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Sunday, July 16, 2006

 Diary of the war in Lebanon

This morning, I was visiting my aunt Montaha and she told me that my cousin Zouzou (Joseph) is suffering and that her daughter Joelle, an administrative nurse, was attending to him.  I walked down to check on him and it turned out that he had his regular bouts of kidney stone movements, an ailment that he acquired in his extended stay in Western Africa.  Joseph’s sister Samira was there too and there was nothing to do except wait for Monday to sending Joseph to a hospital, if he failed to piss until then.

Zouzou was in real pain and could get no relief except when sitting in the john.  In the afternoon, Joseph called me up inquiring whether our basement is for rent.  I did not recognize his voice at first and asked “who is speaking?”.  He replied angrily: “I am your cousin Zouzou, what’s wrong with you?”  I replied that I did not know that he was in shape to even talk.  He said that he was fine now.  I told him that we might be using the basement as a shelter for emergencies.

Actually, our basement was mainly reduced as a depot for my sister’s family furniture and clothes surpluses:  She cannot stand to be encumbered in her neat flat.  In addition, my nephew William is using the living room in the basement as his sleeping quarter:  He realized that studying and sleeping in the attic is not conducive to studying.

Besides, I have been using the eastern room as my study room for almost four years now.

It turned out that my aunt rented her upper floor because her son’s family was no longer coming to Lebanon this summer because of the war.

Note:  There is an interesting byproduct of Montaha renting her upper floor.  Khaled, the son of Montaha’s daughter Joelle, fell in love with the daughter (named Joelle too) of the woman renting the floor.  They are now engaged to be married soon.  They both graduated and are working.




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