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The assassination of Luqman Slim underlines that the scope for dissent in Lebanon is rapidly narrowing.(More like widening with the increase of calamities that are Not resolved by any institution)

The killing of Luqman Slim is another bad omen for Lebanon. Luqman was not just any activist. (Very few Lebanese have heard of him, mostly the embassies were dealing with him and funding his institution Umam)

He was a vocal critic of Hezbollah (for over 25 years and he visited Israel too), who chose to continue living in his family’s home in Haret Hreik in the southern suburbs of Beirut, an area controlled by those whom he criticized harshly. (And lived in security and safety)

I met Luqman in 2004 with the late journalist Samir Kassir and Samir’s wife Giselle Khoury. (Late Kassir was assassinated by the Druse civil war leader Walid Jumblatt, as a matter of female jealousy )

Luqman, with his wife Monika Borgmann, had invited us to watch a private screening of a movie they had produced on the Sabra and Shatila massacres of 1982.

The debate that ensued was as harrowing as it was enlightening. It was the first of many interactions over the subsequent two years around the memory of the civil war, questions of accountability, and commemoration of the victims, and their importance for Lebanon’s future. These debates dissipated after Samir’s assassination on June 2, 2005.

Luqman was also a harsh critic of Lebanon’s political class, of the repression of the uprising in Syria, of Iran’s regional involvement, and of much else. (What about US invasion of Iraq? Of Israel successive pre-emptive wars on Lebanon…)

But he was also more than that. With Monika, Luqman went on to establish the UMAM documentation and research center in his family home. UMAM aims to inform the future (generation?) by addressing past atrocities.

Since 2005, the center has been collecting information and establishing a database for all those killed, or who disappeared, during the fifteen-year Lebanese civil war. It has also made documentaries and organized discussions on some of the most painful episodes of that conflict.

Their work is critical if Lebanon is to come to terms with the war’s legacy and is essential in determining accountability for the crimes committed during that time. (The Lebanese parliament decided to absolve all the civil war leaders and those who committed crimes against humanity. And these “leaders” are still controlling and ruling Lebanon since 1992)

This work carried out by Luqman and Monika was vital in a country where the political leadership is largely made up of those who fought during the war. Lebanon’s conflict ended with the mantra of “no victor and no vanquished.”

In 1991, parliament passed an amnesty law covering most of the crimes committed during the conflict. Militia leaders moved from the streets into government to occupy the state and its institutions. The history of the civil war was never integrated into school curriculums. Knowledge of the war has largely been defined by individual points of view, not by a collective Lebanese effort to remember the war to better transcend it.

To understand the killing of Luqman one must also look at Lebanon’s broader context.

Since October 2019, when the Lebanese took to the streets to protest against the corruption of their political parties and leaders, the country has been facing an economic collapse that has impoverished more than half the population and decimated the middle class. (Bankrupt State at all levels, politically, economically and financially)

Rather than addressing the sources of discontent, the leadership has remained unwilling to implement the reforms needed to unlock international financial aid, for fear that this would undermine their influence over their constituencies.

Lockdown measures associated with Covid-19 have only hastened this economic breakdown. Without outside financial support Lebanon will continue to sink into the abyss.

Ironically, by protecting their system and continuing with a business-as-usual approach the political parties have also signed its death warrant. That may not be a bad thing, but in the meantime millions of Lebanese will suffer terribly.

The catastrophic (electromagnetic pulse bomb) explosion in the port of Beirut last August 4 further increased the anger of the Lebanese and their vocal criticism of the political leadership.

Six months later, no one has been held accountable for what happened and the official investigation is going nowhere. For many Lebanese there was no question as to who was responsible, when protestors hanged effigies of their political leaders on gallows set up at a demonstration in Martyrs’ Square last year.

Luqman’s killing underlines that the space for dissent is closing fast in Lebanon. Over the past year or so, the political leadership’s tolerance for criticism has been decreasing as more and more journalists and critics have been taken into custody by the authorities.

Yet Luqman’s killing went much further. It heralded a return to political assassinations as a means of silencing those in opposition.

The crime has sent shock waves across Lebanon and beyond, especially among opposition groups and, more so, among most of the 19 officially recognized religious sects.

