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“Are there moderate Muslims?”

Posted on September 25, 2008 (and written in Oct. 26, 2207)

Note: This lengthy article was meant to be exhaustive. If you want me to split it in two articles, I will be ready to do it.

It coincided that I was reading chapters of two books concomitantly “Quand l’Amerique refait le Monde” by Ghassan Salameh (Salami) and “L’Apocalypse” by Oriana Fallaci  when I realized that the topic of current Islamic fundamentalism is wreaking havoc on the disposition of many western people.

Mostly, the western people tended to be liberal in many issues but could no longer reconcile a liberal attitude toward Islam: Mainly the reality of the virulent traditional Islamic behaviors toward strict adoption of the Koranic laws that regulate the daily life for the Muslims and trying to circumvent the civil laws in Europe.

Ghassan Salameh has investigated the genesis of the new trend in the US ruling government toward Islam after the Twin Towers September 11 attack and which was based on the studies of a few “prestigious” American academics on Islam. 

Salame stated that the neo-conservative elements in the Bush administration have adopted Bernard Lewis as their guru in matters related to Islam and the anti-Muslim movements. 

Professor Lewis was fascinated and excited in the 1950s with everything related to Islam and then turned sour, negative and dissatisfied with the Islamic World: he repeatedly claimed in his studies that the Muslims have a rage and a strong tendency to hate the Western Nations as a product of their sense of inferiority complex toward the West and propagated the concept of an invasion to saw the grains of democracy in the Near East.

After the September 11 attack on the Twin Tower, the neo-conservatives like Perle, Wolfowitz, Abrams, and Gaffneys directed the debate toward the confirmation of pre-emptive offensive against the infantile specie of the political regimes in the Muslim World.

The spreading notion of an ineluctable conflict of Islam with the USA.  Pipes went as far as eliminating any cause for using cultural instruments in the arsenal of the war.

It is obvious that Oriana Fallaci has made up her mind that there are no moderate Muslims, unless they are Muslims by birth but No longer practicing  believers: simply because the Koran is the Koran and there is no way to interpret the Sourates to coincide with civil laws in the western nations. 

Actually, the late Oriana Fallaci was a staunch liberal but could not swallow the latest slaughtering of foreign prisoners by extremist Muslims and how Muslim immigrants are flaunting the civil laws in Europe.

Fallaci insists that the word “terrorism” is not good enough; the mass media should remain consistent and say “Islamic terrorism”; a term that would satisfy the terrorist Zionists immensely. 

Fallacy relied on St. John’s apocalyptic vision where a Monster with seven heads and ten horns would emerge from the sea and then the Beast on land would execute all the Monster’s orders. Thus, the Monster is Islam and the Beast is represented by the European liberals and leaders who are trying to appease Muslims and exhorting them to moderation by dangling carrots instead of raising the heavy sticks.

I was surprised by the coincidence to read that Oriana Fallaci also adopted the views of Bernard Lewis on Islam and considered him as the ultimate authority for truth on Islamic matters.

Apparently, the then 80-years old Lewis and growing more senile by the by, gave an interview to a German daily where he lambasted the West for not believing that radical Islam is the main enemy, instead of the new fascists. Lewis is hammering the notion that all of Europe is going to be Islamist by the year 2100. (If mankind survive till then)

Thus, there is a disposition to fit theories that antagonize the Muslim World by accepting as evidence the many terrorist acts perpetrated by extremist Muslims.

The vehement attitude of Fallaci toward Islam stems from two premises:

First, all of the terrorist attacks in the World are perpetrated by Muslims, (obviously wrong and faked wishes) and

Second, the practices of Muslims’ behavior in the Western World are based on the teaching of the Koran which cannot be reconciled with the rational civil laws in the western countries they live in. (How these laws are biased to the privileged elite classes are Not broached)

The first premise may be true if we rely solely on the media accounts that, almost exclusively and consistently, show that the current terrorist attacks in the Western World, such as USA, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Holland where “terrorism had struck”, were done by Muslims.  She focused on the terrible acts of slaughtering hostages by Muslim radicals in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia.

Fallaci forgot to mention that terrorism has also been striking in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Philippine, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Palestine, and Lebanon, Africa, to name but a few, in order to destabilize these States, where terrorism was carried by Hindu, Christians, and various Muslim sects against each other castes.

The hidden facts that terrorism is done by the western extremists are not widely publicized and mostly toned down and not taken up relentlessly by the media.

For example, the Oklahoma City bombing was first attributed to Muslim extremists and then the US had to admit that it was a purely US extremist act; not to mention the dozen of mass killings in the US schools and universities

Moreover, most of the western terrorist acts are ordered by the states or committed by organizations supported by the states and consequently not divulged and buried as national security secrets.

Actually, all the terrorist acts of the Israeli settlers and the government on Palestinians and other adjacent States are coined as “individual actions by crazy people”

Fallaci should have recalled the many terrorist acts that ravaged Italy and Germany in the 60s and 70s and committed by the extremist left movements and done by non-Muslims; she also decided to forget the recent decade long terrorism and genocides that plagued former Yugoslavia and which was started by Christians among themselves in self cleansing mechanisms and then cleansing themselves with the blood of the Muslims in Kosovo and Serbia. (And current far-right parties terrorist activities)

Fallaci should have taken up also these terrorist occurrences of destabilizing many third world countries, and going on even today, by the US and Israel. She has indeed experienced these Western terrorist acts during her long career as a journalist, but she decided to focus her venom on Islam, thus satisfying the present Western propaganda strategy of misinformation and distortion.

As for the second premise, Fallaci poured her venom on those Muslims who claim to be moderate, simply because they didn’t join a radical group or didn’t commit a terrorist act but engage practically in “awful behaviors”. 

For example, how can a Muslim claim to be moderate if he prevents his wives or daughters to be integrated in their new societies, ordering them to swim in their long robe “dishdasha/jalabiya”, even if this practice is tantamount to drowning, or having three wives and treating them as slaves, or beating his wives because it is permitted by “Al Shari3a”, killing his daughters because they refused to marry the men that he selected for them, lambasting school directors because they allowed their sons and daughters to be offered sweets containing hints of alcohol, and so on.  (But many of these customs are practiced by many non-Muslims religious sects, and the Koran does Not encourage many of those imposed patriarchal privilege systems)

Fallaci claims that nine out of ten of the Islamic divine inspired laws are opposite to the Italian civil laws, and consequently, there is no possibility of coming to acceptable terms with Muslim believers. (Let Italy just carry out the civil laws on non-abiding Muslim citizens to encourage “moderate Muslims” to follow suit)

If we recapitulate the history of the world we can demonstrate that almost every religion encouraged terrorist acts throughout history when the goal was to establish a theocratic state, governed by the clerics, or to maintain the power of the religious hierarchy caste over the citizens and the other minority castes. 

European history is packed with genocidal periods where the majority of a Christian sect tried to exterminate other secondary Christian sects in France, Spain, Byzantium, Russia, and Germany, to name a few, and labelled them “heretics” and their shed blood a duty.

The one main factor that permitted the western Christian societies to edge toward rational civil laws and weakens the Christian Orders was that the New Testament dealt only with spiritual doctrines: Christ died before his religion was firmly established and didn’t have to enact laws organizing society when the Roman civil laws were the law of the land.

The major problem with the Muslim religion and its inability to establish rational civil laws for the land is that the Prophet Muhammad vanquished his arch enemy the Koreish tribes in Mecca, while still alive and had to re-organize the tribal society with laws emanating from the “unique God” and the mainstream customs among the tribes.

For maybe esthetic reasons, the Sourats of the Koran were organized according to length and not chronologically as logic would dictate; otherwise, the Muslims would have realized that the sourats in the first 13 years of Islam were purely spiritual and not deviating far from Jesus’ teaching. 

