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Passing a law on domestic violence: Putting Lebanese women at further risk?

The Lebanese Parliament Passed a Law that Put Women at Further Risk 

Manal, Roula, Aminah, Latifah, Sonia, Christelle, Marguerite, and all the women who died of domestic violence will not rest in peace: Today the Lebanese Parliament passed a law, a joke that now legalizes marital rape. 

No women will leave or face her husband while her children remain at risk…

No women will dare to speak up knowing that if she protects herself, her children will be the next boxing bag.

Abir Ghattas posted this April 1, 2014

A law passed, it is for sure not the law we’ve been fighting for!

All those thousands of people who marched weeks ago where not apparently enough to move our parliament, all those women who died, and those children who were/are bruised for life apparently are not enough reason for a fair law. 

To hell with this country, to hell with every politician… all the blood of innocent women and children are on your hands!

KAFA, is calling for a public protest at 5pm in Riadh El Solh square… be many.


Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 27

Lebanese women don’t give ride to anyone. Maybe this is the reason Saudi Kingdom don’t allow women to drive: The Saudi Princes have visited Lebanon in the last decade and didn’t like our state of affairs: women driving.

Il n’ y aurait jamais preneur pour ton ame. Tout ton talent n’ atteindra pas la phase de jouer la derniére balle: cette balle est hors de ta portée. Et si tu insiste, l’ angoisse t’attrapera á la gorge.

Si je te fais mal, je te jure que je souffrirais. Si je n’ai pas l’intention de te faire mal, qu’est-ce que je fais ici, avec toi?

Our curiosity cannot vanquish our latent impotency

You may cheat all you want. If you cannot take advantage of the occasional good hands, you’ll lose it all.

Play poker with your new dream business. For many years you’ll play with lousy pair of cards. Play well with the occasional strong hands you were dealt with.

Addiction is this trend we acquire: we are ready to bet on every thing on a whim of the moment. A whim that has no value to no one, but to yourself.

If sciences manage to make “God of How” dissappear, they ‘ll never cross the first phase for “God of Why”

La terre est encombrée de 8 millianrs d’humains avides, egoists, de ceux qui veulent exclure, envieux d’espaces vitaux, de zones d’influence, de securité, d’independance mafieuses

La haine n’est jamais une banale realité. La haine n’oublie pas une gifle, une frayeur…meme apres 1,000 ans.

La haine fut detournée sur l’ étranger, l’ apostat, le maitre, l’esclave, le pere, la mere… La haine contre le Capital est demeuré theorique.

On doit commencer par considerer la justice sociale, si on est serieux de se render maître de son destin

Je reve d’etre ruiné par une femme courageuse, physiquement, moralement et le peu de sous que j’ai: C’est bon de constater d’avoir fait quelque chose de la vie.

N’ import, tend toujours la main de l’humour a ceux qui sont plus manchots que les pinguins

L’humour, une tendance a désamorcer le reel, au moment ou il peut nous tomber dessus.

L’humour est la seule arme durant les instants de triomphe sur l’adversité

Je m’y suis réfugié dans un monde, a travers les personnages que j’inventais, une vie pleine de sens, de justice et de compassion

Toutes les limites a ne pas franchir dans la survie de le terre et l’ humanité furent menées par les gens du commun: Ils croyaient obeir a des authorités bienveillantes, des hommes de savoir accredités, de confiance et de bonnes intentions.

La gangrene sévisse au Sud et s’étend au Nord et la mutille. La ligne de partage entre les colonisateurs et colonisés pendant des siécles est une faille qui a grandi démesurement par l’indifference et l’exploitation sans retenu.  

Every week, hundreds are drowned crossing the sea to Italy. Thousands of refugees are experiencing the coldest period in makeshift tents. A century of colonizers’ indifference and massive exploitation

It is a privilege to sleep and wake up, when You want. If you cannot suffer these privileges, why retire?

I like your collant: 7abeb ejweelek yeh

You don’t care to live, or others to live. Why cannot you respect your mother? Yours and all the mothers went through the same toil and suffering to raise kids

Les heritages empoisonnés: laisser a l’arrogant successeur les actes graves que la societé n’a pas voulue confronter durant des decennies

Methodes de natalité selective (boy or girl): Quand la technology et la medicine s’associent a une idee de la superiorite du male, on ne trouve plus de femelles pour constituer une famille.

On doit avoir compris ces derniers decennies, que le chao est plus redouté que n’importe quel despotisme. La reorganization d’une societe malmenée par le chao n’est pas une affaire de changement de governement

Ligne de partage et de demarcation entre Nord/ Sud, coloniaux/ indigenes, lois civil/ lois ancestral, civilization/culture pittoresque, expat/immigre, dissident d’un system/opposant d’un despot… La faille est delibérement faite trop grande pour ne pas permetre la contagion du Sud au Nord

Benis sont ceux qui, a un age avancé, ont le privilege des enfants: progresser pas á pas, re-apprendre les gestes et les joies.