For many this brought back memories of 2005 and the years that followed, when Samir Kassir, Gebran Tueni, (Communist secretary general Georges Hawi, Mohamad Chatah, Pierre Jr. Gemayel, and many security officials… Pierre Jr. Gemayel was assassinated by agents who were dispatched from the US embassy and returned to the embassy. And why was Pierre Jr. assassinated? Because he expressed his opinion during the government meeting of valuing Hezbollah resistance during the 33 days pre-emptive Israel/US in 2006)

One wonders whether Luqman Slim would have been killed had Kassir and Tueni killers been brought to justice. (Lebanon never brought to trial Israel, US, France, England… perpetrator of assassinations, Not even lesser States such as Jordan, Saudi Kingdom or the Emirate..)

That is why we should have serious doubts as to whether those who assassinated Luqman will themselves be brought to justice.

There is no hope for most Lebanese who are Not from the “elite class

By Adib Y Tohme

There is no hope for this generation, born before the war and who spent his life pretending that everything is going well in a country where everything went wrong.

The generation of the 50 year-old, who thought they had lived in the shade of false peace and finds themselves forced to do everything back to survive.

There is no hope for this generation whose only hope is to expatriate to compete with the generation of their children in markets where the experience, maturity, expertise they have gained for decades have become heavy weight to manage.

There is no hope, but in fact who still dares to speak of hope among this disillusioned, desperate generation that finds itself overnight at the end of the roll, lost, lazy not to understand what’s happening to him in order not to sink ..

Who still dares to talk about hope when trust is no longer viable?

No trust in bankers who were very busy to attract Dollars deposits in return for high interest rate on to replace their own money transferred abroad, and for losing on investments oversea.

No confidence in the central bank governor Riad Salami, supposed to build a climate of confidence in the banking system, and who is charged with money laundering by Swiss justice.

No confidence in the head of the house Nabih Berri, who by playing a small unmovable dictator in his chamber of deputies, has transformed parliament into a museum of political dinosaurs and where every deputy was allocated a monopoly on a section of the economy.

No confidence in the former head of government Saad Hariri, who resigned promptly when everything was going to collapse and failing to deliver on promises and grants, wants to come back when everything really collapsed and failing to constitute a government, after months of being designated to quickly form a government, as he announced.

No trust in the President of the Republic Michel Aoun, who negotiated his election with the same sectarian/feudal, civil war leaders , and failed to transform any hope for change and reform into politics of managing with the same leaders of the failed system: helpless and unable to move forward on any reforms.

No confidence in the Secretary General of Hezbollah who, as a true guide to the republic, is driving a torn country from collapse to marginalization under the heavy sanctions of the US to our financial system.

No trust in any political parties, journalists, judges, public officials, all those who gravitate around people of power in organized corruption networks.

Everyone who knew but couldn’t do anything before the drama and claim it’s always too late to act.

No trust in the people.

This people submissive when they believed they had everything, and can’t become free or less enslaved when they realize they have nothing left.

What to do? What can be done? To where from here and now?

Try, try again, try to shake consciousness, scare to try to create a click, fail again, fail better, swallow even more to disappear.

Note: Public optimism is the opium for the downtrodden.

Ask Master Trump on how he is going to make America Great. Ask Stalin, Mao, Hitler…

Swapping Punishment and counter Revenge at the expense of people in Lebanon, including the refugees, Palestinians and Syrians)

Note: This idea came to me in a flash and made plenty of sense given the many concording evidences, months and years after the events that happened in Lebanon. This conjecture is Never approached in articles and news, on the ground that the “active” feuds between Israel and US administration should be taboos.

The US embassy in Lebanon does Not need many secret agents: It receive intelligence pieces directly from the sources: ministers, deputies, Central Bank, private banks, and all its institutions.

The employees “agents” in every Lebanese institution are trained to recognize the kinds of fresh information that the US desire to obtain for the control of Lebanon “politics”

Most of the other embassies, with a few exceptions, receive the intelligence that the US wants to share with them, and in return they also share their intelligence with the US embassy.

Lebanon is ideal carrefour for collecting and swapping intelligence pieces in Lebanon and mostly of the “Arabic’ and Islamic States. That is why this pseudo-State is Not to erased from among the UN States.

Actually, most Lebanese “politicians” and in high level positions prefer to play double and triple agents, which is fine if they “register” as such with the US embassy, as long as they have “no direct contact” with the other agents without the approval for certain events and for a period.

Occasionally, and for local politics in Israel, Israel likes to forget that it is a tiny State and totally dependent on the US and has to plan a priori with the US in Lebanon politics.

In these circumstances, when Israel decide to play the strong partner in Lebanon or the adjacent States without the approval of the US, Israel is punished for tarnishing the “standing” of the US in this strategic turntable of intelligence swapping for the entire Middle-East, once Israel activities turn sour and it is the US that has to pay the dear price in the region.