Actually, whatever variations there are in Islam and Christianity, are identical to the views of the different schisms in Christianity in the early centuries (mostly based on Jewish customs sect) and which provoked mass extermination of the smaller Christian sects by the dominant Christian sects.

For example, the status of the Virgin Mary, the duality of Jesus, the Holy Ghost and a multitude of other differences that Byzantium was famous with splitting hair were points of contention among the Christian sects and still are.

If the Koran was divided into two volumes, the spiritual volume related to the first 13 years of its formation and the second volume related to the earthly laws governing the City-State of Medina and then society in the Arab peninsula among the tribes, then communication among the two cultures would have been possible and the Muslims would not have reverted to rigid dogma forced upon them by 10 centuries of domination of Central Asian tribes (Mongol Empires) and culminating by their close associated tribe the Ottomans.

As is common among all religions, the religious orders emphasize the earthly concepts that can be impressed upon the believers by attaching heavy burdens on their daily life for total subjugation. 

Ironically, Christianity created daily burdens of religious obligations that were Not included in the “Bible”, just to impose its hegemony over the soul of its believers.

Jesus strongly denounced the Jewish Order for the daily heavy burdens they encumbered the Jews with and lambasted the order as a hypocritical order. 

Nevertheless, Christianity, whether Roman or Lutheran or Protestant, feverishly created religious obligations that were not in the New Testament but dug up from the Jewish religious books or from the proclamations of the saints and religious leaders to subjugate their members into a tight closed caste.

In general, Christianity is an open religion and the Western Nations in their zest to proselytize their respective dominant religion endeavored to invade the “barbarous” people for the proclaimed purpose of indoctrinating these people into the Christian values; most of these people were subjugated into changing religions nominally but kept their “pagan” traditions.

However, the Christian Maronite sect in Lebanon has reverted to a closed religion and adopted the caste system since the independence of Lebanon in 1943. 

The Maronite sect has agreed on a tacit pact with the non-Christian castes not to allow non-Christian members from the other castes in Lebanon to be baptized Maronites; I can testify that even Lebanese living overseas were not permitted to change religion: the Maronite Order made it clear that the process of changing religion is not feasible. 

This Maronite Christian sect has sold out its soul to preserve its supremacy as a caste in Lebanon local politics and ended up losing its supremacy in 1989 at the Taef Conference in Saudi Arabia.

Consequently, the divergence between the western societies and the Muslim societies are the result of types of revealed Books; the main Christian Book that basically does not contain earthly laws but were created later by the dominant Christian orders, and the Muslim Book that does specifically include earthly laws for governing societies.

The western societies have succeeded in establishing rational, though debatable, civil laws created by men (women had not yet fully participated in most of these laws); and they don’t have to bend their laws to accommodate Muslim immigrants who are stuck with divine laws to run their daily lives. 

This is not to say that the Western World has to adopt pre-emptive strategies of conquering Muslim and Arab countries on the flimsy crusading abstract notion of spreading democracy and the international civil laws, when the geo-political reality is clear and is meant to control energy resources and stopping the expansion of China in world politics.

As for the Moslem World, if the purpose of all these upheavals is catching up with the technology of the western societies then the burden resides mainly on accepting the premise that the spiritual doctrines should be separated from the rational civil laws. 

Otherwise, if the Muslim World wants to survive under its own set of divine obligations and be ruled my mullah, and sheikhs, and muftis then let it be proclaimed openly and unite under this purpose and let the world live as separate entities; societies that instituted civil laws and those insisting on man-made “inspired divine laws”.

In either case, there is no basic need for forced hegemony of one civilization over another if the human mind cannot device a method for human communication and entente: forced hegemony has never worked or lasted in history, and all the evidences are leading to the fact that the current western forced hegemony is failing, unless partitioning the Arab World into cantons is viewed as a definite success of the new pre-emptive “war” strategy, which has nothing to do with cultural differences.

Islam is carrying an insurmountable burden of awkward traditions, not just because of the 5 centuries of Ottoman domination, but 11 centuries of Muslim Sunni of Central Asian tribes that dominated most of the Muslim World, from Mongolia, to Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Turkey.  These hordes have established empires and the local vassals adopted the rigid dogmas and tribal customs of their caste systems.

Any recent reforms undertaken in the Middle East were thwarted by the Western powers to divide these nations and establish theocratic States and dictators most amenable to their creators.  Our inability to change and communicate, even internally among ourselves, is related fundamentally to our autonomous caste structure.

Fallaci was sensing right, but she was fighting cancer. Anyway, rational behavior is not the rule in this somber period within the Bush Administration, even if many of its leaders seem physically fit, aside of Dick Cheney.

Note 1:  The proposition that the Sourates of the first thirteen years were spiritual in nature was investigated by Antoun Saadi in the 1940s and published in a book “Al Islam fi ressalataih al Massihiyat wa al Mohammadiyah” translated liberally as “Islam (Message of Peace) by its two messengers Christ and Mohammed”

Note 2: Antoun Saadi is the founder of the Lebanese-bases Syria National Social party in 1936. A secular party , wanting to separate the religious sects dominance in the political and social structure and the government civil laws and regulation. This party was attacked by the sectarian parties encouraged by the mandated colonial powers of France and England on the Near-East region. This party claimed that we are one people in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq and was the preadhead of confronting the Zionist plans that were backed by the colonial powers and the USA and Russia.

Islam was founded on the dozens “Christian-Jewish” “Heretic sects” in the Near East

When the Byzantine Empire was established in Constantinople and adopted Christianity as an official religion, and later founded the “Orthodox Christian” sect as the religion of the empire in the mid of the 5th century, the hundreds of local based “christian sects” in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon were persecuted and had to transfer east of the Euphrates River (Persian Empire), the Arabian Peninsula, and further toward China.

The Prophet Muhammad was a member of one of those “Jewish-Christian” sect in Mecca and Islam was almost a copy/paste of the local Bible they used in Mecca, mainly most of the Jewish mythical stories, their prophets, and their customs.

The message of Jesus, his parables, his miracles…were barely mentioned in the modified/edited/transformed Koran assembled during the third Caliph Uthman bin Affan (From the Quraysh tribe of Mecca and one of Muhammad son-in-laws).

Many parchemins were discarded, buried, displaced or burned and the verses of the Koran were grouped according to length instead of their chronological order.

While the disciples of Jesus were trapped and huddled in Jerusalem after the crucifixion of Christ, St.Paul was touring Syria, Turkey, Greece, all the way to Rome, and founding “Christian” communities. St.Paul was flexible in the matter of circoncision and considered it was Not necessary for the new converts to be circumcised. The basic condition for St.Paul was that they believe that Jesus was resurrected, otherwise, there was no viable basis to be considered Christian.

The disciples in Jerusalem, and headed and guided by Jacob, the elder brother of Jesus and Not even a disciple, dispatched Peter to follow the trails of St.Paul and pressure the Christian communities to be circumcised…

As the Jews in Jerusalem started to revolt against the Roman Empire, the disciples fled in many directions. The first phase was to return to their hometowns in the Tyr region and Upper Galilee and off to Egypt, Turkey, Arabian Peninsula, Ethiopia, and even to current Pakistan (St.Thomas, Peter, Jacob, Bartholomew, Andrew, Marc… )

The disciples founded their own sect communities, with their own Bibles, customs, traditions and daily antics practised by the conservative Jews. The disciple of the community re-edited the message and stories about Jesus and crammed it with the stories of the Jewish mythologies.

For example, the women had their separate quarters, had to wear the veil, and Not participate with the males in the community events. Many of these communities wore the white robes, were vegetarians and never purchased any food from outside the community.

