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MBA graduates from US universities increased from 21,500 in 1970 to over 150,000 in 2007 and then the financial crash wiped out that devilish trend.  Universities in the US are re-structuring their MBA programs and hiring new deans and new teams to recapture this cow cash niche.  Students in MBA programs used to invest over $80,000 (their families money) so that 50% of them could be recruited by Wall Street financial institutions and financial consulting firms.  Fortunately, Wall Street sent to pasture over 240,000 of salaried personel in order to get busy producing something more useful.

Harvard Business School enjoys over $two billions in reserves from various donations and is investing just two millions on developing new programs and hiring a new team for the business department; Nitin Nohria is the new boss.  Kellogg School of Northwestern University has also hired a new team.  Other universities are following suit such as Judge School of Cambridge, Ross School of Michigan University, and the Booth School in Chicago University.  Booth School was renamed after the Booth family disbursed over $270 millions.

So what kind of reforms these business schools have in mind?  Probably, first, dusting off the skeletal of theoretical books and theories that were abandonned, sending students abroad for a couple of semesters to branches in India, Singapore, Dubai, Malasia in order to get an hand on real business trading for global economics (thus, increasing the cost to graduating); offering more international persepectives on how business is done, increasing the ratio of teacher/studients in classrooms, and spending a lot on advertisements, especially, woowing the university of Jiao Tong of Shanghai and the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) to better classification of top universities in the world.  Anyway, programs are dictated by the highest donators; thus, if you want accurate knowledge of the next strategy in MBA schools then, your best investigative sources are those institutions extending largess to the business schools.

What MBA students learn?  First, a superficial understanding of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the financial trade business; second, memorizing the code name of three dozens financial ratios extracted from balance sheets, and working funds statements; and third, learning a few tricks for generating financial tools to scamming clients of their hard earned wealth.  Usually, professors do not teach:  they hand out list of books to read (around half a dozen per week) demand summaries of what it was supposedly read.  I doubt that reflection, analysis , and interpretations are asked in these summaries: How could students find time to think seriously?




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