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All of them mafia/militia “leaders” to go home? “killon ya3ne killon”

Miracles vs. Reality

So now what ?

Hariri’s PM plan, concocted in 72 hours, pretends to solve Lebanon’s woes at long last and to miraculously wipe out over $5 billion dollars of the budget deficit without raising taxes or significantly cutting expenses in any way.

Wow, Harry Potter would be impressed. If you believe in that plan, Papa Noel will be upset with you.

So, now what ?

While I share the view that “killon ya3ne killon”, what’s the path forward ?

Rome was not built in one day. We need a path to get there that is doable and realistic without pushing Lebanon into chaos.

One path forward would be for Hariri to resign and for Aoun to call for new early Parliamentary elections. Aoun would have to agree that the new parliament would vote on a new president. (What kind of fair and unbiased election law?)

In the meantime, a technocratic government will be put in place after being vetted by an international head hunting company. (Why bring foreign powers into the equation? Many ministers have proven to be clean in the worst phases of the fassaad)

The new ministers should have NEVER been involved in Politics in Lebanon previously and should have at least 15 to 20 years of PROVEN experience in the field they take on. (That’s crap. Everything is Politics and every minister need to have political backing)

They also have to agree to Not run for the early parliamentary elections and to waive banking secrecy for themselves and their families.

This would mean that within one year maximum, “killon ya3ne killon” was achieved while assuring continuity.

It would also mean that a trusted government can now negotiate the release of the Cedrus funds while assuring the Lebanese and the International community that the funds will indeed be used to revamp the economy and to address urgent infrastructure matters such as electricity, garbage, and roads, in an open and transparent way.

Note: (We need the “Sovereign Fund” to be legalized, structured and functional before any money restitution. The framework of the Central Bank is Not satisfactory and need to be controlled)

The Central Bank chief Riad Salami has Not been replaced in 3 decades and has been playing the role of financial middleman (semsaar) to the mafia/militia “leaders” that controlled this political system since the civil war “ended” without a victor.




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