Basically, Bizantium decided to accept only 4 New Testaments and ordered the burning of the local Bibles used by these “heretic sects”. Essentially, bibles that smacked of plainly a copy/paste of the Torah/Jewish Bibles were burned and the sects persecuted out of the empire.

Consequently, when Islam conquered Syria, Iran, Egypt and expanded its territories, those “heretic” Christian sects didn’t find much variations between the Koran and their teachings. They converted to Islam easily, especially they would Not pay Taxes as Muslims (Jezyi), compared to the other “Orthodox” sects.

At the end of the Umayyad dynasty, the Non-Muslims diminished drastically and taxes collected were Not enough to replenish the treasury. Thus, various kinds of taxes were enacted that galvanized Muslims outside of Damascus to rebel.

The rebellious regions were far away from Damascus such as in Iraq, Iran, North Africa and also in northern Syria such as in Aleppo and Turkey.

Military campaigns were too costly to undertake and re-established the central control.

Note 1: We owe it to the Muslim Shia communities in South Lebanon and Jabal Amel to have maintained the “hometown stories” of Jesus, Mary, Peter, Jacob, Omran, Hanneh (Hanna)… where they were born, raised and buried. For example, the story spread by the Vatican of the martyrdom of St.Peter, crucified upside down, is probably a myth.

For example, The “hometown story ” says that in the year 64, Peter fled Rome after Nero escalated his persecution of the Christian, and settled in Babylon by the River Euphrates for a while.

Peter wrote a letter to the community of Karkisia by the Euphrates River.  Peter travelled to Palestine and when the Jewish revolt (66 to 70 AC) started persecuting the Christian, Peter fled to Northern Galilee (Tyr district) in 67, but the Jews followed him to his hometown of Shamaa and killed him by a blow on the head. Peter was 77 year-old, or in the year 67.

The community of his ancestors in Hamoul buried him there by his mother in the town of Shamaa, which is short for Shimon.  

Peter was born around 10 BC and lived in the town of 7amoul or (Hamoun) near the village of Naqoura in South Lebanon.  Peter’s father was Hamoun Bin Ama in the town still known as Hamoul where he is buried.

Simon, Peter…is also known as Shimon Safa in the town of Shama3 (Shamaa) near the city of Tyr. Safa means the lean stone in Arabic, Kifa in Syriac, and Peter in Greek. Thus, the Rock as Jesus is claimed to have named him to build his Church.

Hamoun had two sisters: Hanneh (Hanna) and Elizabeth. Hanneh married Omran and gave birth to Mary. The mother of Peter is the sister of Omran.

Note 2: If there were many “Christian” martyrs in the first decades, it is mainly because the converts were dead convinced that Jesus will resurrect them after their death, the third day of them passing away.

Is it true that Islam claims that Jerusalem and Palestine belong to the sons of Israel?

Note: I don’t personally give a hoot about all religions and their violent mythological stories. More so because their stories have no sense of humor, but rankle the reflective mind of humans. What can I do if I feel submerged with mounds of craps from all these thousands of religious sects “heretical” pronouncement of the other sects.

I have occasionally to react and comments in order to liberate my suffocating body and breath some fresh air of freedom of rational and reflective opinions.

I will post many footnotes at the end of the article.

Now, in content and context, the author Muhammad Mazoughi, wrote that (current) Koran distributed around the Islamic world is basically edited and transformed by (learned Jews who pretended to convert to Islam at the beginning of the earliest caliphs).

It is evident from his research that the (current) Koran can be read as basically a Jewish Bible since all its stories are copied from the Jewish book/Talmud and pleases the Jewish messages.

In many verses, if you change Koran by the “Jewish Bible” you’ ll be reading a carbon copy sentences.

The author is faced with two choices: Either the Koran is trying to correct the “heretical Jews” who became Hellenistic in their culture, or the Koran is trying to “educate” the bedouin “Arabs” to the Jewish messages.

The author sides with the first option since Muhammad was a member of a “Christian-Jewish” sect labeled “heretical” by the Byzantine empire.

The current Koran has but despise and harsh pejorative qualifications for the “Arabs” and regards the Jewish Prophets as his guiding rod, especially Moses who vanquished the Egyptians.

The Koran never mentioned a single prominent “Arab”, poet, scholar…Just eyes and admiration for countless mythological Jewish characters

Jesus, his message, Not a single parable stories of Christ (the best teaching method in the Syrian culture), his life, his miracles… are Not included in the Koran.

The only character that the Koran admire is the “Virgin” Mary. Kind of adopting the tradition that mothers are the only source for Jewishness and Jewish identity.

The author says that the Muslims have two choices:

  1. Either drop the current versions of the Koran and re-edited it according to researched studies that accommodate to the bedouin customs and traditions in the Arabian Peninsula at the period of the Prophet, or
  2. Just idiotly take the easy way out by being subjugated to the Zionist/Israeli dictat and religious ideology.

(Although Muhammad lead many caravans to Damascus and must have been impregnated by the customs and traditions of the people in the Syrian Land, the Koran never mentioned the Palestinians or any other civilization of the period)

سالني احد متابعي في الفيسبوك
لماذا القرآن يتكلم عن اعطاء الأرض المقدسة لبني إسرائيل؟
وكان جوابي: مؤلف القرآن حاخام يهودي ويتجاهل تماما سكان تلك المنطقة الأصليين

وقد تكلمت عن هذا الموضوع مع صديقي محمد المزوغي، أستاذ الفلسفة في روما ومؤلف عدد من الكتب قدمت بعضها في الحوار المتمدن
فتكرم بإرسال النص التالي مقتبس من كتاب له سوف يصدرا لاحقا، انقله لكم بكل أمانة بعد اذنه، دون الهوامش
عنوان نصه
يهودية الإسلام ووعوده الإسرائيلية
يهودية الإسلام
ووعوده الإسرائيلية

تماهى كاتب القرآن مع اليهود إلى درجة أنه اعتبر نفسه مِنهم وأن رسالته جاءت خصّيصا إليهم، والقولة الغريبة التي سنستشهد بها لاحقا قادرة أن تَقْطَع نهائيا شكوك مُرَتّلي القرآن المُصابين بأفيون الإيمان، وأن تَفتح أعينهم على حقيقة صادمة لكنها مُحرّرة،

وهي أن كاتب القرآن يهودي وحامل رسالة إصلاح يهودية. ولقد تفطّن بعض المؤرخين واللاهوتيّين اليهود، منذ وقت بعيد إلى هذا الأمر، ولم يُخفوا حتى امْتنانهم لما فعله نبيّ الإسلام في سبيل نشر التوحيد اليهودي وبَثّه في أرجاء العالم.

فهذا المؤرخ الألماني هاينريش غرايتس (Graetz) في كتابه تاريخ اليهود (Geschichte der Juden)، يقول إن الدعوة اليهودية التي حصلت بين القبائل العربية قد كَسبت لِصفّها رجلا كان تأثيره عميقا على مسار تاريخ الشعوب، ويستمر في التأثير إلى يومنا هذا على العديد من الأمم.

ثم يضيف «إن التعاليم الأولى لمحمد تحمل الصّبغة اليهودية بالكامل (ganz und gar eine jüdische Färbung) … لقد وضع كقاعدة لدِينِه المبدأ الأساسي لليهودية: “لا إله إلا الله” … أن يصرّح شخص كما فعل محمد بأن الاله الذي يُبشّر به ليس له شريك (ضد عقيدة التثليث “Antitrinität”)، وأنه لا يريد أن يُعبَد على أي صورة مادية …

ثم الاعتراف بأن هذه التعاليم ليست جديدة لكنها تنتمي إلى ديانة إبراهيم القديمة، فهذا يعني التأكيد العَلَنِي لانتصار اليهودية وتحقيق هذه النبوءة “سيأتي اليوم الذي تَنْثَني فيه كل رُكْبة أمام الله الواحد، وكل فم سيشهد له” …

إن أفضل جزء من القرآن هو ذاك المنقول عن التوراة والتلمود”.

