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Germaine & Benjamin: Love Passion Stories; (August 26, 2009)


            Germaine de Stael or Stael was a renowned writer; she wrote “Corinne”.  Benjamin Constant wrote “Adolphe” and “Cecile”.   Mrs. de Stael was a piss off but she had generosity, kindness, talents, and plenty of spirit.  The period is during Napoleon when the French language was the rage in the whole of Europe and many talented writers abounded.  Germaine wore extravagant head turbans and constantly lauded her visitors with spiritual good words which acquired her many followers. Her female rivals called her “The talking machine”.

            The French writer Benjamin Constant was once sitting between Mrs. de Stael and the super beauty Juliette Recamier and said “Here I am between the spirit and the beauty”.  Germaine replied with vivacity “This is the first time someone tells me that I am the beauty”. Of one of her former suitors, Mrs. de Stael said “Talking is not one of his languages”.

            Benjamin Constant was 27 of age and divorced; he set his mind to meet Mrs. de Stael.  He wrote: “I rode with her in the carriage; I had supper with her, had breakfast, lunched and then dined with Mrs. de Stael. I think that I know her well and you are judging her too severely.”  A passionate love affair of 14 years began.

            While staying at Mrs. De Stael, Benjamin faked a suicide act by taking a small overdose of opium. The neighbor prince of Montmorency realized this current customs among lovers of the period and said while leaving “Throw him out the window”. The critics said of that fashion “the Coppet dose” or any non lethal dose of medicines.

            The relationship of Germaine and Benjamin was at best tenable but they could not separate for long. Benjamin writes: “I knew that Germaine affection is not exclusive.  She still could not help suffering at the idea of separating from her”

            Julie Talma fell in love with Benjamin and wrote to him: “Write to me. You know that I should not be writing first.  I am dying for the need to reply to you.  Your letter will be certainly ridiculous and I am laughing in advance. I am not divulging my replies. I am waiting.”

            A century later Proust would describe this kind of passion “I call this love reciprocal torture”.  This couple had many and varied extra-marital affairs and they both had offspring from other relationship but they managed to give birth to Albertine in 1796 who organized a famous banquet in Mai 28, 1817 while her mother Germaine was in death bed.  Benjamin was highly intelligent but of uncertain character in matters of stable tender love; he died in 1830.




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