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May 15, 2011:  Palestinians secured Statehood and Right of Return

Every year Israel celebrate its establishment as a recognized State by the UN in 1948 by one vote, the Palestinian mourn and march for the loss of their forced occupied lands:  This day is celebrated by the Palestinians as the Day of Al Nakbat.

This Sunday witnessed the most critical phase in the existence of the Zionist ideology after 63 years of Israel State.   Palestinians marched from all fronts bordering Israel (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, and Egypt) and demonstrated against the persistence of Israel denying them a statehood, and demanding from the UN to recall the declaration #194 that assured Palestinians their right to return to Palestine in 1948.

By evening of Sunday, three dozens unarmed Palestinians were killed by Israeli snipers on the borders and over 300 Palestinians grievously injured.  The Israeli soldiers shot to kill in the head and in the chest.

In Lebanon, the Palestinians converged in mass, for the first time, to the village of Maroun Raas, overlooking Israel.  So far, the Israeli killed 12 and injured 120 Palestinians who were merely throwing stones from across the border wire.  Maroun Raas is famous for resisting Israel invasion in July 2006 for an entire week.  Israel would announce that the village has fallen and then change its affirmation by night fall:  The Israeli soldiers would vacate occupied area by night after suffering heavy casualties.  The Lebanese army felt helpless containing the demonstrators and the UN contingents didn’t intervene to warn Israel of crimes against humanity perpetrated by heavily armed Israeli soldiers against non-armed marchers.

In Syria, the Palestinians marched to the village of Majdel Sham in the Golan Heights: Four Palestinians were killed and dozens seriously injured.  Many demonstrators persisted in staying in the other side of the occupied land, and Israel army forced them to return inside the demarcation line.  This is the first time that the Syrian regime of the Assad was helpless preventing a march to the occupied land of Syria.  The Syrian regime is witnessing big internal turmoils demanding dignity and legitimate political institutions and thus, didn’t want to break the false image that it is not cohabitating with Israel since 1970 by keeping the occupied borders the most quiet in the region.

In the West Bank, the Palestinians amassed on the Kalendia separation line between Jerusalem and Ramallah and also within Ramallah’s Israeli check points, and many other Palestinian towns and villages.  Palestinians who remained in their villages in 1948 and acquired Israeli “citizenship” demonstrated heavily in this day of “Al Nakba”, remembering the loss of their lands.  Israel had issued laws prohibiting the Palestinians/Israelis to demonstrating during that famous Day.  Israel also behavied savagely on the border with Gaza, and hundred were seriously injured.  The Egyptian government did its best to preventing Palestinians from converging to Gaza; so did the Jordanian monarchy.

Israel declared the border zones with Lebanon and Syria military areas.  Israel will be facing, for weeks to come, with many UN discussions and demands of reports to its brutal reactions to non-armed Palestinians.

The Arab Spring upheavals are just starting and Israel is urged to change its strategy very quickly since the Palestinian factions of Fateh and Hamas have agreed to form a transition government:  Israel lost its supports from Iran of the Shah, Turkey, Egypt, and now Syria.  The UN is to vote for a Palestinian Statehood in September 2011.  Most of the UN recognized States have declared being in favor of a Palestinian, independent State.




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