هذا ما فهمه اليهود من الإسلام، وما أدركوه من مهمّة رسول الإسلام، وهم مُحقّون في ذلك لأن كل المعطيات المُتَوَفِّرة، وكل الخطابات المتضمَّنة في هذا الدين وفي كتابه نابعة من ذهنية يهودية، متشبّعة بالتلمود ومُعادية للمسيحية بشراسة.
ماذا تقولون في شخص يُصرّح لكم بهذه الجملة التّقريريّة: (إنّ هذا “الكتاب” يَقُصّ على بني إسرائيل أكثر الذي هم فيه يختلفون)؟ أوّلُ ما

يتبادر إلى الذّهن هو أن هذا الكلام مُوجّه إلى مجموعة خاصة (بني اسرائيل)، وأنه يقصد من ورائه فضّ مشاكل عقائدية تتعلّق بهذه المجموعة المضيّقة دون غيرها (فيه مختلفون).

الآن ضعوا مكان كلمة “كتاب” في الجملة أعلاه، كلمة “القرآن” فستُصْدَمون حينما تعلمون أنكم أمام جملة تقريرية من سورة النمل: (إنّ هذا القرآن يَقصّ على بني إسرائيل أكثر الذي هم فيه يختلفون).

السؤال: أين هم العرب من هذه الرسالة؟ إلى من بُعِث هذا الرجل تحديدا؟ ومَن قائل هذا الكلام وإلى أي مِلّة ينتمي؟

ولماذا حصر مُهمّته في هذه المجموعة بالذات؟

أسئلة عديدة ومُحْرجة، لن تجدوا أجوبتها في تواريخ السيرة التي كتبها المسلمون، ثم قاموا بتنقيحها وفسخ ارتباطاته باليهود، لكنها تجد الأجوبة الشافية الحقيقية من خلال القرآن والقرآن فقط.

قلت إن مرجعه الأكبر والمفضّل حتى على صدق نُبوّته لم يجده إلا عند اليهود، وبالتالي فالمسألة تدور بين يهود/يهود، ومن هنا نفهم هذه القولة المُربكة جدا والتي مغزاها أن ما يقوله مُستمدّ من كتب اليهود بشهادة يهودي: (وشهد شاهد من بني إسرائيل على مثله).

فالرّجل مفتون بشخصيات التوراة ويرى أنهم النموذج الأمثل الذي يجب الالتحاق به والسّيْر على هديه. فهو لا يعرف سواهم من الرجال، وكأن الشعوب العربيّة عاقر لم تلد أي قائد كبير مثل حنبعل، أو ملكة عظيمة مثل زنوبيا، أو شاعر كبير مثل امرئ القيْس؛

العرب لا وجود لهم في ذاكرة محمد ولا ذكر لهم في قِصَصه، بل هم محلّ كراهية وازدراء: يسمّيهم الأعراب ويصفهم بصفات مشينة: (أشد كفرا ونفاقا … الخ)،

ويسخر منهم ومن معالمهم الدينية، ويتهجّم على آلهتهم: (ولا تذرنّ ودّاً ولا سواعاً ولا يغوث ويعوق ونسرا)، لكن وَيْحَهم لو شكّوا في وجود إلوهيم التوراة أو استهانوا بتعاليم التلمود.

وعلى العكس من ذلك فهو يُغدِق المدائح لبني إسرائيل، ويَجْزل التقدير والاجلال لأحبار اليهود والحاخامات وصولا إلى الكَتَبة وهي أدنى مرتبة في المدراش. ثمة فقط في ذهنه إسرائيل وأنبياء إسرائيل وشعب إسرائيل، فهم القدوة والصّروح الكبرى والرموز العليا التي يجب أن يَلتَحق بها هو وأتباعه.

فكاتب القرآن لا يعرف إلاّ بني اسرائيل ولا يبجّل إلاّ العائلة المقدسة، إبراهيم وبَنِيه، وليس لديه من قِبْلَة مُقدّسة غير أورشليم التي لا يذكرها بالاسم لأنها واضحة بذاتها لمُستمعيه، يكتفي بتسميتها “البيت” كما يسميها اليهود.

ولكن لا يقل افتتانا بموسى وإنجازاته الأسطورية لصالح بني إسرائيل، وأعماله العدوانية ضد المصريين، وللاطلاع على ذلك فما عليكم إلاّ أن تقرؤوا سورة البقرة، فهي تروي بالتفصيل، مع تلوينات تلمودية، قصة موسى، والملفت أنه انضم إلى اليهود، وابتلع عداءهم الدائم للمصريّين، وصادَقَ على سحق الفلسطينيين.

ما لنا وما لإبراهيم؟ مَن هو إسحاق ومن هو يعقوب؟ ما لنا وما لهذا القوم؟ ما دخْلنا بهم؟ من سَمعَ بهم؟ من يعرفهم؟ ثم مَن أنت الذي تُحدّثنا عن هذه الأصنام؟

ربما هذا هو رد المُخاطَبين في عصره، ثمة ما يؤيده في القرآن نفسه. لكننا هنا أمام سّر غامض: من هو المتكلّم؟ ومَع مَن يتحدّث؟

حلّان لا ثالث لهما: إمّا أنه يهودي يخاطب يهودا، ضَعُف إيمانهم وتخلّوا عن يهوديتهم وأصبحوا هيلينستيّين مُلحدين، أو أنه يهودي يخاطب عرباً ويحاول أن يُلقّنهم تاريخ اليهود المقدس، يريد أن يحوّلهم إلى اليهودية ويبث فيهم مآثرها وتعاليمها المقدسة.

لهذيْن الخيارين ثمة مؤيّدات في القرآن ذاته،

لكن أحيانا الأولى تتغلب على الثانية، ودليلنا هو أنه من عظماء العرب لم يذكر اسما واحدا، ولا أشار إليهم ولا حتى فكّر فيهم، همّه مُرَكّز فقط على مآثر أنبياء بني إسرائيل. أمّا صِلَتُه بالعرب فهي تتلخص في شيء واحد: اللّغة (نسبيّا وباحتراز لأنه لا يُتقنها جيدا، اسْتنجد بمُترجم هو نفسه لا يُتقنها فسقط في أخطاء فظيعة)؛

وما عدا ذلك فهو يحتقرهم، يسمّيهم الأعراب، ويقول إنهم كفار ومنافقين. لماذا إذن يَتمزّى عليهم باللغة؟ ما الشيء الذي يَطلبُه منهم؟ مَطلبه العاجل هو تجْنيد مرتزقة لغزو فلسطين والاستحواذ على القدس، وإعادة بناء الهيكل.

(تماماً كما تُجنّد اسرائيل الآن مرتزقة لمحاربة سوريا ومصر).

وإذا كنتم في ريب من يهودية كاتب القرآن ويهودية دعوته فإليكم هذه المعطيات الدامغة من صلب القرآن ذاته. لقد بلغ به التمجيد لقومه الإسرائيليين مَبلغا لا نَجِدُه إلاّ في الأدبيات التّلمودية المعاصرة له: فهو يرى أن بني إسرائيل يملكون إرثا تاريخيا عظيما، لا يملكه أي شعب آخر في العالم، ذلك أن الله جازاهم عن صبرهم بتوريثهم أرض الشرق الأوسط كلّها، بل وأبعد منها. وهذه شهادة ملكيّة أصليّة ومَجانيّة نازلة عليهم من إله القرآن نفسه: “وأورثنا القوم الذين كانوا يُستضعفون مشرق الأرض ومغربها التي باركنا فيها وتمّت كلمة ربّك الحُسنى على بني إسرائيل بما صبروا”.

