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Testimonials of a civil war: “Free Tigers” militia?

From The issue of the daily Al Balad, April 27, 2005 

John Eid was twenty years old when the civil war started.  He was and still is a member of the political party of late President Camille Chamoun because his father, a soldier in the Lebanese army, was also a member.

John vacated with his family from Ain Rumany, a Christian Beirut suburb, and joined the “Free Tigers” militia or the military wing of this party.

John claims that his militia did not have any military training or arms when the war started and that he was obeying orders from his superiors during the war.

He joined 20 of the members in a training camp and still believes that the war was not confessional but national against the Palestinians who wanted to rule Lebanon.

John believes that there is no Lebanon without the presence of its Christian citizens.

The “Free Tigers” participated heavily with the Syrian forces to encircle, reduce to famine, and invade a Palestinian camp in Tell Al Zaatar in East Beirut.

This militia slaughtered thousands of civilian Palestinians after the camp fell.

Later, the “Free Tigers” militia capitulated to the Phalanges Party and formed the Maronite Christian “Lebanese Forces” and he remained an integral part of this force during most of the war.

In 1988, John joined the forces of General Michel Aoun when the Lebanese army engaged the Syrian forces and the “Lebanese Forces” of Samir Geajaa a few months later.

Once, John entered a decrepit building in fire, and the stairwell was destroyed to the upper floors in order that everyone up there would perish in the fire, famine, or throwing themselves down to their death.

He entered rooms and found entire families, kids, mothers and elder people, individually killed sitting around tables for dinner.

When coming down the stairs he heard screams of women and little babies coming from the basement; they would not open the door for him fearing that the militia would slaughter them anyway.

John had a Christian friend who was shot at a road block by another Christian militia fighter, simply because his name was not to his liking.

John witnessed Christian militias destroying the insides of churches, ruining the tabernacles and defaming the pictures of the Virgin Mary and all the other Saints.




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