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Today’s lucubration: not erotically remunerating (part 2, January 11, 2009)


If you have to kill, then by increased order of esteemed behavior do the following:


First, make sure that you are paid according to experience and professionalism. “Security” contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan are being paid over $500 per day; they have a 90-day contract followed by a month vacation, usually spent in Africa hunting, mostly tamed “wild animals” in natural reserves areas.  As you gain experience you will learn to demand extra armored mamba and security personnel for your own protection. Don’t be suckered like those tough Israeli “Defense Forces” reservists who are launched to fight babies in Gaza.  Be man enough to fight Hezbollah and Hamas resistance forces; man to man fights are noble exercises even if you apply your rudimentary martial arts training.  By all means, decline Top Gun assignments: dropping bombs on ants is not erotically remunerating.


Second, don’t fool yourself that as a professional killer you don’t need to know your victim.  Even if your coward client gives you a picture and the coordinate of your next target it is incumbent upon you to do your due diligence of research.  If you get bored navigating the web then hire a professional internet navigator to gather the info; the more you share your fat contract salary the more professional you become. Let your motto be “subcontracting is excellent business when my life is at stake”.  The best warrior is the one who excelled at escaping dual and running faster than rabbits.


Third, gathering info on your victim and not reading them or investigating any further your client’s secret wants and needs is total waste of your hard earned money.  You have to consider a “contract to kill” as an opportunity to know your strengths and weaknesses and answering “who you are”, just for curiosity sake so that you would not hate your obscurantist attitude.  A contract to kill is the grace befallen on you to start respecting human rights to die in dignity.  Join the human rights organizations for continuing education in your line of profession.




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