لاحظوا كيف يزوّر التاريخ ويستعطف القلوب متحدّثا عن استضعافهم وعن صبرهم دون أن يذكر ما فعله بنو إسرائيل في الكنعانيين، ويصمت على المجازر التي اقترفوها ضد الفلسطينيين.

إذن إيلوهيم التوراة ـ القرآن وَرّثَ اليهود أراضٍ شاسعة، ليس من النّيل إلى الفرات كما يُقال، وإنما أوسع من ذلك بحيث أصبحت تقريبا تمتدّ من جنوب إيران إلى شمال إفريقيا كلها، وهذه الرقعة تنطبق بالضبط على خريطة توسّعات الفتوحات الإسلامية التي لم تفعل سوى تحقيق هذا الحلم اليهودي.

لقد كان إله القرآن سخيّا للغاية مع هذا الشعب الغازي، ولكنه نسي السكان الأصليين، ولم يتفوّه في حق الفلسطينيين، أصحاب الأرض، ولو بكلمة واحدة أو إشارة من قريب أو بعيد: الفلسطينيون، بالنسبة إليه، غير موجودين بتاتا، فهو يترفّع عليهم ترفّعاً، ولا يرى أيّ دافع لأن يُلطّخ فاه حتى بتسميتهم.

لكن مع الإسرائيليين فالأمر مختلف: إن اهتمامات إله القرآن وخَيْراته كلها سَكَبها على شعب بني إسرائيل، وقد فكّر حتى في تظليله لحمايته من حرارة الشمس، ثم توفير المياه الصالحة للشراب بتفجير العيون لأجله ومضاعفة الخيرات وملذّات الأكل بما لا يتصوّره العقل: “وظلّلنا عليهم الغَمام وأنزلنا عليهم المنّ والسلوى كلوا من طيّبات ما رزقكم”.

أكلٌ وشربٌ ورَغدُ عيشٍ وتوريثُ أرض شاسعة جدّا، يعني إشباعا تاما للجانب المادي من الحياة الحاضرة، بقيت الوعود المستقبلية، وحتى في هذا الشأن فهو لم يبخل عليهم بكَرَمه. لقد وعدهم إله القرآن وعدا صادقا بإرجاعهم إلى فلسطين، الأرض المقدسة، وبناء الهيكل من جديد.

أرجوكم تمعّنوا في هذه الجملة: “فإذا جاء وعد الأَخَرَة [يعني الوعد الثاني] ليَسوؤوا وجوهكم ولِيَدخلوا المسجد كما دخلوه أوّل مرة”. لاحظوا أنّ كَلِمة “أخَرَة” التي استعملها كاتب القرآن هي كلمة عِبْرية وتعني الثاني في الترتيب، ولها مدلول لاهوتي معروف في الأدبيات المِسْيانية اليهودية.

إن هذا الكلام يستحق وقفة تأمل جدّية من طرف المسلمين قاطبة، فهو كلام خطير للغاية على الواقع الراهن لأنه يقتلع من الجذور القضية الفلسطينية ويُضفي مشروعية على دعاوى الصهاينة الاسرائيليين والانجيليّين الأمريكان من ضرورة بناء الهيكل الثاني في انتظار قدوم المُخلّص.

لم تُثر مثل هذه الأفكار الصهيونية في المسلمين أي تساؤل، لم يَتعمّقوا فيها ولا حدسوا استتباعاتها، ولا حتى أدركوا مدى تغلغل الروح الصهيونية في مَن دوّنها وروّج لها في كتابه. لكن كل من له دراية باللاهوت التوراتي والتاريخ الصهيوني يستطيع بيُسْرٍ أن يضع هذا الخطاب في إطاره المناسب.

نصيحتي للمسلمين: إذا أردتم أن تتحدثوا عن القضية الفلسطينية فتَخَلّوا عن هذا القرآن، اخرجوا من هذا الإسلام، اكفروا بهذا الدين لأنه سبب نَكْبتكم وعلّة بلاءكم.

وإن أبَيْتم إلاّ المكوث فيه فاستسلموا لتعاليمه، وقدّموا مفاتيح بلدانكم الواحدة تلو الأخرى لبني إسرائيل وقولوا لهم كما قال القرآن: “يا قوم ادخلوا الأرض المقدسة التي كتب الله لكم”.

د. محمد المزوغي
أستاذ الفلسفة. روما

مدير مركز القانون العربي والإسلامي
طبعتي العربية وترجمتي الفرنسية والإنكليزية والإيطالية للقرآن بالتسلسل التاريخي وكتابي الأخطاء اللغوية في القرآن وكتبي الأخرى:

Note 1: The initial parchemins discovered of the Quran had No punctuations whatsoever and none of the zillion accents and embellishment later used to write the Koran. In that case, the Koran was opened to all kinds of interpretation, except if it is compared to the meaning of the Bible.

Note 2: The Quran was edited several times, and especially during the third Caliph Uthman Bin Affan, and many verses and parchemens were discarded and burned to satisfy the new purpose of aggrandizing, expanding the empire. and reaping all the available taxes. My conjecture, it is in that period that a few “learned Jews” who had “converted” to Islam were in charge of collecting, categorizing and editing the verses

Note 3: Aicha, the youngest wife of the Prophet was the most educated and versed in the message. Actually, she could be practically considered the First Imam, since people flocked to listen to her versions of the many falsehoods spreading like wildfire. Aicha responded to questions and rectified the opinions related to women rights that paternalistic leaders were trying to usurp.

Note 4: Abolishing pictures, icons and music in Islam is a reaction to the “heretical” adoption of the central version of Christianity by the the Byzantine empire. Actually, reading the Quran you feel that No abstract concepts are accepted such as the Virginity of Marie, the trinity gods of God/Jesus/ Holy Spirit…. You think that the Quran was meaning to grab the pragmatic mentality of the bedouin tribes so that they can assimilate the New Message (a copycat of the Jewish conservative Bible).

It is this absolute abstract concept of “One God and only God” that was the reason for so many internal wars to subjugate the tribes. The bedouin was used to discard and destroy one of the idols when the idol failed to satisfies his wishes and desires.

Note 5: The Jews in the town of Yathreb, later becoming Al Madina or the first City-State of the Muslims, were very apprehensive of this new sect. Muhammad was lenient in their first defeat as they rallied with the tribes of Mecca, the Quraich clans. He allowed them to leave with all their wealth: a long column of camels and caravans vacated several hundred miles away. The second time around, Muhammad was cruel: he decapitated scores of the fighting Jews and captured all their wealth and properties. In the same time, Muhammad opted to re-direct the paying target toward Mecca instead of Jerusalem. For some reason, Muhammad ordered Ali and a second son-of-law to participate in the decapitation. Currently, the Jews regard Ali as a Demon and the sects that follow Ali as nemesis. Apparently, the Wahhabi sect in the Arabian Peninsula are the Jews who converted to Islam with latent hatred.

Note 6: The Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha conducted a protracted war on the Wahhabi in the 19th century and managed to erase their city headquarter around 1825. The British supported later the Wahhabis with money and weapons with the purpose of destabilized the Ottoman empire in Iraq with successive razzias on Basora and on Damascus too.

Note 7: The Muslims refugees were welcomed by the tribes in Yathrib and they were fed and they distributed lands for them to cultivate. These tribes were called Al Nusra, or the supporters of Islam. The women of these tribes didn’t wear the veil: they were working hard their land. The women refugees wore the veil, as a discriminating aristocratic act in their new environment. Unfortunately, all the successive Califs were from Mecca, and even from their arch enemies of the tribe of Quraish. They felt discriminated against for Not sharing in the power and loots of conquered empires.

