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Pluie d’éte de Septembre? Ayloul tarafo mabloul?  It would be great to experience a cat and dog kinds of rain at this junction of 7 months of dry season

How do you evaluate the experience of this cinema Star? Why do you have to attach Star to actresses? So she won’t antagonize me. What? nowadays, the behinds of non-famous are Stars. (Late Youssef Shaheen)

If you have talent in attracting positive opinions and large audience, a few truthful positions may compensate for the dozens of lies you disseminate: No attraction of the public, no roots for any valuable position.

Faire la solde des lingeries Fines? Have you heard of lingerie epaisse, non-sexy, non-chic, couleur suspecte …? Et cet homme, accompagné par sa maitresse, tous les yeux des femmes le fusillant hainesement, marchant sur ses pieds, une bête traquee’…

The nastiest of calamities during this confrontation on May 2008, Hezbollah against Seniora PM: the burning of the achieve of “Khaleek bil bayt” by Wehbi. Most TV interviews with cultured authors and poets were burned, such as Adonis, Youssef Shaheen…  Do you think those who burned the Old TV station of Al Moustakbal knew of the presence of the archive? Those who claim they are the bastion of our culture?

Et si il n’y avait pas de prevue de mort? Ca viendra tout de meme, la mort. Meme si la Court International de Justice (pour Rafic Hariri) durerait un siècle?

Titus a quitte’ Berenice, reine de Palestine, un siècle après JC. Titus a cesse d’aimer Berenice. Titus est mort, finalement. La question demeure: Pouquoi Titus a cesse d’aimer Berenice? Plus grave encore: Est-ce vrai que Berenice aimait toujours Titus, avant ou après la grande affaire?

Today, my eyes got wet: I read beautiful passages. I don’t recall ever crying: lack of imagination or feelings? Better late than never: I think that I’m recapturing some of my lost capacity for imagination and feelings.

The children of Palestine and those living in shantytowns of refugee camps, are systematically denied the basic rights of happiness, and of enjoying periods of laziness and boredom. The occupiers made sure to rob these kids of the basic feelings and their innate innocence. They are more mature than other children, and yet, more receptive to all kinds of feelings and emotions.

Que fait l’Art pour nous? Il met en forme et rend visibles a nos senses nos emotions et appose ce cachet d’ éternite qui incarne l’universalite des affects humaines. L’Art immortel genere l’emotion sans le desir ou la convoitise.

Qu’est ce que cette histoire de centaines de noeuds que forment la psychologie des hommes? Vous croyez que les psychanalystes savent quelque chose a la topologie?

Les grands (princes and presidents…), que les moins grands dedaignent, sont poutant heureux s’ils deviennent leurs gendres.

Qu’il y a peu d’humains et que le monde est desert? Mais pouquoi les gens sont mechants? Ou pretend l’etre pour qu’on leur fiche la paix?




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