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Tidbits #63

“Quel est ce grand qui n’a cure de l’incendie?” Dante

My contention, very plausible alternative of how Beirut was flattened. There are teams of insider criminals who planted a Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE) bomb in the Hangar #12 that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and other oxyde chemicals. This bomb is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. After the fire increased and plumed, a non-radiating version of depleted uranium (a new electro-magnetic) missile was launched from a far away military jet that cannot be observed by the naked eye.

How Israel would have reacted if the port of Haifa, instead of Beirut, experienced the same devastation? I bet more than half the injured would have died for lack of individual zeal to come to the rescue. At 6 pm on August 5, 2020, the post of Beirut and all residential streets in that sea front (radius of 3 miles) were totally devastated.

All Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” demanded from Israel to teach Hezbollah a “lesson”? They got a Flattened Beirut as a reward to their treacheries.

In 2016, the academic Etzioni writes: “I asked two American military officers what other options Israel has. They both pointed to Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE). These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel which is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. I think that is how Israel attacked the port of Beirut that contained 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. The first bomb sprayed the FAE and the second was a low grade depleted uranium missile.

After the conflagration in the port of Beirut at 6 pm: Avez-vous entendu hier le soleil s’immergeant à l’horizon? Même le soleil avait disparu de vue

This digital display of Lebanon flag on the mayoral building in Tel Aviv, after the “atomic/electric/magnetic new bomb” conflagration that flattened Beirut, might be sending two messages; 1) Please Hezbollah, refrain from reacting in kind and 2) We the secular Israeli will Not vote for any of the ministers and deputies that sided and supported Netanyahu in the last 2 decades. We are sick and tired of the insane policies of constant military siding in the Middle East battle fields. We want out of coat tailing Trump and other US policies in this region.

Israel/US planned to flattened Beirut after August 7, 2020, the date the International Court was ready to announce its verdict on “Who assassinated late rafic Hariri in 2004”, but an event precipitated the date to August 4. Everybody knows that this Court is politically manipulated and intended to lay the blame on Hezbollah no matter what the evidence against that decision. The goal was to internationalize the political system in Lebanon as they succeeded to do in 2005. It happened that the Lebanese army had checked the hangar #12 and decided to relocate the 2,750 tons of nitrate of ammonium. Israel/US decided to pre-empt the attack and advance the date to August 4. This decision will fail to point the blame on Hezbollah, but the goal was to flatten Beirut and devastate the port, the only competitor to Haifa port.

Someone was asking who took the picture of the workers welding at the entrance of the Hangar #12. I replied;
the one who took this picture is a member of the team that planted the bomb that sprayed aerosol and fuel oil on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and then detonated the bomb. As the fire plumed a small “atomic” missile was launched to cause the conflagration that flattened all the port of Beirut and the building on the seafront.

The Lebanese dozen TV channels, in this tiny market of barely 5 millions, need outside infusion of liquidity. It is the Lebanese who created the fantastic story of Monster Hezbollah to keep the flow of foreign money and keep spreading fake news related to Hezbollah.

Most foreign entities give Hezbollah its due credit of restitutting to Lebanon the status of State to diplomats, though still a pseudo-State for how its treats its pseudo-citizens. Even our existential enemy Israel has given Hezbollah more credits that it ever dreamt of.

Hezbollah of Lebanon is an existential necessity to preserve Lebanon from outside pre-emptive wars

Very nonchalantly, foreign and local leaders are saying that the State of Lebanon will be no more? What that mean? That the UN will vote to oust Lebanon as a State? And what will become of this stretch of land? What about its pseudo-citizens? Will they be granted UN passports to roam the earth anywhere they wish?

All the lead personalities voiced the wrong message: The President, Hassan Nasrallah, the army… said that they had no knowledge of the existence of nitrate ammonium, or knew about this “piece of intelligence” very recently. They had their ministers, their deputies, the internal security forces, their public servants in every institutions…

Quand la liberte vertueuse du blâme est souillée, les qualites morales se degradent.

Les autels et temples abandonnés réclament toujours des sacrifices. Tout comme la notion de l’ honneur.

Les fragments des investigations individuelles de la conflagration du port de Beirut devront aboutir a une immense confession des militia/mafia leaders. Plus de d’absolution des crimes commis contre l’humanité et les Libanais.

Quand je vois les oiseaux migrateurs au début de l’automne, j’ai envie de fuir a des horizons lointains. Pourtant, tous les horizons sont déjà fermés aux âmes qui n’entendent que de calamité partout.

What? A shipment of chicken wings, from Brazil, tested positive for Covid-19 in a Chinese port. 

Nature (Natural) capital—the dollar value of the services nature provides, from clean water to breathable air—is worth more than $160 trillion every year. Water is already privatized. When will air be out of reach for the public?

Several Novels that were written by women and who had to use male noms de plume are being reissued with the female name. Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans is hitting shelves and that was George Eliot’s real name

Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” are asking nothing: Just sustain the status quo, please

It is the sectarian political structure of 18 officially recognized religious sects that prevent Lebanon from creating a secular State and undergo serious reforms at all levels in its institutions, economy and finance.

لا بدكن تعملوا دولة متل الخلق

ولا بدكن توقفوا السرقة
ولا بدكن تدفعوا ضرايب
ولا بدكن توقفوا إقطاع

ولا بدكن تسحبوا الغطا عن اللي عم يسرق وينهب ويفسد
ولا بدكن تحترموا شريك الوطن
ولا بدكن دولة مدنية

ولا بدكن انتخابات رئاسية من الشعب
ولا بدكن قانون انتخابي عادل
ولا بدكن تطبقوا الطائف

ولا بدكن لامركزية ادارية
ولا بدكن كونفدرالية
ولا بدكن فدرالية

ولا بدكن تعطوا الرئاسة صلاحيات
ولا بدكن……..

طيب شو المطلوب؟
تضلوا أسياد ونبقى عبيد وأهل ذمة؟

ما بتزبط الكل ياخد حقوقو ويدفع واجباتو؟
ما بتزبط الكل يحترم حالو ويحترم غيرو؟

ما بتزبط ما يكون في إقطاع وسرقة ونهب وفساد؟
ما بتزبط الكل يكون متساوي قدام القانون؟

ما بتزبط يكون في لا مركزية ادارية؟
ما بتزبط يكون في انماء متوازن؟

ما بتزبط شعبنا يطلع من الكذب والنفاق؟
ما بتزبط نروح عالدولة المدنية؟
ما بتزبط……. (اللايحة طويلة… بس زهقت انا وفقّس)

وهيي لو بتزبط… مش بحاجة ت نغير ولا نظام
عنا قوانين ممتازة بس العبرة بالتنفيذ





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