Question: How do you connect the Muslim extremists in Idlib labeled Al Nusra and politically/ideologically linked to Al Qaeda with the Al Nusra in Yathrib?

Tidbits and Notes. Part 255

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It turned out that Koran Never mentions Sharia “Shari3at”
It turned out that Koran Never believed in miracles
And the best way to get promoted is to learn something new and get good at it? In public sectors, the best behavior is to get expert in routine procedures?
Israel: the nastiest savage State that was created so far by the colonial powers
A report revealed details of the US-Saudi arms deal. Despite Trump’s repeated assertions that the $110 billion deal will mean 500,000 jobs, Lockheed Martin documents seen by Reuters predict that the deal, if it all comes together, would barely keep 18,000 existing US workers in jobs—but only create a few hundred new jobs in the country.
The dogma of the Cynic philosophical school is that happiness is learning to feel independent (detached) from external advantages such as material luxuries or political power. The Church of Rome coined the pejorative term “cynical” referring to individual who exhibits a sneering disbelief in human sincerity, with penchant insensitivity to people’ s plights: The Church was competing with all the Hellenistic schools of philosophy and religions.

Zeno dogma (stoicism) was that each individual is a complete microcosms reflected in the macrocosms.Cicero, the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca were staunch stoics.

Seneca wrote “mankind is holy”; thus, considering individual dignity and well being as goal for improvement and care. The Roman Christian Church coined the connotation stoic for individuals who do not let their feeling take over.

The First dogma of the Epicureans was: Pleasurable results of an action is always counterbalanced with side effects that we need to mind of

The Neo-Platonist dogma: The immortal soul (concept of salvation) is the world of ideas that is illuminated by the One (or God), it is “a spark from the fire”.  The material world has no real existence until the light reaches it.

Plotinus experienced mystical moments of fusion with the world of spirit. The Roman Christian Church had a hard struggle with this powerfully competing school of Neo-Platonism and ended up adopting most of its concepts.

My view on life: the past is the partial derivative of a current event, and the future is the integration of the function of the present events. The big unknown is the Constant of the integration, coined the chaos that human behaviors effect on nature normal process. This constant can be evaluated by the proper measuring stick: health, economics, financial, social displacement, or quality of life.

Washington has reportedly(paywall) agreed to let 8 countries, including India, South Korea, and Japan, keep buying Iranian oil after sanctions begin.

The cost of breeding more humane chickens is almost nothing. A projected 1% increase in prices is a small one to pay to stop animal suffering.


Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 186

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Reporter a plustard le temps d’etre heureux n’a rien avoir avec l’ intelligence, contrairement a ce que les experiments le confirme: Il y a des variation a la notion d’etre “heureux”

Comment etre heureux par ne rien faire? Comme par enchainer des pensees rejouissante? Ca demande tant d’imagination que c’est une facon de travailler en plein regime

The visual of these people completely wrapped in a hammock as in an egg is very relaxing indeed.

It turned out that the Koran:
1. Never mentions an Islamic State
2. Never mentions al Shari3a
3. Never believed in miracles (How more rational it can be?)
4. Had no punctuations whatsoever: it could be interpreted widely by any educated person
Whatever organizational or administrative traditions were established during the administration of the City-State of Medina and later on

Plato said “Permitting random marriages constitute impiety in a happy City.  We will legalize sane unions that are more advantageous to the aristocratic class.  We want sane offspring of the elite men and women to render high quality services to the Republic”. Can’t blame colonial behaviors, Nazism and the Eugenic elite classes as the precursor by worshiping Ancient Greek philosophers

The mentality of the Lebanese is Not that hard to comprehend: Before the emergence of Hezbollah, of Islamic Iran orientation, Lebanese, regardless of religious sect or caste, were ready to accept a  (whether western State or Egyptian or Saudi Kingdom). Just to establish infrastructures and facilities so they can resume their chaotic individualistic behaviors.

On porte partout l’estampille de la mort, sauf les cailloux

Ma te7lamou bi esterdad ayyat mablagh min dawlet tofrani: la mablagh tarrasho7 wa la zboutat sayr maghloutat…

Yalla. Al mou7ameen 3endon shoghol bil intikhabaat: Tawkeel le takdeem talabaat al tarrasho7

Yalleh biyetkharraj min Jhanam al ard, ma ello jalad tefnissaat jhannam al 2akherat

Al Loubnani elleh sammad $100,000 min doun ser2at al maal al 3aam aw baltaja aw warathat, ye3lon esmo sarahatan

Are the Words in Surah Al Fatiha in Koran Syriac?

In the first 13 years of proselytizing Islam, Prophet Muhammad was mainly translating the content of religious books (Christian and Jewish) available in Mecca.

The original Koran was written in Aramaic language, before it was translated in the local Koreish Arabic slang (Mecca and Hijaz) in the peninsula.

ما صحّة أنّ مفردات سورة الفاتحة

في القرآن سريانية؟

أكد الباحث  غابرييل صوما، المختص بدراسة اللغات السامية والقديمة، أن آلاف مفردات اللغة العربية المعروفة حاليا هي كلمات آرامية سريانية وليست ذات أصل عربي، وإنما دخلت على اللغة العربية نتيجة تفاعل اللغات التي كانت منتشرة في منطقة بلاد ما بين النهرين مع جاراتها التي كانت معروفة آنذاك في منطقة شبه الجزيرة العربية.

وفي هذا السياق، ذكر صوما في كتابه “القرآن الذي أسيء تفسيره وترجمته وفهمه”، أن القرآن القديم كان مكتوباً باللغة الآرامية وليس اللغة الحالية (العربية) التي نعرفها اليوم.

ولفت إلى أن الكلمات الآرامية تنسحب على الغالبية العظمى من سور وآيات القرآن الكريم وعلى رأسها سورة الفاتحة التي يستهل بها القرآن سوره.



وفي قراءة صوتية له لسورة الفاتحة وباللغة الآرامية طلب صوما من كل من يقرأها مقارنة معاني مفردات الفاتحة مع مقابلاتها في اللغة الآرامية والتي كانت على الشكل التالي:

(بشيم، آلوهو، رحمان، رحيم — حمودو، لالوهو، رب، عالمين — رحمان، رحيم — ملك، يوم، دينو — أيكو، آت، نعبد، آتعنين- إهدولان، الصورتو، إيدميتقيم…) إلى آخره من آيات السورة.

وبالعودة إلى سورة الفاتحة المكتوبة باللغة العربية فإنه ما من مجال يدعو للشك في منطقية الطرح الذي يقدمه الباحث صوما، على الأقل في هذه السورة المعروفة مفرداتها لملايين البشر على وجه الأرض.

وأردف قائلاً: إن معرفتنا عن اللغات السامية تأتي من الكتاب المقدس ومن المخطوطات التي تركها الآموريون في منطقة ما بين النهرين (ماري) القريبة من الحدود السورية والعراقية…لافتاً إلى أن الآموريين هم أول من تكلم الآرامية وكان ملكهم يدعى حمورابي وهو مكون من 3 كلمات (آمو) تعني الشعب، (ييرو) يعني المدينة، و(رابي) يعني السيد أو كبير القوم…

واعتبر صوما أنّ المفسرين كانوا دائماً يتخبطون في معاني القرآن، فمرة لا يجدون المعنى للكلمة، ومرة أخرى الكلمة لا تتماشى مع سياق الجملة، وأخرى كلمة غريبة لا يعرفون لها معنى،

كما أنهم وجدوا أنفسهم عاجزين عن تفسير الأحرف المتقطعة في أوائل السور والتي لم تفك رموزها ولا معانيها، وكلما تساءل الشخص ما معناها يقولون له “حروف إعجاز وليس لها معنى نعلمه نحن البشر”.