Israel had deliberately targeted the US Liberty intelligence ship during the 1967 war, for 3 hours and killed 33 navy men. The US buried this bloody “accident” to the public, but I conjecture that is why the US didn’t build or sold any warships to Israel. It is the job of Germany to fund Israel war ships and submarine and built in France.

The US never forgot the heavy casualties it suffered in 1983 to its marines for the blowing of their headquarter close to Lebanon airport. Israel reneged on the deal to vacate Beirut and most of the occupied territories, and to quickly withdraw to the stretch of land in the south, a land that it occupied for 23 years.

The US responded by allowing Syria to get a mandated power over Lebanon politics in order to clip Israel control over many politicians.

And the resistance against Israel forces was launched that ended in Israel withdrawal in 2000 without any explicit pre-conditions.

The pre-emptive war in 2006 that lasted for 33 days is another tragic events.

I conjecture that the US was Not ready to launch this war on Hezbollah and Lebanon at this time, but Israel, for local politics, lied that it can destroy Hezbollah military forces.

A week into the war, Israel discovered that the morale of its army was Not at par with the goal of the war. Israel wanted to stop the war, but the US was outraged for being lead/dragged to this war and pressured Israel to resume the war, against all odds.

Israel ended up begging the US to quickly demand a cease fire.

In retaliation for this fiasco, the US got its revenge in 2008 by leaking the “safe havens” of Israel Mossad locations in Beirut to Hezbollah.

Within 3 days, Hezbollah had “closed” all of Israel spy networks in Lebanon and pressured the dual Lebanese political agents to desist from direct contact with Israel. And the US regained some of its standing with easy direct intelligence from Lebanon institutions.

Feeling safe, the nonchalance of the US control of Lebanon lead to the total bankruptcy of the State of Lebanon at all levels: US policies encouraged Lebanon civil war “leaders” to loot the wealth of Lebanon and its budgets since 2008.

Note: Israel is at odd with US policies in Lebanon. Israel has decided that “No more military pre-emptive wars on Lebanon, Not even on a smaller scale”. Israel desires a “stable” Hezbollah. Otherwise, Israel will be sucked into successive nightwares.

Power: Not a Point of View. Power is the level and quality of education, an education targeting the needs of the population and neighboring markets.

Posted on March 10, 2009

Iran is planning to build 20 atomic power sites to generate electricity.  Russia has aided finish the first power station for a cost exceeding one $ billion dollars.

Iran is not only the fourth exporter of oil but has also huge reserves in oil and gas. And yet, Iran spends enormous amount of hard cash money to import oil products and gasoline from overseas refineries.

The Iranians are building a second atomic power generator, almost alone and strong with the expertise they acquired.  The Iranian officials said that oil is a precious commodity that should not be wasted to generate dirty power

The developed nations have oil reserves but prefer to purchase oil at a reduced price in order to save their oil resources for their chemical and pharmaceutical industries for later generations. (Actually, chemical industries, the most dirty for earth and the climate, rely almost exclusively on oil products.)

The Emirate Gulf States have established “sovereign funds” for the next generations, but they all have vanished during the latest economic and financial recession.  What is left are highways and built stones.

I am exaggerating on purpose.

This piece is meant to be a wake-up call. It is time to invest on the human potentials, social institutions, and political reforms.

Lebanon used to export electricity to Syria and Jordan in the 30’s during the French mandate. Presently, and 80 years later, and 65 years after its “independence”, Lebanon import electricity from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

The populations of all these States have quadrupled in 80 years while Lebanon barely doubled, due to massive immigration, and we could not even double our power production. 

Our neighboring States have reached sort of power sufficiency and exporting surplus electricity to Lebanon. Lebanon has plenty of water and rivers but we failed to invest properly on our natural resources and hydraulic potentials. 

Not only we have not enough electricity, and none of it is hydraulically generated, but we have no running water.  We receive water twice a week for a few hours and we have to filtrate and purify what we receive.

The Lebanese family has to pay twice for electrical power and for water by supplementing their needs from the scalpers of private providers.

The main culprits are those “Christian” Maronite political parties who claimed that the power of Lebanon resides in its military weakness.  Implicitly, those sectarian political parties meant that Lebanon should not challenge the dicta of Israel regarding our planning of our water resources.

Mind you that Israel purpose is to divert all our rivers toward its own Zionist State.

Electricity is a kind of power and oil and gas are essentials for locomotion and mechanization and industries.  Nevertheless, nations are judged developed according to the level of their research institutions. 

