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There is this club of reasonable people (CRP); the members of this club believe that:  First, an observation is a fact (a truth); second, a law that forecast events most of the time, including natural laws that predict and show trends accurately are facts (truths); thirds, that there are always events that defy laws or do not fall within predictive trends are also facts (truths).  In a sense, reasonable people know about experimental concepts, requirements, and limitations.  Legal justice systems apply to the clubs of reasonable communities.

For example, if a pharmaceutical company put on the market a product that is biased to genders and a particular age group and then implicitly encourages the usage of the product to all genders and age groups with consequent counter-effects or no effects then, the company and all its management aware of these shortcomings must be judged according to the standards of the club, meaning the company acted against the common conscience of safe and healthy behaviors.

What about equity?  Equity is a notion that reasonable communities must find a resolution for members outside their club: mainly the clinically mental handicaps and the mentally retarded by default or ignorant communities.  It means you cannot judge a mental handicapped person with the same standards used by the justice systems of the reasonable communities.

Before I develop the idea I have to discriminate among the categories of mentally handicapped by default.  There is this club of communities who look reasonable: They understand their shortcomings for not learning or refusing to learn, even if learning facilities are provided and they encouraged to attend; but they insist on acquiring the same privileges of the members of the reasonable club:  They want to share the spoil based on an abstract concept of belonging to the same specie of mankind, supposedly created by the same God.  This club consists of ignorant people who are racist by ignorant behaviors.  I call these communities of people the “Racist community club” and legal systems should be applied to them for failing to communicate with the reasonable club.

There are the communities of ignoramus who are living in environments that to do not expose its members to learning facilities, including aboriginal communities. It happens that within modern communication facilities a few get connected to the world of the reasonable people.  A youth with a flexible brain might receive a terrible shock of the reality of the world community and his mind is blocked.  This category is the club of “shocked mental handicap”.  An adult with a less flexible brain might set up excuse barriers to trespassing the line and get on with knowledge; this category is the club of “Procrastinating mental handicap”.  An older ignorant member who is convinced that it is too late to climb the hill is categorized as “Cognizant older Retard (debil) mental handicap”.  Legal systems of the reasonable communities should not necessarily be applied to them, or punishment must be very lenient until learning facilities and stable institutions are erected.

Within the club of reasonable communities, there are members who encourage application of justice systems tailor-made to these ignoramus with severe psychological and physical constraints; these members belong to the “Apartheid reasonable club”

There are also infiltrators to the reasonable club who claim to be “adamant determinists”, meaning they hate the third principle of their club but they cannot deny its truth:  They want to go on a witch hunt for any outside events or observations that do not fall within the consensus laws; they want to remodel the world to be perfectly deterministic.  They usually are not persistent in their endeavors, but their theory throws havoc in the club:  They refuse any leniency to the common sense that “life is short and demands a few pleasures, good moments, and peace of mind”.  Their political decisions and actions practically emulate those of the “Racist community club”.  I call these dangerous infiltrators the “Deterministic deranged reasonable club”

For example, Lebanon is a State with the highest ratio of mental handicapped people, all category combined: clinical, shocked, procrastinators, and debil mental handicap.  The political structure and unstable social fabric since the independence of Lebanon in 1943, and the successive civil wars, exacerbated this reality.  The disparate educational systems, run by sectarian castes and universities re-integrating “mental” professors” assimilated to the social fabric of Lebanon, are generating “procrastinating mental handicapped ” graduates.

The superpower States have been patient and generous with the State of Lebanon:  Every year, the superpower never miss an occasion to sending “messages of support to the independence and sovereignty” of Lebanon.  There are no citizens in Lebanon; just plain chattel.  When I decided to return to Lebanon in 2000, I was aware of my inevitable convergence to the category of “older retard mental handicap club”, in no time.

A miracle happened in 2006 to Lebanon:  The mentally handicapped resisted the onslaught of the apartheid reasonable people for 33 days and won the war.  There is a reversal of “fortune”:  over 40% of the Jews in Israel are falling back to biblical times and customs; they are within the shocked mental handicap and dragging all the Israeli along.  In Lebanon, the procrastinating mental handicapped communities are already climbing the hill to be inducted in the club of the reasonable communities.  The added bonus is that they are carrying in their path many other ignorant communities.




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