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Introspection (continue 20)

Something about my university years in the USA from 1975 to l979

I had written in details about many events on my stay in the USA and in many files; this section is basically a compendium and a coherent time line account. I lived in the USA for about 20 years; the first trip extended from 1975 to 1979 and I received a MS in Industrial Engineering with emphasis on production; the second stay stretched uninterrupted for 15 years from 1985 to 2000 and I returned to Lebanon without even applying for a residency status and didn’t save anything worth financially.

I graduated in Physics from the Lebanese University in May 1975 and decided to continue my graduate studies in the USA, just to get out of my stagnation and the closing of any horizon in Lebanon with the beginning of the civil war.  This decision was taken before the civil war started in the same year but it gelled when the situation aggravated.  I had no idea what to specialize in but the label of “Industrial engineering” as one of the fields offered in a few US universities struck me as a viable alternative, especially that I had no practice whatsoever that related to manual or mechanical work, and I was under the impression that the US universities would provide valuable hands on experiences.

Thus, I had no idea about the curriculum in industrial engineering and I would not be the wiser if I read it.  There were no facilities at the time for orientation meetings or internet or group help.  Actually, I was not even accepted by any university for graduate studies by the time I left Lebanon but I was admitted for an advanced English language program for foreigners for a summer session which permitted me to obtaining a visa.


My first leg was a two-week visit of Paris where I intended to having a few good days with cousin Nassif. Unfortunately, Nassif was in London spending a vacation with a girlfriend and I used his room at the International dormitory in the university.  I mostly spent my time all alone roaming Paris and using the metros to visiting the historical sites, the Latin Square, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and on and on. Although I knew a few Lebanese students in Paris and who lived at the Lebanese International House, nobody felt like wasting time on touring with me or showing me around or even inviting me to any place or to introducing me to anyone.

I loved best the breakfast ceremony in the International House; it smelt of fresh breads, fresh coffee, fresh fried eggs, fresh milk, and a vast variety of fruits, cheese, and jelly.  I think that an ideal life is to be lucky having a cozy bakery at walking distance; a bakery that actually bakes bread and croissant and serves fresh coffee, fresh milk, and fresh eggs. Starting a day with the aroma of primeval time is worth a whole day of whatever is “produced”.

I left Paris before Nassif returned but it was my first adventure overseas and I got proficient with the metros of Paris.  After the delicious breakfast I went out to get lost in Paris and walking, walking all alone and discovering Paris.  It was a good month to see Paris and the weather was mostly fine.  I had never had another opportunity to see Paris again.




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