You might start the “egg or chicken” priority of security and stability first, but this is not the case.  When States invest on almost everything except knowledge base and research institutions, then you should not hope for stability and security. 

Developed nations respect States that focus their energies and resources on knowledge, literacy, and technologies and are willing to protect them from neighboring bullies.

Developed nations respect States that generate highly educated and well trained citizens regardless of size, origin, and natural resources.

Power is the level and quality of education, an education targeting the needs of the population and neighboring markets.

Power is no longer a point of view.

Bi-Weekly Report (#24) on the Middle East and Lebanon (May 28, 2009)

The weekly French “Courrier International” failed to do its job on analyzing Syria’s policies. 

Instead of investigating and doing leg works it opted to rely on the Washington Post and Now Lebanon, totally biased against anything related to Syria, for spreading its nonsense. 

This weekly publishing is repeating the old regurgitated stories of what the successive US Administrations want from Syria with respect to facilitating the job of US military presence in Iraq.

As usual, the catchy “Damascus does Not get it” and “Could we have confidence in President Bashar Assad? ” summarizes the topic. As if the job and responsibilities of President Assad is to cajole and obey the US dicta for nothing in return, such as the Golan Heights that was captured by Israel since 1973.

The Washington Post and supposed “reporter” Karen De Young would like us to believe that the increase of “terrorist activities” in Iraq and in Mossoul last month can be linked to the laxity of Syria’s border patrols. 

It seems that Al Qaeda has been active shipping “martyr terrorists” from northern African Arab States and Saudi Kingdom to blow up Iraq Shia sect citizens.

What about the other sects, such as the minority Christian sects?

The report stated that the Iraqi border patrols cannot do effectively their jobs because of lack of carburant. The Iraqi government has a depleted budget because of low oil prices on the international market and thus the border patrols drive along the vast borders with Syria, 15 days out of 30. Thus, Syria is to be blamed for the US insufficient funding for borders control.

The monthly “Le Monde Diplomatique” did its job concerning Albania and Kosovo. The US Administration is pushing to finish quickly the fast highway linking Pristina (the Capital of Kosovo) to the Adriatic Sea at the Albanian seaport of Durres.

Apparently, the NATO (OTAN) needs this strategic highway so that the 5th fleet could discharge military hardware and soldiers. 

Close to the highway in Kosovo there is the largest US Camp Bondsteel military base by the town of Urosevac. 

Close to the highway in the town of Kukes in Albania the US has finished a functional airport used by military cargo and denied access to civilian use and at the expense of the Albanian tax payers. 

The story boils down to a Greek bank Alpha lent the Albanian government 300 millions Euros (guaranteed by the US) to build the super highway. The trick is that 65% of the Albanian budget is reserved for the infrastructure ministry and 75% of the budget of this ministry is allocated to this super highway, which means about 50% of the total budget of the ministry is allocated to this highway, just to satisfy US military logistics. 

The bombshell is that the US  Bechtel multinational will reap 44% profit on the cost of this super highway.

The newly “independent” States of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia are quickly becoming the dumping ground for the NATO and the European Union economic, military, and environmental policies.

I watched the highly informative interview of retired General Jamil Al Sayyed with Maggie Farah on the OTV channel.  Jameel Al Sayyed was released recently from 4 years of detention with No formal court cases after the International Tribunal judged his imprisonment illegal and ordered him out, along with 3 other security high level officers.

General Al Sayyed returned two day ago from France after resuming his depositions on Millis’ fabricated climate for Al Sayyed unjustified detention. Millis is the former investigator to the assassination of Rafic Hariri) and Johnny Abdou, former retired Lebanon military intelligence chief, participated in that fabricated story.  

Al Sayyed will also work out the courts in Germany with respect to Millis.  Al Sayyed is a highly interesting character and a well spoken intelligent and honest personality.

Al Sayyed said that it was the Lebanese officials who drew the Syrian counterparts into suspect transactions and corruptions.  Although every political leader in Lebanon has dealing with foreign States, Al Sayyed lambasted Saad Hariri and Samir Geagea for their incapacity in using proper “valves” that can shut down foreign interests into destabilizing Lebanon.

 The German daily Der Spiegel reported excerpts from internet blogs posted by Syrian dissidents six months ago claiming that a special team of Hezbollah masterminded the assassination of late Lebanon Rafic Hariri PM. 

The timing of that report, which the International Tribunal denied any knowledge, was evidence that the real perpetrators were scared shit of the victory of the opposition in Lebanon at the next Parliamentary election on June 7.  It meant that the opposition is not about to let the assassination case linger any longer and will pursue its own investigation or force the International Tribunal to move swiftly and close the doors to further political manipulations of that case.

