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Best prank on Lady Gaga? And what is this “Marina Abramovic method”? A mind game?

Apparently, Serbian conceptual artist Marina Abramovic admitted today to pop singer Lady Gaga that she was “just messing with her the entire time” and that she actually really hates her music, style, and “art”.

TheGlobal Edition published this August 16, 2013

Marina Abramovic Admits: “I Was Just Fucking With Lady Gaga for years…”

Abramovic said that she decided to come clean to Gaga after watching her go through the “Abramovic method”, something she says she made up just to see if Gaga would really do it.

“When I said couple of years ago that I admire Lady Gaga, I thought that she and everyone else would get the sarcasm, but no. People actually believed me when I called her “the future of art”. So I said, what the heck, let’s just go with the flow and see what happens,” said Marina Abramovic.

marina lady gaga

Abramovic, who kept the singer in belief her music was “revolutionary and groundbreaking” for more than a year, says that the joke has gone too far.

“In the beginning it was funny, because she is so gullible. I tell her to do some crazy shit and she does it. Now I am afraid that she will do something dangerous if she continues to draw her inspiration from my words,” concludes Abramovic, adding that this was her best prank she pulled in years.

Lady Gaga was unavailable for comment, but The Global Edition found out that the young singer was “convinced that this was just another of Marina’s motherly ways to express positive emotions.

(And I am wondering: “What is this fucking Abramovic method”?  Method doing what? Can anyone give details?)

Bonjour Singapore: A fashion blog?

I am not into fashion, not yet.

Occasionally, channel flipping locates me into the fashion shows: The same women, tall, flat chested, hair cropped short, or tucked in poney tails, legs that refuse to have an end…I am picking up a few fashion terms…

Rana is a Lebanese expatriate living in Singapore and she blog about fashion, mainly in Asia. She is covering fashion shows in Singapore and have a section on Lebanese up-and-coming designers

Rana felt tired of all the war and politics, it’s nice to think about the positive things we have back home… one of us has to look at the bright side from time to time.


Digital Fashion Week: Guo Pei.  Q&A on her exquisite designs coveted by Lady Gaga

 It I were to describe Guo Pei’s creations, couture or haute couture wouldn’t begin to describe it. There probably aren’t enough words in the dictionary to suitably describe her outrageous creations.
Anyone who says “fashion can’t be art” has clearly never laid eyes on anything from China’s top designer whose pieces all look like they stepped out of the most over the top gallery and museum in history.

Taking Chinese history and its rich culture as her inspiration, Guo Pei makes no compromise when it comes to creating and crafting exquisite gowns, which sometimes take years to complete.

It is feast to the eyes, inspiring as nothing I’ve ever seen before, and way more avant-garde than anything Lady Gaga has managed to wear – Perhaps that is why the mother monster herself is so keen on getting her hands on one of her creations!

The Chinese designer is coming to Singapore for Digital Fashion Week (DFW) and her show is going to be the highlight and closing show of the event is not to miss for sure.

There aren’t many times you get a chance to see something so spectacular and exquisite especially after the late Alexander McQueen passed away and John Galliano stopped designing.

Chinese designer Guo Pei
Want to daydream about fashion? Guo Pei makes some of the most
exquisite gowns I’ve seen…
Guo Pei is showing at Singapore Digital Fashion Week


Digital Fashion Week: Singapore’s Tze Goh talks minimalism

OK i’ll be honest here! when I first got back the answers from my Q&A from Singaporean designer Tze Goh, I was a bit surprised. 

Before sending him my questions, I had done my research and seen a couple of interviews which he’d given, all of which were honest and straight-forward. So I knew I was dealing with a non-conformist designer.

I guess I was expecting a bit more volume, but he was probably short of time and preparing for his Digital Fashion Week show on October 21. His short, yet interesting and to the point answers actually reveal a lot more than at first glance.