لكن إذا كان ليس لها معنى فلماذا تواجدها أصلاً هل لزخرفة المصحف؟…أليس هدف الله تعالى إيصال رسالة واضحة ومفهومة للبشر؟

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 11

And the best way to get promoted is to learn something new and get good at it? In public sector, getting expert in routine procedures?

It turned out that Koran Never mentions Shari3at

Michel Aoun, the only President to Lebanon whom: 1. the people know him, 2. has the largest representative block in Parliament, 3. has actually resisted foreign occupations

Ce decalage infime qui pourrit tout ce qui est beau et la possibilite de la perfection. Faisons adieux a toutes les synchronisations forcés

Pourquoi cette insistence a la synchronisation? Faut-il que quelqu’un echoue?

On compense a toutes nos deffficiences: et celles de nos differences communautaires?

Et si la literature et l’Art, qui activent nos neurones miroires, nous montrent tout ce qu’on rate et raterons

Tout vient a son heure? Pourquoi l’heure n’est jamais au rendez-vous de la paix?

La vraie nouveauté: Ce qui ne vieillit pas, malgré le temps.

Sans les habils de l’altruism, l’acte de se reproduire est deplacé.

It turned out that Koran Never mentions Islamic State

It turned out that Koran Has no punctuations: It can be openly interpreted

It turned out that Koran Never believed in miracles

Besoin de l’Art? On aspire a renouer avec nos illusions sprirituelles.

L’Amour, le bien et le mal, la philosophie et la culture… Ces icons respectables comme la tique a son gros chien.

Japanese movie director Ozu: The Munakata sisters.

Documentary on Ozu: Tokyo-Ga, by Wim Wenders

Allah yer7ama? Wa 3a shou ma baddo yer7ama? Ma 3emlet ella al kheir

Allah yer7ama? Ma 3emlet ella al kheir. eshfa3 laha btishfa3 feek

Tawwel bi 3omrak: Ma tkaterleh al sneen

“Koran has nothing to do” with current waves of Islamic extremist terrorists

The northern African states of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco had linked with France culture since 1830.

Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon had also linked with the French and British culture since the early 19th century.

Many were sent to Paris and London to learn and continue their education. The translation of “foreign manuscript was the rage.

The question is: “Have the Arab societies linked up with the modernity of the western civilization”?

The intelligentsia classes have linked a long time ago with the western culture and know more about these cultures than the western people themselves: At least, they can read and write in a couple of European languages.

Did the rural people in the Arab societies linked with other civilizations?

The more the rate of literacy increased the more complex the linkage and communication lines.

Forget that the Koran has anything to do with extremism and these waves of terrorist attacks.

The Koran is another praying Book, as all the other religious Books.

Moslems who can’t read Arabic or are illiterates memorize the Koran or large chunks of it.

Moslems pray in the Koran, but the Koran is not their preferred source for their behaviors, and barely comprehend the texts of the Koran.

The behaviors of most Moslems, the extremist types and the ignorant, are based on telling tales that are extracted from the Hadith.

The Hadith is constituted of thousands of stories related to the behaviors of the prophet, Muhammad what he said, what he did in different circumstances and context.

The Koran:

1. Retells the stories and myths of the Jewish and Christian praying Books such as the creation, how the Jews wandered in the desert…

2. Respect and veneer the prophets, in the Christian and Jewish praying books, such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mary…

3. The Koran details how to pray, the ablution process…

4. The Koran details the inheritance procedures. (Two decades after Aicha died, there were no learned recognized women to educate the women on their rights for inheritance and writing the wedding contracts.  

And the Moslem forgot all about sharing inheritance with the female genders: the illiterate women had no recourse to remind the clerics about their rights…)

5. Reminding the Moslems that the Christians and Jews are people of the faith and their religion is to be respected and the people to be protected and do not have to pay taxes.

Aisha, the most beloved wife of Muhammad, and the most learned among women and men in the Arabic peninsula, fought most of her life discrediting the fraudulent and false hadiths.

The problems stems from how the Moslem sects interpret the Hadith, what is meant by the Jihad on oneself for self-improvement and when Jihad against other people is valid…

All these atrocious behaviors in forced marriages, honor killing, violent fatwas, nikab, nikah, sharia, polygamy….are part of the hadith.

The interested groups, political leaders and business leaders, made it a habit to ask from someone who “lived” or accompanied the Prophet to relate a story that would match their interests.

For example, the tribal leaders of Mecca had vested interest to claim priority in acceding to the key political and governmental positions and to keep the social structure as practiced in Mecca, a system that was different from the tribes in Medina.

During the third caliph Othman, the Koran was tampered with, and Christian sects and Jewish sects were added as people deemed to pay taxes for protection.

The budget of the caliph was shrinking annually as more people were converting to Islam and the empire needed more money to finance the expansion of the empire.

Misogyny cannot be found in the Koran, but in the Hadith.  Women had to be excluded from any position of power and false stories were disseminated related to their incompetence, the volatile passions and lower level of intelligence .

The women in the first Islam city-state of Medina (Yathreb) did not wear the veil or any head cover. It was the women who migrated from Mecca who struggled to impose head cover.  The “noble”women of the tribes of Mecca wore the veil as a mark of distinction from the working women and to preserve the “White” completion, safe from the sun rays and the dusty climate.

Muhammad had suggested to his wives to cover their faces when they step outside in order not to be harassed at every corner with countless questions and queries.

The schism among the Sunni sects (supporters of the power to be) and the Shiaa sects is based on the inheritance of power (direct descendants of the Prophet) and the right and obligation to interpret the verses of the Koran.

Note 1: Muhammad refused to set any rules for his succession process, the power and political structure or to appoint Imams

Note 2: Islam one of the “heretic” Christian sects

The gardener of Time: Death will not catch me alive…

I woke up and a new day was sliding and easing its way in my extended life. My wife is sleeping, such a light sleep, and who gives me hell when I wake her up.

I am watching my wife and blessing the day I met her, and kissed her softly.

I am looking at my two kids 5 and 4 year olds, growing so fast, and I am rolling in my mind this film since they were born…

I am whispering a prayer in their ears, wondering how life will find them when they have their own kids…

Why all these hope, happiness, joy, worries… if we are not intent on transmitting the joy of living to them, this sharing in the mystery of life?

A few years ago, the two kids were not part of the living… and destiny will soon separate us.

I am growing in my love for them, as all fathers did for so long. The purpose of all my education is to harden their protective armature to confront the difficulties of the living.

I am smiling at their soft respiration and bless every intake, wishing to add sprinkles of the scents of eucalyptus and jasmine of Mount Lebanon. They are the chain of love, a poem of emotions.

In our home in south Lebanon, the picture of my late father is attached in the entry hall. Each time I pick up a piece of fruit from the garden I tell my kids:

“See this prune, this apple…? I am sinking my teeth in with you: It was my dad who planted them. We’ll be planting some more trees together so that tomorrow your kids will eat from the same fruit. You’ll keep this tradition of the chain of the living love for eternity”

The anchors of the spiritual and affection take roots in nature rejuvenation and on the love and vision of our ancestors who saw the land and labored for our felicity and sealing the genealogical tree of love…

In fixing the photo of my dad, the gardener of time asked me: “Where is Gido (granddad)?” I simplify my answer: “Gido is in heaven…” and the steam of questions never ends. My kid responds: “When I am adult you’ll also be in heaven…”

And I find myself explaining: “Every living thing is to die and go to heaven, even ants, fish…Somebody is dying right now! And it’s like a cedar tree falling.