What exacerbated the political climate is that Lebanon has started dismantling systematically Israel’s spy webs and dangerous intelligence pieces are accumulating relative to Israel involvement in many of the string of assassination cases in Lebanon since the murder of Rafic 2005. 

The US Vice President Biden visited Lebanon for 6 hours before the publishing of the report and met with the leaders of the government alliances.  Lebanon has to expect the worst every time a US official pay us visit to give orders that Lebanon cannot satisfy.

Thanks to Walid Jumblatt, one of the principal allies to the government, he quickly and adamantly lambasted this chimerical and fabricated report and proclaimed that the report was intended to draw Lebanon into another civil war between the Shia and the Sunni Muslim sects. 

Saad Hariri (leader of the Future movement) and Seniora PM were forced into suspect silence; proof that they were aware of the plan that backfired on them, a plan that is backed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and the USA.

Testimonials: 30 years after 13 years of civil war

The issue of April 9, 2005 of daily Al Balad. Posted on Oct. 22, 2008 

In context: Late Rafic Hariri PM was assassinated on February 2004 and Lebanon suffered along period of disturbances. Although it was clear the colonial powers, Israel and Saudi Kingdom were behind this assassination, an International court was set up to cover up the real perpetrators.

Four of the Head of security institutions were locked up in prison with no evidence. Fouad Siniora was appointed PM and he stayed in “power”, even if half the ministers (less one) had resigned.

All the loans received from the Gulf States were Not registered in the ministry of finance and $11 billions were diverted into the pockets of the militia leaders and their secret Fund Boxes.

All the sit-ins for about 5 months, and sleeping in tents and surrounding the government Serai, would Not dislodge Seniora, since he was backed by the US and the colonial powers. President Emile Lahoud was ignored in all government decisions to the end of his extended tenure of 3 more years.

A grave incident in 2008 changed the donne: Seniora and the Druze Walid Jumblatt initiated a decree that angered Hezbollah, on account of dismantling their secured land communication lines.

Hezbollah reacted and closed all the Israeli bunks and the security branches in Beirut and checked militarily Jumblatt. Qatar had to invite all these sectarian/mafia leaders to resolve a political consensus. The army chief Michel Suleiman was agreed on to become President.

And 6 years of more looting of the budgets and highway robberies got underway, a period that aggravated the economic and financial conditions that led to the State total bankruptcy at all levels.

“Thirty years after the civil war, the youth of Lebanon are gathered under the Freedom tents in the Martyrs’ Square.  Supporters of many Lebanese political parties are discussing and getting to know one another. 

Catch phrases like “our speaker did not represent our real position” or “did you really like his speech?” are common. 

On one of the tents a placard states “Just a Lebanese citizen”. 

In the middle of a discussion George asks Dima of her name and political affiliation.  Dima explains to George the principles of the “Left Democratic Movement”, a splinter of the Communist Party and other leftist factions. “What! Are you really a leftist? You don’t look like a leftist”. says George.

George tells Dima a common joke during the war which says “Immune your children against leftist ideology”.

George resumes asking Dima questions on her education and the ideology of her movement.

He is very impressed of her graduate studies and the social reform programs of the movement and then asks her: “So, why are you here?”

Dima explains that the members of this movement combine political positions with on the ground actions and application.

“You guys are cool. Who is your leader?” asks George. 

We have no leader. We organize ourselves in committees and vote on everything.  We make sure that guys and girls are equally represented in the elected committees.” replies Dima.  George invites Dima to take a cup of coffee in his tent.

A discussion is going on in the Left Democratic Movement and someone says: “I wish Samir Geaja is released from prison and General Aoun returns from exile so that our commemoration in April 13 is complete and representative of the unity of Lebanon”.

Another guy liked the name of the movement and stated that his faction will consider changing the name to “Right Democratic Movement”

Note: Many secular and historic parties have joined the sit-ins, and even Hezbollah joined in.

Small sectarian citizens transformed the Lebanese political/social system into a bankrupt State: At all levels

انت حقير

نصري الصايغ ضيوف الموقع  (Nasri Sayegh). Posted on 

. لم نولد كلنا من رحم ديني واحد. جئنا هذا العالم مزودين بإرث رضعناه وانتمينا اليه.

