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Do you believe the Romans were ignorant of the Christian faith and customs?

Pline the Young was appointed magistrate in north Turkey by Emperor Trajan. He wrote to the Emperor: “I need your orders relevant to the ways of legally treating with the increased number of Christos in the countryside. They assemble on fixed days, before sun up. They sing hymns to Christos as a God, swear not to steel, nor commit adultery, and to pay off their debt…They share ordinary breakfast together… They refuse to honor our Gods and do not consider our Emperor as God…”

The Roman Celse wrote”

“Jews and Christians give me the impression of night bats, ants leaving their holes, frogs settled by swamps… meeting in the corner of a mire. They tell one another “It is to us that God revealed his desires, wants and wishes. Our God doesn’t care for the lot of the other infidels. He let the skies and earth proceed as they wish so that He may focus his attention on us. We are the only people who can communicate through His messengers… We are the only people with whom God wants to be associated with: He makes us resemble to Him.

Everything is subordinated to us: Earth, water, air and the stars. All was created for us and designed to save us. It is because a few among us sinned that God sent his only Son to burn all the infidels and to share with us the Eternal Life…”

The agony of Christos was witnessed by scores of people, but his resurrection by only one person. It is the way around that should have occurred…

O Christians, support the Emperor of all your force, partake with the Emperor the defense of rights and laws, join the army…

Cease from acts of avoiding your civic and military services. Participate in the public functions for the sake of the cause of piety…”

The Roman philosopher Lucien wrote:

“Jesus of the Christians appealed to the idiots and the simple of spirit to join: The Kingdom of God is for you. Who is sane in the mind could be caught in that doctrine? The Christians try hard to render conscious suspect and wise judgement guilty .. Those Christos followers claim “The wise people repel our teaching because they are disoriented and restrained by their rational mind.”

Those Christos followers seem drunk and accuse the sober people to be drunkard. They seem short sighted and are intent at persuading the sane-eyed to seeing nothing…”

Note: In almost all religions, the second generation of converts turned fanatic and regarded the other religions are  in the wrong, and deadly wrong, and the custom of looking at the followers of the previous religions are totally ignorant. For example, Islam labelled the non Moslems who didn’t believe in One God as “jahel” (ignorant).

The first generation of Christians firmly believed that the Second Coming (of the Lord) will take place during their own existence and that they will be the selected ones to go to heaven or rule the world. The second generation inherited the same belief system. Over 20 centuries later, most sect still believe that the Second Coming is soon, very soon and will live to witness the event.

The Moslem Shias believe in the coming of the prophetic Mahdi.

A few sects believe that only a select few (about a couple hundred followers) will be chosen by God to represent and continue the human species. As if the thousands and millions of followers have just the role of playing slaves to the Queens and leaving the decision to the Lord.

I guess that with that belief system, the sect takes account of the insanity of the people for believing that they are the ones to be chosen, playing lotto…




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