 A part of the cedar tree goes to the sky to united with its ancestors of trees and build their temple.
The majestic force of the visible portion stay alive to provide the grain for the future generation.
We were invited at our in-laws for dinner to break Ramadan fast. Around the table, the traditional lentil soup, the salad of fattouch (made of cucumber, radish, green onion, roka… citrus juice, sumac, pulverized tiny red fruits) and diverse kinds of mezzeh like humus, baba ghannouj, mutabbal, makdous, stuffed grape-vine leaves and other stuffed vegetable leaves…
It was a feast every evening at different houses.
Mohammad has comprehended: After death we go to heaven.
Electricity went out, in the nick of time as local provider generators substituted to our candles…
The stars divulged all their dresses made of diamond, pearls, of the luminous Orient sky, a spectacle at the dimension of nature Geode scale…
My kid said: “Dad, is it to this sky that you want to go?” And I am looking tenderly at him: I realized that this question was tormenting him for some time…
I answered: “I love to go to the sky of Lebanon, and even though the sky is the same on earth, I prefer to ascend from the land of Lebanon…”
And here he comes to the charge and assault me with: “And dad, how do we go to heaven?”
My kid was asking me these questions in French, and thus we felt in intimate discussion among the extended family. I said: “Habibi (darling), I’ll explain it to you tomorrow…”
This kid will never let go and insists: “Please dad. How do we ascend to heaven?” and he got this inspiration and said: “Ah! It is the wind that’ll do the trick…”
I found this answer very poetic and hugged my kid tightly and said: “Habibi, for every living creature, one part goes to heaven at death… Do you recall this ant that you crushed? The wind carries up a tiny part of the ant, as an invisible balloon… If you care to contemplate the spirit of death, open up your heart wide to the body of life.  Life and death are one, as the river and the ocean are one”
Gibran Khalil Gibran wrote:
“In the deepest of your hope and your desires rest the silent knowledge of the beyond
And like grains dreaming under the snow, your heart dreams of spring time.
Let your dreams lead you,
In dreams is hidden the door of eternity.”
We went fishing at the town lake, and the cadavers of the red fish served me to explain to my two kids the biggest mystery of Man… The certitude of death and the celestial trip of the Soul? We buried the fish in the garden along with all the necessary traditional rituals.
After death, the fish is destined to return for right to nature…In his eternal return, and the armature of the Soul is fortified by life experiences and the power of love for a vulnerable  creature: Man falls back toward the well of his creator, matched with the colors of the shared suffering and joy, of our free works during our ephemeral passage on earth…
Dad is speaking to us from the death:
“Life is this short trip moment that we are bestowed to travel during our stay on earth… And death is what we have got to live… For the Eternity…We are in only two states, life and death… and in between you may discover the home of eternity
If you dig in the heart of a drop of water, you’ll find a thousand oceans, pure and endless…
If you enlarge your internal vision, the droplet of water transforms into the breath of tides.
If you focus deep in the heart of the moment… You’ll live for eternity.
Do not worry about death: Death will take you at any instant…
Strive for the density of life at each breath
And you may reach the light of the absolute”
The Coran says:

“I have seem my Lord under the most beautiful of images”

“We created life and death: we want to see who among you accomplished the best of works”

Note 1: I located this piece written in French on FB. I asked the name of the author and didn’t get a reply, not yet.

Note 2: The French detailed description of dinner for breaking Ramadan fast

“Autour de la grande table des fêtes, la soupe traditionnelle a base de lentilles et le fattouch composé de concombre, radis, oignons verts, tomate, poivron ou la salade de roquette, roka, ou de pourpier, avec des oignons, du citron et du sumac, de petits fruits rouges pulvérisés, acides comme du citron ; les diverses formes d’hoummous, crèmes à base pois chiches et de purée de sésame ou tahini ; les préparations à base d’aubergine, tel le moutabbal, crémeux, à saveur de fumée, ou le makdous, constitué d’aubergines farcies de noix, d’ail et de grenade ; les feuilles de vigne farcies de riz, souvent parfumées à la cannelle …


How the Gods were created? (May 5, 2010)

            In India, oral transmission of the sacred texts or Books is considered far more reliable than transcribed Books such as the Vedas and later the Upanishads.  The vast masses of illiterates in India memorize the Vedas in songs chanted in groups.  It is the same process with Islam.  Illiterate Moslems and Moslems who cannot read and comprehend the Arabic slang of the tribe of Kuraich of Mecca that is used to write the Koran are made to memorize the verses since childhood in “madrassa”(Islamic schools for studying the Koran); memorization is enhanced by learning in rime chanting cadence.

            According to the Vedas, in the beginning, a vast chaos is vibrating with cosmic sounds. Then, the cosmic sounds or background noise transform into vowels that are attached to consonants.  Thus, words are created to compose the Vedas.  The Vedas have thus no author; they are the wordings of the universe, the unlimited depth of the universe.  As the Vedas started to be composed by authors through the various founding texts then Gods were created to explaining obscure interpretations.  In India religion, it is the written words that created Gods.  It is the same with the monolithic religions that say: “In the beginning was the Verb; and language was made God”.

            There is this funny story; in the 19th century, the State of Texas wanted to teach a few foreign languages.  One senator opposed vehemently the motion on the ground that “If English was good enough to Jesus then we have no need for other languages.” This ignorant Senator had no idea that Jesus spoke in Aramaic and that Jesus message was transcribed in Greek and also Aramaic before being translated into Latin. Papal Rome lost its grip on power in most of Europe once the sacred Books were translated from Latin to local languages such as German, English, and so forth.  The literate common people didn’t need the mediation of monks to read and interpret the written messages.  European Monarchs were thus emboldened to split with the Church of Rome and creating their own sects when politics diverged:  Monarchs could spread the falsehood that Jesus spoke the language of the land, as the Texas Senator believed.  It has been proven again and again that languages create their own Gods.

The created gods varied in location, responsibilities, and set of values.  A few civilization placed god within each mankind and thus, man had to respect the god/spirit and improve his behaviors in order to emulate God’s value system.  An extension of that notion is to placing god/spirit within either all animals, or vegetables or both.  Thus, vegetables, trees, and animals had to be spared and treated kindly.

A few other civilizations placed god among mankind and on earth.  Usually, this god was used to support clans and tribes defeating enemies.  This god was dusted off and cleansed during periods of wars and revenge.  This was the warrior god imported by Moses and his tribes.  Protestantism adopted that kind of god and pray for him in period of wars.

A few other civilizations placed god/spirit “outside” mankind existence  such as in the sky or heaven.  Christianity returned god to his “proper location” outside the turmoil of mankind and no other human entity could share this divinity.  Consequently, various Christian sects that created the concept of trinity (after Byzantium Emperor Constantin imposed this trinity around 325 AC to satisfying predominantly atheist religious structure) persecuted the Arius sect in Alexandria and later the Nestorian sect in Syria around 425 AC.  This war on the nature of Jesus Christ lasted over 1000 years.  Generally, the prevalent dogma in Alexandria (Egypt) were favored and adopted, simply because Egypt was the bread basket of the various Roman Empires and it was not worth bringing calamities on ridiculous abstract notions.  The persecuted Nestorian sect translated their bible to Chinese and established monasteries along the “Silk Road” before the advent of Islam.

As god was created by the written language so was Satan, Shaitan, Azazeel, or Osrael.  It was not conceivable that God behaves as mankind with two opposing sets of values.  Satan role was to get immersed in our every day decisions. Thus, Satan was to play the role of “devil’s advocate” in religion and for the power-to-be.  Otherwise, how could mankind develop without a reflexive mind of asking pertinent questions (and pay the price), even though he is unable to resolve them?

            Mankind is invited to exercise his individual responsibility for refection; mankind is to be set free and reclaims his human rights; mankind is to send to the waste bins archaic knowledge accumulated from sacred Books and to liberate his free-spirited potentials.




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