يفرض علينا احترام معتقدات الآخرين، ليس ممالأة، بل اعترافا بأن لا فضل لأحد في ذلك، فما نرثه نأخذه، تماما كما يرث الآخر من تراثه ما يتناسب وسلالته. فلا فضل لمؤمن على مؤمن. لم نختر دياناتنا ولا الهتنا ولا معتقداتنا. انها ارثنا الذي ولدنا منه، ومعه نكمل الطريق… هؤلاء يسمون مؤمنين.

يلزم عدم الاكتفاء بهجاء الطائفي. هذا كائن يخلط بين الايمان وبين الممارسة. الطائفي عدواني. لا يعترف بروحية دينه ويلتزم به، بل لا يهمه الدين كثيراً. ابلغ ما يهتم به، تحويل الطائفة إلى معسكر عدواني.

لا يلام المؤمن ابداً إذا كان يمارس طقوس دينه. هذا واجبه الطبيعي. ولكنه يلام، عندما يستدعي مخزونه الديني، ويطيفه، ويسيسه، ويقود معارك مكتومة، خبيثة، حاقدة، ضد من يختلف معه، دينا وطائفة..

لا نعتدي على الطائفي إن قلنا عنه انه كائن حقير. بل حقير جداً. لأنه مستعد أن يكذب، أن يطعن بالظهر، أن ينتهز، أن ينتقي فقط من هم مثله، تطيفاً وسلوكاً…

عرفنا في لبنان ابشع انماط الطائفيين. انهم يتكاذبون ويتآمرون ويتربصون ولا يهمهم من الوطن، الا حصتهم التي ينافسهم فيه، من هم مثلهم في الطوائف الأخرى.

ثم، أن مشكلة لبنان الوجودية، هي نتاج طبيعي لانتماءات الطائفيين إلى طوائفهم. انهم لا ينتمون إلى لبنان، الا عبر عبَارة المذهب والطائفة. لبنانهم الاقصى، هو لبنان الذي على قياس طوائفهم.

صدقوا. هذا هو لبنانهم اليوم.

لا اعفاء لزعماء العصابات الطائفية ابداً. هؤلاء قراصنة براً وبحراً وجواً وميناءً ومؤسسات. المشكلة هنا، ليست هؤلاء الذين يحظون بنعاج او دواب يسهل ركوبها والسير بها إلى اهدافهم القذرة.

ما يهمني هنا، هو الطائفي وليس الزعيم الطائفي. حظ الزعماء الطائفيين أن لديهم رعاع، نعاج يتبارون في تقديم الولاء والطاعة، ويقوسون مواقفهم على قياس ظهورهم، ليسهل على الزعيم ” المفدى” أن يمتطيها. الطائفي هو من تخلى عن احترامه لنفسه، فبخسها وحنى قامته ليصير مطية.

والطائفي ينطبق عليه سيل من الصفات، يتصف بها. فهو يكذب، عندما يتكلم في الوطن والوطنية، وطنه طائفته، وليذهب الآخرون إلى الجحيم. الطائفي انتهازي تافه، يظهر عليه ذلك، عندما ينتقد بصوت ومفردات لاذعة، زعيم وزبانية الطوائف المخاصمة له.

طائفيوا لبنان هم ظهور مقوسة ليركبها القائد وحاشيته وعائلته. لا يهمهم إلى اين يقودهم هؤلاء الزعماء. المهم انهم معاً في المركب الطائفي. ومن لا يصدق ذلك، فليستمع إلى المحللين السياسيين والاعلاميين الطائفيين، وحفلات السباب المسمى نقاشاً في الشاشات. كل ابن قحبة يدافع عن قحبته، ويشن هجوماً سافراً على شبيه من طائفة منافسة.

الطائفي، ليس مؤمنا بالمرة. اليهودي المؤمن لا يشبه اليهودي الصهيوني. والطائفي اللبناني، لا يشبه دينه ابداً. بل يشبه ويتشبه برجال دينه واحزابهم الطائفية وعليه، تبنى السياسة في لبنان تأسيساً على هذه القواعد،

وإلا، لماذا الخوف راهنا، من الذهاب إلى حرب طائفية، يسمونها اهلية. انها حرب عنصرية بحتة، لأن الطائفي لا يكتفي بتكفير خصومه، بل يرغب في هزيمته وتحجيمه، مدعياً أن التوازن الطائفي، المبني على السرقات المتبادلة، هو المطلوب.

ولا مرة كان التوازن الطائفي قائماً على “العدل الطائفي”.

