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“Jesus was Gay”: Reverend Paul Oestreicher

On Great Friday in Wellington (New Zealand), Reverend Paul Oestreicher, and Anglican priest, delivered a speech saying that Jesus was gay, and he can prove it. How?

1. In John’s testament, Jesus on the cross tells his mother to adopt little John as her son and vice versa.  In the story, there were three women, including the mother and Marie Magdalena, and young John. How this pronouncement, if true, can shed light as to the sexual preference of Jesus?

In any case, this story is reported by John, and I doubt that the mother or the girlfriend felt any urgent needs to disseminate the “good news” that John displaced them from Jesus’ heart.

It appears that it is not the same John who wrote the New Testament, and the one who wrote the Apocalypse was in his 100 years, and probably insane and hallucinating…

2. The paintings of the Cene show young John laying his head on Jesus’ shoulder…As if Paul has no idea that the Renaissance artists were confirmed homosexual and more into pedophilia than anything else.  It was a period that having sex with young boys was a mark of aristocracy and good standing and taste in beauty…The painters were promoting their political and sexual positions, many centuries before Paul felt this urge to having his 15-minute in the spotlight…

Who among you cares if Jesus was homosexual, bisexual, multi-sexual, asexual, transvestite, eunuch…?

Would sexual orientation of The Master be your main factor in selecting a religious sect?

Isn’t the sex life of the prophets made a taboo in most religions, except of mentioning how many wives and boys he “married”… ?

Religions were meant to raise hope in mankind; instead religions were turned around to use and abuse people as slave, to back up ideological political programs…

It must be a period of deep depressive mood for people to sift through the Old dusty Books to paraphrase sections of them, as striking proofs in any topic…

Reason and logic are no serious substitute for hope in resuming the fight in life, but a little common sense can  bust fragile Gods, momentarily.

Problem is :”How many of these common sense moments are we willing to tend to in order to being a semblance of sanity in our discourse?”




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