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Hot summer social heat waves reminding Israel of its inequality and apartheid system

Tel Aviv is not about to enjoy any peaceful week-ends this summer.  The social organizations have been marching and demonstrating for months demanding quality life, affordable rented apartments, lower cost of living, and equal rights to economic and financial distribution of wealth.

This summer, the Occupy movement decided that the weekly marches and sit-ins will inevitably turn more violent since the government failed to deliver on its promises.

The government has ordered the “internal security forces” to display strong-arm tactics against the demonstrators, as they trained the US forces to disperse the Occupy movements, on account that only violent reactions will bring sense to the marchers to desist and stay home…

The problems are:

1. Many branches of the police force have been privatized and acting for the interest of those individuals, businesses and organizations that are paying their wages.

2. The police force has been indoctrinated in the last two decades to abusing of violent acts and disregarding the laws and constraints imposed on “lawful” institutions.

3. The brutal and inhuman practices done on Palestinians are being translated almost integrally on the Israeli citizens who are judged of “disturbing the peace” of this Zionist State…

The government of liberal capitalism of Netanyahu has been inventing all kinds of “urgent” smokescreen problems to deviate the course of the genuine anger and frustration of the citizens:

1. Last month, the government brought up the issue of thousands of “African immigrants” (mostly from south Sudan and Eritrea) who have been living for decades in Israel because their usefulness has finished. Hundreds have been deported to countries experiencing civil wars and famine…

2. Making a big issue of the Supreme Court order to vacate “illegal” settlers on private Palestinian properties in Beit Eel colony…Two dozen settlers were moved out with their “movable” houses to other expropriated Palestinian lands and properties…

3. Insisting that the far away Iran is the arch-enemy and requiring the purchase to half a dozen nuclear submarines with nuclear missile launching capabilities…

4. Resuming the closing off of Israel borders with shameful Walls so that the Israeli citizens are denied seeing any Palestinian or Lebanese people across the borders. The “No see, no hear…” tactics the safer the Israeli citizens…This typical Ashkenazi ghetto mentality




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