تضم طائفة الحقيرين الكبيرة، “كفاءات” علمية وجامعية واختصاصية ومهنية ذات سمعة طيبة في ممارسة مهنتها. ولكن التزامها الطائفي، هو الالفباء، هو اولا، والاختصاص والتفوق هو في خدمة اغراض طائفية حقيرة.

كل طوائف ومذاهب لبنان، تضم هذه “الكفاءات”. والغريب، أن هذه الكفاءات الناجحة جداً في مهنتها، ليست بحاجة إلى أن تضع نفسها في خدمة زعيم حقير لا يفقه الا الغصب والاحتيال وتدوير الزوايا واقتناص الفرص والاثراء غير المشروع والسرقة والسطو ومد اليد للخارج.

احتاج إلى لكمة واقعية حتى أفهم هؤلاء “النخب” الممتازة.

كيف تقبل أن تضع على ظهرها جلالاً، مطية للزعيم، بدل أن تحمل شهادة اختصاصها، وتخوض فيها غمار الحياة الوطنية، لأنها ليست بحاجة… هنا لا بد من الاشارة إلى أن الطائفية اقوى مئات المرات من الطبقية. لاحظوا جيداً،

من تضم الطوائفيات اللبنانية. انها تضم الاثرياء حتى الفجور، والضعفاء حتى الفاقة. تضم العلماء والجهَال معاً… كيف يستقيم ذلك؟ يستقيم عندما تغيب القيم، ويُطاح بها، من اجل الكسب الطائفي الحرام.

ما يثير العجب ايضا، أن يكون الطائفي الذكي المتعلم، نصف طائفي، ويتعامل مع ابن الطائفة المنافسة على قاعدة تشكيل ارضية تفاهم. أي محاولة لإقامة السلم الطائفي، بدل العدالة الوطنية…

ما يثير الغضب، أن لا تخجل من النخب الطائفية، من ازدواجية السلوك. فهو طائفي ولا تكتمل طائفيته الممتازة، الا بصفقة يعقدها مع خصومه الطائفيين… وما يثير الاشمئزاز جداً، هو لجوء الطائفي، بعد هجره من طائفته او بعد تهجيره منها، اللجوء إلى طائفة أخرى… تذكروهم جيداً. انهم اسوأ خلق الطوائف. عيب.

لا يمكن أن تكون طائفياً قليلاً. القلة لا تعفيك من أنك طائفي، والأولوية لطائفتك. كما لا يمكن أن يكون العلماني، نصف علماني. العلمانية، نقاء تام من كل لوثة او غبار طائفي. ليس هناك نصف علماني، كما ليس هناك نصف طائفي ابداً.

لبنان على حافة التحلل. والكتل الطائفية مرصوصة الصفوف. تسلك السبل اللبنانية الطائفية بلا مواربة. اصحاب السلطة في لبنان عباقرة الطائفية:

استعرضوهم: احزاب طائفية مبرمة: “القوات”، “الكتائب”، “امل”، “المستقبل”، “الاشتراكي”، “المردة”، “حزب الله” في سياساته اللبنانية، كهلم،

يقرأون في كتاب الطائفية الرديء والمجرم. وما نحن فيه، دليل على حيوية هذه الآفات الطائفية، وعلى حماتها، الذين ذهبوا بلبنان إلى الكارثة. الكارثة هي الوليد الشرعي لهذه الطوائفيات المتحدة.

لا يتوقع أن تكون هناك حلول غير طائفية. فوز العلمانيين هو ضوء يشع في واقع لبنان السيء والمهني. العلماني كائن نظيف، لا لوثة طائفية تلطخ مسيرته.

اعود إلى البداية: المؤمن قريب إلى قلبي، واحترامه واجب. الطائفي حقير، واحتقاره واجب. فليبقَ ملعونا، مهما اختلفت طوائفياته المتنازعة على جثة وطن.

فيا أيها الطائفي. أنت حقير جداً. بل انت أكثر حقارة من المرتكب.

Worst battles between the Christian forces: The army and the Lebanese “Christian” Forces militia of Samir Geagea

Support movement for General Michel Aoun, currently elected as President of the Republic

The issue of the daily Al Balad, May 9, 2005

Testimonials of the civil war in Lebanon

This is the story of a girl who was 13 years old when the movement of General Aoun started after being appointed Prime Minister in interim, after President Amin Gemayel tenure ended without the election of a President in 1988.

All the Muslim Sunni sect leaders, pressured by Syria, refused to form governments. Aoun had to form his own government with the military.

The girl used to participate in the demonstrations in support of Aoun liberation stand against the occupation of the Syrian forces, and joined her schoolmates visiting the Presidential Palace in Baabda. She also drove there accompanied by her aunt and grand dad.

