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I read many times in different books that “The purpose of life is living.”  My earliest first interpretations were “enjoy and embrace whatever life carries you to do or experience, (sort of stoic attitudes)”  After pondering that interpretation, I reasoned: “What is living if not making a sense of life?” 

I hence reached a far more interesting alternative:  “Life is a means to carrying on whatever meaning you want to make of life while still alive.”

You may change decisions and passions at any time, and life would care less and will not impress any judgement upon you:  Life is meant to serve your desires and obey your “seventy-seven decisions” per day.

Living has many unsettling requirements (pissing, excreting, sweating, washing…) that forces you to change directions many times a day.  Making sense of life is recovering from the maintenance tasks and redirecting the frequent diverging roads toward your intended main decisions of your daily plan of actions.

One decision may give you remorse and you want to stay in bed, a vegetative; you refuse to act, move, speak, or communicate with anyone. Life has no problem with this decision to play dead; but it has to maintain itself and you have to go and get moving.  Either you decide to die in your dirt (that is also a courageous decision) or you get up and start acting, one step at a time.  Life care less; you want to die? Life is your obedient servant and would follow you desire.

“Know yourself” means: “Maintain your life at the level commensurate to your plan of actions.  Know your limitations and your potentials, body and mind, and improve. You over force life and it will fail you at any time.”   It is no secret that when you keep your body and mind fit then, you can expand your range of decisions and set the bar higher than usual.  Thus, when you decide to get fit, it means you are planning for a higher energy requirements of decisions to redirect the “sense of your life”, otherwise, why the bother?

Your only constraint, to a fulfilling healthy servant as life, is becoming expert mechanics in the maintenance requirements of life.  Life is a car to be oiled, repaired, and supplied with energy.  Car has no spirit:  It is your desire and decision to reaching destination faster, your desire has provided the spirit to designing and manufacturing a car or airplane.

Life is ever obliging when you appreciate its vast potentials and appreciate the need for careful and loving maintenance requirements.  The more actions (physical and mental) you put life through, the more efficient are your decisions and more timely the opportunities.

Life maintenance is the most time-consuming of all tasks.  Either you become expert mechanics or life will force you, against your will, for long period of recovery.  Sir, life has no intrinsic meaning; it is your meanings of life that need to be lived.  You maintain life or you be maintained; you choose.

Hegel wrote: “No one can claim to be free unless he is ready to confront death.”  I assume that Hegel started from the premise that this free man knew and experimented  how to live. Let me put it simply:  Any desire that is good for your well-being (example physical or mental health) is an excellent desire.  Voltaire joked: “I decided to be happy:  It is good for my health.”

This attitude is a win-win situation.  You may work hard for a good health but this is no guarantee or sufficient condition for developing healthy desires.  You have first to desire and then, keeping healthy becomes part of a mechanism that can be nailed down and maintained efficiently.

You were graced with life; get on with the maintenance part and let life serves your passions and desires.




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