, and subsidies to the less fortunates.

While in 1930 the gap shrank between the classes, this gap has not changed since 2007.  Most probably, the crisis is not over until the Federal government support the less fortunate in work opportunities and better salaries.

Note 1:  You are encouraged to read Noam Chomsky’s “For a humanist education”

Note 2: This ratio of 1/10 of the richest classes hoarding the vast majority of a country wealth in the capitalist developed (colonial powers) is steady, and what changes slightly is the rate of wealth. Actually, in all the non-developed States that claim to have “liberal economics” and claim to have a faked “democratic” system have the same ratio, but the members of the rich clubs rotate around the close family ties of the monarchs and dictators.

These  so-called “liberal economies” are meant to encourage the exploitation of the country by multinationals in order for the “elite class” to receive new quick foreign financial incomes.

The term “performance” is defined to be the scapegoat to firing employees in private and public institutions.  For the daily workers, performance is made very easy to evaluating: “How many units has the worker churned out?”  For the educated and graduate students (or technocrats), performance is evaluated with a rather long list of indices that the various managers in the hierarchy subjectively judge accordingly.  Primarily in the list are keeping on schedule and obeying the rules and regulations of a corporation or a public institution.  In order to fulfill the “mission” (or the  faked lustrous image of an institution), an educated or semi-professional employee has to come 30 minutes earlier than regulation and leave at least two hours later of regulation:  You have to prove to the corporation that the company is your first family to pay allegiance to and to do various chores free of charge.  Competence or creativity is on the list but secondary in value for hiring.

Why competence is not highly valued and performance of routine jobs is given so much priority?  The school system in the US (primary, secondary, and high school) is structured to satisfying corporate value system.  The school system passes every students who showed up on time, kept on schedule, and was obedient to rules and regulations.  Students who proved to be creative might b e on the honor list; but how many students learn to care being on honor list?  Corporations don’t care about creativity when you are first hired; they give priority to how obedient you tend to be to your master. 

The German scientist and educator Von Humboldt wrote:  “When you produce on command, we may admire your product, but we definitely despise the man.” He resumed ” What you fail to choose by your own volition, what you are forced to learn against your inclinations  will remain stranger and never be identified as a trait of your personality.  When an action or a learning process is done mechanically then, it cannot lead to creativity since you didn’t employ your human force and zeal in it.” 

British economist Adam Smith warned:  “State should intervene to preventing chain production by workers that renders them stupid and ignorant.”  The American social reformer and educator John Dewey (1859-1952) considered as “non liberal and immoral to forming kids for the job market in the perspective of just gain.”

Actually, experts and professionals learn that in order to keeping their jobs they should not indulge in “emotional” or ethical considerations in their reports.  What is of value is the end results; the corporation tells them:  “Show me the range of practical methods to bypassing laws and ethical situations in order to reach a winning contract.”




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