Il y a des reflexes ancestrals qui conduisent a notre perte quand l’instinct de survie n’est plus adapté a des realités nouvelles.

Lebanese women demand right to pass on nationality to children

Many times in the last decade, women demonstrated and demanded equal civil rights with married men.

BEIRUT: Dozens of people protested in Downtown Beirut Wednesday against Parliament’s failure to draft a bill that would allow women to pass on their nationality to their children.

A crowd of mostly women from the “My nationality is mine and my family’s right” campaign and other activists gathered in Beirut’s Riad al-Solh Square to demand equality with men

Karima Shebbo, the coordinator of the campaign, said the protest came in response to the inclusion of the Lebanese expatriate law in Parliament’s agenda for legislative sessions set for Nov. 12 and 13.

That draft law, which is demanded by Christian parties, would allow people of Lebanese ancestry on their father’s side who live outside the country to receive Lebanese citizenship

Shebbo expressed regret that politicians would agree to discuss that law but not a law that “affects the lives of all Lebanese women.”

“We call on Parliament to place our demands on the top of its agenda, and amend the Lebanese nationality law so that women and men have equal rights in this matter,” Shebbo said.

Eqbal Doghan, head of the Working Women’s League, demanded that lawmakers justify extending their own mandates while ignoring calls made by activists for more than 30 years for the equal citizenship law.

Activist Maryam Ghazal also lashed out at politicians.

“You’ve used sectarianism as an excuse to neglect children (with non-Lebanese fathers)… Where is justice in this?” she asked.

“Who has more of a right to nationality, a child who was born and raised in Lebanon, or a child who was born and raised outside of Lebanon and has barely any connection to the country?”

Officials argue that women in Lebanon who are married to non-Lebanese men should not be allowed to pass the Lebanese nationality onto their children because that could change the country’s sectarian demographic.

Many Lebanese women are married to Palestinians, who under the Lebanese Constitution are not allowed to obtain Lebanese citizenship.

Note: The saying goes: (Loubnan ma bye7mol) Lebanon cannot shoulder the additional burden of thousands of (Not rich) Palestinians to marry Lebanese girls just to obtain citizenship to their children.

And the same goes for Syrians. My aunt could not give the nationality to her 4 children without hard struggle and connections because the husband was a Syrian who emigrated long time ago to Africa.


Cheating Experience of a few Lebanese women

I first thought that the topic was “How women cheat on their husbands/boyfriend”. Why it is always how men cheat on girlfriend/wife?

Data have shown that it is the woman who gets bored of her man quickly, and the man is the one who can be faithful throughout a lifetime, if the woman doesn’t deny him a conjugal biological right, once or twice a week.

We asked Lebanese women about their experiences with cheating and found that most of them discovered their partner’s affairs on Facebook.

So if you want to cheat on your significant other, make sure they don’t have a Facebook account, or be a good person and just don’t cheat, whatever.

“After a four-year relationship I found out he and my best friend were getting engaged and that both families were on board. I wasn’t even invited to the engagement!” – Karla, 29.

“My fiancé of two years was going on vacations with his girlfriend the whole time we were together, all as business trips. I found out when he got tagged in a picture on Facebook at what looked like a couples trip and he confessed.” – Anonymous, 33.

“I was always suspicious that my boyfriend would be very secretive with his phone and wouldn’t even let me look through his photos. His best friend eventually told me that he had three girlfriends at the time. We were together for two years.” – Aline, 25.

“I found out my BF of six years was cheating when I saw a Whatsapp message from someone saved as a guy’s name saying how fun last night had been when he was supposed to have been with his mom at the hospital. Anyway, it turns out he saved many girls’ names under guy names and had been cheating for many years.” – Mira, 34.

“I guessed the passcode on his phone, which was 6969 by the way, and went through all his messages. He was constantly messaging another girl the whole time we were together.” – Paola, 28.

“My BF went for a semester abroad in France and I planned a huge trip to surprise him on his birthday. I got his address from one of our friends who was with him in university and when I arrived to surprise him, a girl opened the door. Apparently, she had been living there the whole time as his GF.” – Sara, 24.

“I found out when I got Chlamydia and confronted him! I told him the doctor could tell if he gave it to me or not and he just confessed to everything like a dumbass.” – Anonymous, 27.

“He had his new GF message me on Facebook saying that they had been together for a year and were planning on getting engaged.” – Anonymous, 24.

“My parents were out to dinner and saw him with another girl. First they thought it was his sister, but then he kissed her. So yeah, that was humiliating.” – Anonymous, 29.