I’m not complaining, but I’m just hoping when I interview this Central Saint Martin’s graduate LIVE on Google+ Hangout on the day of the show, he’ll be in the mood to talk a little more, or it could be a challenge 😉
For those who are asking ‘who is Tze Goh?’, let me tell you this Singaporean-born, London-based designer is as striking and minimal in his designs as his words. Geometric clean cuts and beautiful 3D silhouettes, you can instantly detect the influence of architecture in his work and the subtle details which are essential to form the construction of the garment rather than add embellishment as an afterthought. In architectural terms I see it more like Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoy of the future, rather than Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia.
Singapore's Tze Goh
Perfect minimalisn, Tze Goh’s collection is breathtaking in its innovative cuts and clean lines


Digital Fashion Week: EXCLUSIVE Eugene Lin interview

When you take interesting and original prints and mix them with well thought of details and top it off with immaculate tailoring, you get a recipe for some serious fashion to look out for!

Eugene Lin does just that. Impeccably-cut clothes which look modern, chic with an edgy twist and would fit into any style-conscious woman’s wardrobe.

The Singaporean-born, London-based Central Saint Martins graduate has already started making waves in the fashion world and it’s no surprise when his work set very high standards for emerging designers. And perhaps what’s even more interesting is his honesty and outspoken attitude in a world where diplomatic and politically-correct statements are the general rule.

I am very excited to be meeting and interviewing Eugene after his first ever show in Singapore during Digital Fashion Week (DFW), especially after this explosive and honest Q&A with a man not afraid to speak his mind. 

In by far and away the most controversial interview of the DFW series, the London based Lin lets rip on exactly what is wrong with the Singapore fashion scene, celebrity designers and the problems with Singapore’s attempts to support local labels.

Singapore designer Eugene Lin
Eugene Lin will show his latest SS12 collection ‘The Judgement of Paris’ at DFW!
Certainly not to miss!!!

What do they share: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele, Rihana…?

I am not into music.  It happened that the French weekly magazine “Courrier International” issued a special number on women:  Women in power, in sciences, in music…On the ground that if power corrupt, it can also corrupt people willing to take advantage of people in power…

It happened that I read the piece on pop music, and I leave it to you to judge on the good content of the article.  The Guardian wrote: “The market for pop music is not big enough to for more than four pop singers.  Somehow, it is expected that a couple of the top female singers will make room for two fresh faces in a year or two. Soon, we might realize that only one female singer held her ground and become of the same stature as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Britney Spears, or Mariah Carey…It is as we ask talent hunters to get busy on the street and fetch new young and photogenic faces for the pop music industry…”

Miranda Sawyer of The Observer responded: “Girl solo singers are easier to manage than a bunch of boy brats.  Consequently, it is more profitable to focus on female singers.”  Leonie Cooper of New Musical Express simplified the equation: “As more women and girls attend concerts and do buy magazine dedicated to music, it is logical that female divas of the pop are more numerous”

It appears that Lady Gaga and Rihana are expected to stay on the scene for longer than the other top pop singers. It does not mean that the other singers will vanish into thin air and vacate the place, but they won’t grab as much of the market.

Medias tend to generalize and simplify singers into two categories: One category is for the coquettish and sexy pin-up (Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Britney, Christina Aguilera, or Duffy…); the other category is reserved for the rebel and moderately engaged pin-up such as Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stephani, P!nk, Lady Gaga, or Amy Whinehouse…)

Most of the pop singers tried to change category at different seasons and were successful in increasing their share of the market. There is a new trend of author-interpreter pop singers and have the last word on their public image such as Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, or Clare Maguire…)  The Swedish electropop Robyn owns her own label company and got out three albums within a year, while resuming her concert contracts.

Rihana special voice is conducive to dancing songs.  One common factor that all pop singers share is that “sex doped sell” and they make good use of sex to increase selling.   For example, “Baby one more time” of Britney sold over 10 million since 2000.

The blog “Hipster runoff” created the word “slutwave” for this sex trend in crude songs and bare bodies, and Rolling Stone magazine adopted the term.  The female hip-hop trio group “Yo Majesty” reproduced the macho attitudes and grabbed their pussies…Lady Gaga said: “A few women opt to run after men, others after their dreams.  If you hesitate to choose, remember that your career will never remind you when you wake up that it does no longer love you.”

The idea of promoting a pop icon as representative of a life-style is very strong.  For example, Cheryl Cole is current ambassador of L’Oreal, Lady Gaga for MAC cosmetic, Rihana for Nivea…One more advantage for female top singers is that they have no difficulties integrating commercial successes and individual integrity

Note:  The authors of the piece “Les filles donnent le La” are Ines Munioz Martinez-Mora and Lucas Arrault.




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