The Dekwani area where she lived was under the control of the “Lebanese Forces”, which was at the time still allied with one of the divided Lebanese army.

She once wrote a poem to General Michel Aoun and drew the Statue of Liberty depicting the territory of Lebanon where the torch stands.

Later, when the Lebanese army faced the trespasses of the “Lebanese Forces” on Red Lines that separated the  militia forces, and the refusal to evict the port of Beirut, people were forced to take refuge in basements.

The children were separated from adults who needed silence to listen to the radios. 

The trapped citizens would go three days without food.  The main ingredient was lemon because it killed the appetite and boxes of Panadol for headaches.

The girl’s grand dad cooked on a blue alcohol flame which took forever for the cooked food to be ready.

General Aoun gave up the fight as the Syrian air force bombed the presidential Palace on October 13, 1990, with the consent of the US, Israel, and Saudi Kingdom.

The citizens heard the General voice on the radio telling them the situation so that ”we save and keep whatever is left in Lebanon”. 

People wept and started burning the General’s cassettes and pictures for fear that the Syrian might indict them.

After October 13, the girl resumed her studies at the all girl school in Fanar where the Syrian troops installed one of their headquarters.  The girls would not go out to play, especially when rumors spread of mass graves in Beit Mery and Deir Kalaa.

The Syrian soldiers used to walk the playgrounds while the students kept to their classes and they celebrated the remembrance of the independence at Independence Day.

The students began throwing leaflets opposing the Syrian occupation from school buses windows when passing Syrian check points; the consequence was school order to shut all school buses windows during the whole trip home.

The supporters of the General had a code car honking and poster were plastered stating “The General will return” from exile in France.

Note 1: I had returned to the US to resume my PhD program. My parents told me peace has come and you decided to leave again? A month later, the worst battles were engaged between the Lebanese Forces and the army under General Aoun.

I had to rely on the Red Cross to get any news of the safety of my parents who had to keep to the lower floor for over 4 months and stacking bags of dirt on entrances and windows. I received my request from the Red cross 2 weeks later: Parents safe.

Note 2: The Syrian forces remained in Lebanon until 2005, after the assassination of ex-Rafic Hariri PM. The International Court, after 15 years of deliberation, still didn’t extend any convincing decision of “Who assassinated Hariri”. This court ended up stating that Syria was Not behind this assassination. As if we, the Lebanese, didn’t know that the US/Germany and Israel were the planners of this “sophisticated” execution.

Why and how Israel decided to flatten Beirut?

Is it Out of Spite, Israel/US decided to bypass their totally impotent and greedy Lebanese leaders’ allies?

Hezbollah has plenty of serious grievances against these militia/mafia leaders who have totally sided with US/Israel for many decades, and many of them who supported the Zionist movement before the creation of this colonial implanted colony Israel in our midst.

In fact, the Maronite Phalange Party, created by the French colonial mandated power in 1936, and headed by Pierre Gemayel, totally supported the Zionist movement and the creation of Israel as a counter-power against the predominantly Muslim population in lebanon.

The successive pre-emptive wars of Israel on Lebanon were supported by these “agent” leaders since 1948.

1) Actually, those who were elected in the parliament are the ones who sold their properties and lands in Palestine to the Zionist movement in order to run for election

2) In the first 3 decades of the “Independence” of this pseudo-State of Lebanon, the Southern region and its people were totally ignored in the successive budgets for any worthy infrastructure, schools and hospital.

And that indignity included the Akkar region in the north and the Bekaa Valley people.

3) The Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini dispatched his cleric Moussa Sader to Lebanon in the late 1960 in order to rally the Chia sect around a leader that was Not a feudal and landlord conventional “leader” or za3eem.

Moussa Sader did a great job and his “Disinherited Movement” called Amal grabbed the attention of the conventional Lebanese leaders in power for all that period and this movement became a force to negotiate with.

Hezbollah General Secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, in a speech declared that “All we need is to launch a couple of missiles on the Ammonium plant in Haifa. The conflagration is as powerful as an atomic bomb”.

It turned out that Israel actually executed this idea and stored an amount of ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut and let it be forgotten

Who still believes that this calamity is a simple matter of laziness of every responsible during the last 6 years?

Who is still unable to believe that Israel is Not able to prepare for a long-term catastrophe and hangar #12 was being prepared and targeted for a timely decision to flatten Beirut?

Who still believe this conflagration was Not triggered by an electromagnetic pulse bomb, planted in the hangar?




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