“I made a fake Facebook account and messaged him from it. He immediately started asking me for naked pics and asking to meet up.” – Deena, 26.

“I was having a drink with my boyfriend of two years when two women walk into the bar. He then proceeds to introduce them as his wife and daughter.” – Anonymous, 25.

Jeanine Fakhoury,  and Patsy Z shared this link on FB  .

We asked Lebanese women about their experiences with cheating and the answers are every bit as TERRIFYING as you could possibly imagine.

“I was having a drink with my boyfriend of two years when two women walk into the bar. He then proceeds to introduce them as his wife and daughter.”

So if you want to cheat on your significant other, make sure they don’t have a Facebook account, or be a good person and just don’t cheat, whatever.



Nose jobs rendering ID photos irrelevant: Another argument for bio accurate techniques

Definitely an Ironic article on this misleading mania: I won’t marry anyone if I didn’t know him before a nose job

shutdown of several unlawful beauty centers

BEIRUT – A new law drafted by the Ministry of Interior and Beirut’s Governor pleads with Lebanese women to halt their enthusiasm for nose jobs, for the sake of the health and well-being of the entire nation.

After the recent shutdown of several unlawful beauty centers around Beirut, a troubling discovery was made: Beirut’s Governor (Mou7afez) Ziad Chebib apparently had ulterior motives for closing centers that had been operating illegally for years.

Sources close to the Governor shared that he had become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of altered noses around him, and had finally decided to take legislative action against this phenomenon.

In fact, there was almost unanimous agreement within the government on the fact that Lebanese women need to just stop it (a plague worst than what is happening in Iran among the girls and women).

(Image via

For most Lebanese women, getting a nose job has become much more than a cosmetic enhancement, it has developed into a sacred ritual and a rite of passage.

In recent years, Lebanon has come to be known as the “Mecca of plastic surgery,” (Second to Brazil?) the “Paris [Hilton] of vaginoplasty,” and the “pre-1992 late Michael Jackson of rhinoplasty,” all titles which are held near and dear to the silicone enhanced bosoms of our nation.

The drafters of the law stated that the country’s institutions can no longer deal with the backlash that is caused by the ever-changing faces of Lebanese women.

To clarify, police Chief Atef Awad said, “Women no longer look like their photo identification, so we are having trouble pulling them over for traffic violations and other offenses. Through plastic surgery, they have essentially rendered photo ID’s useless.”

Of the people opposing this new law were most of the premiere plastic surgeons of the country, who issued this collective statement: “We have to eat; nose jobs feed our families.”

Other opposing members were the foremost plastic surgery enthusiasts of this nation, otherwise known as the wives of the ministers and legislators.

Disclaimer for the slow and un-funny: This was a satirical blog post.


3 Lebanese Women Make it to BBC’s 100 Women List: Who They Are

It’s almost painful to see 3 out of the 100 women on BBC’s 100 Women are Lebanese, when Lebanon ranked among the worst countries in terms of gender equality (135/142), check out BlogBaladi for more information on that report.

But, it’s also amazing that 3% of the BBC’s 100 Women list of 2014, are Lebanese. It’s also doubly amazing because one of them is a scientist, and a good friend, Hind Hobeika!

Hind Hobeika

hind_hobeika2I remember when Hind pitched her idea of goggles with sensors in them to monitor heart rate and other realtime data (as if you were on a treadmill) for the Stars of Science show on TV.

I remember how we all voted for her. I also remember a year later, sitting in a restaurant in San Francisco’s Market Street with another amazing Lebanese woman, Jessica Semaan, and finding out how Hind’s invention was ready to go into mass-production.

Now, Hind’s Instabeat goggles are poised to go on sale in 53 different countries around the world.

Proud of you Hind, words cannot begin to explain. Here’s a TED talk by Hind

Bahia Shehab

3723b538f9d86a88e9e5636d982ac6176622c879_254x191Bahia changed the entire meaning of the word “No” in Arabic, “لا”. No, and a thousand times no.

No is a very important word for an Arab in the past few years.

No to dictators. No to oppression. No to inequality. No to sexism. No to extremism.

Bahia’s work manifested itself on the walls of Cairo, and the series of “No”s became a regular fixture in Tahrir Square and other notable public spaces where they embodied the many horrifying incidents in Egypt’s tumultuous revolution and post-revolution troubles.

Remember the blue bra? Watch Bahia’s awesome TED talk to jog your memory.


Bushra El Turk

Tala_Bushra_154nI adore classical music, especially ones with a twist. Bushra’s masterpieces are a trip in themselves, and while writing this, I’m listening to her website’s streaming music.

Often, my preoccupation with science and technology makes me forget for a second how important and powerful art can be, and for this Lebanese-Egyptian, it sounds pretty darn good.

Check out Bushra’s website to know more, and here’s a video of her work behind the scenes




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