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 Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 68

Ne t’en fait pas de bile jeune homme, je ferais de mon mieux que tu survive cette nuit

On April 10, 1973, an Israeli commandos, headed by Ehud Barak, assassinated the three leaders living in the same building in Verdun.
Do you recall the names of Kamal Adwan, Kamal Nasser, and Youssef el Najjar? They were Palestinian leaders whose strategy is never to get involved in local politics in the States the Palestinian refugees reside in. Israel assassinated the 3 of them in Beirut, one night on April 1973
Yasser Arafat and Abut Iyad, wo had the propensity of getting immersed in Local politics in lebanon, and living very close by on the same street, were spared to continue destabilizing lebanon.
The problem with complaining about the system is that the system can’t hear you. Only people can.
Before dismantling democratic system, the far right parties consistently break the law, when their leaders form governments
Daesh (ISIS) leaders are committing mass suicide by being blown with detonating belt. Most of them foreign members who have no chance to go anywhere.
A person is mentally vegetative when he can no longer take in a new idea
To simplify a notion you need to be able draw a model of it to explain it.
Freedom and leverage is great, but it comes with responsibility.  With the social network we’re all curators/concierges/impresarios
Injustice is mainly committed by people holding power: They can get away with paying their dues to the community (Ibn Khladoun)
Nihilism: Un soldat voit un arbrissau au milieu de la steppe et la coupe “Why you are standing alone? Son intelligence suprême des moyens lui avait fait perdre le jugement suprême des fins ( Case of Berry)
Eclopés des guerres: Trop malade pour les tranchées, pas assez pour être évacuer dans les hôpitaux surcharges de l’arriére.
Ils passaient non pas á côté du danger, mais á côté de la gloire
Au café, Claire s’invita et s’assit sur les genoux de Peppino Garibaldi, une maniére comme une autre de contribuer á la victoire (inciter les Italens a declarer la guerre á  l’ Empire Autricien)
In 1918, all belligerent nations were exhausted and weakened. France and England knew that they lost the war. And then USA stepped in. Germany was then denied finances and commerce with USA and also knew that the game was over.
Je compris que l’éloquence, accouplé avec une multitude consentante, était une source d’ivresse. Rien de pire que d’être frustré de ce vertige sans compensation sexuelle.
What’s wrong with people, in order to make small talks, invariably ask you if you believe in God. I’m pretty sure, if 7 bilions say Yes, he will still force his dog to nod consent. 
They will never be satisfied with their questions: Do you believe in God? They cannot admit that clergies doubt God at least once a day.
It does Not matter what is your religion: If you don’t carry one of the colonial passports, then your assassination is an invisible occurrence
In capitalist culture, the getting is ever more important than the having.  We ended up storing somewhere what we have purchased.
I have been hearing for a couple of years that it is the foreign powers who have guaranteed Lebanon’s security but Not his stability. If that make any sense, let these rotten foreign powers get off our back
The bloody rats of Daesh in Mosul: how they are spending their nights and days? Using terrified kids as shield?




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