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How many of these skills are “life sustaining talents”?

  1. Check off all you can do…
    1. 1I can sew.
    2. 2I can tie a man’s tie.
    3. 3I can make a meal without a recipe.
    4. 4I can build a fire.
    5. 5I can bandage a wound.
    6. 6I can navigate with an IRL map (NOT Google Maps).
    7. 7I can measure a piece of furniture to know if it fits in a space.
    8. 8I can change a tire.
    9. 9I know how to check oil in a car.
    10. 10I know the proper way to fold a fitted sheet.
    11. 11I know how to do laundry.
    12. 12I know how to iron a shirt.
    13. 13I know how to stop a toilet from overflowing.
    14. 14I know how to set up a wireless network.
    15. 15I know how to use Excel.
    16. 16I can create a basic website/blog.
    17. 17I know how to craft a résumé.
    18. 18I know how to cook eggs at least three different ways.
    19. 19I know how to use chopsticks.
    20. 20I know CPR.
    21. 21I know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.
    22. 22I know how to calculate a tip.
    23. 23I can do a push-up.
    24. 24I can swim.
    25. 25I can drive.
    26. 26I can ride a bike.
    27. 27I can do basic math in my head.
    28. 28I can do long division on paper.
    29. 29I can keep a plant alive.
    30. 30I can make pasta without under- or overcooking it.
    31. 31I can tie a proper knot.
    32. 32I can open a champagne bottle.
    33. 33I can drive a stick shift.
    34. 34I can use both a Mac and PC.
    35. 35I can parallel park.
    36. 36I know when fruits and vegetables are ripe.
    37. 37I can assemble Ikea furniture by myself.
    38. 38I know what to do if you spill red wine on carpet.
    39. 39I know what to do to remove blood stains.
    40. 40I know how to jump-start a car.
    41. 41I know how to read and understand nutrition labels.
    42. 42I know what to do if I get in a car accident.
    43. 43I know how to budget. (Well, doesn’t mean you actually FOLLOW it, but you get how to…)
    44. 44I can write letters with few spelling and grammar errors.
    45. 45I can bargain at a flea market.
    46. 46I can carve a turkey or chicken.
    47. 47I know how to operate a fire extinguisher.
    48. 48I can use a sewing machine.
    49. 49I can successfully bake a cake with a recipe.
    50. 50I know how to properly set a table.
    51. 51I can adjust my Facebook privacy settings with ease.
    52. 52I know how to treat a bee sting.
    53. 53I understand what goes in the recycling versus trash.
    54. 54I know how how make a soft-, medium-, and hard-boiled egg.
    55. 55I know how to back up my information.
    56. 56I know how to update my phone.
    57. 57I understand how to manage/store my music and photos.
    58. 58I know how to use an electric drill.
    59. 59I know how to hang a picture.
    60. 60I can install something — like a shelf or curtain hooks — into the wall.
    61. 61I can braid hair.
    62. 62I can throw a football.
    63. 63I can set up a barbecue fire.
    64. 64I can cook meat to a desired level (rare, well-done, etc).
    65. 65I know how to make a mixed drink.
    66. 66I can do my taxes.
    67. 67I can change a diaper.
    68. 68I understand how to throw a punch.
    69. 69I can actually throw a punch.
    70. 70I can negotiate a raise.
    71. 71I can figure out which direction points north without a compass.
    72. 72I can navigate the subway without having to ask for help.
    73. 73I know how to send someone a large file.
    74. 74I know how to use Twitter.
    75. 75I understand what a 401(k) is.
    76. 76I understand how the stock market works.
    77. 77I understand the terms of my health insurance program.
    78. 78I know what an abnormal mole might look like.
    79. 79I can change a lightbulb.
    80. 80I can read a text and recall the most important details.
    81. 81I can do an pretty decent dive into a pool.
    82. 82I can ski.
    83. 83I can recognize (but not necessarily speak) languages like Spanish, French, German, and Italian.
    84. 84I know how to clean the filters in my vacuum.
    85. 85I can replace a vacuum belt.
    86. 86I know how to paint a room.
    87. 87If named a state in the U.S., I could describe where it is.
    88. 88If named a country in Europe, I could describe where it is.
    89. 89I could draw a basic map of the world.
    90. 90I know how to play sudoku.
    91. 91I know how to polish silver.
    92. 92I know how to eat a lobster.
    93. 93I can fix a leaky faucet.
    94. 94I know how to use the internet — beyond Google — for finding things.
    95. 95I am good at finding exactly what I’m looking for online.
    96. 96I can wrap a gift (and it won’t look like someone with no fingers wrapped it).
    97. 97I have been able to get around in a foreign country by myself with ease.
    98. 98I can remove a splinter.
    99. 99I know how to properly clean (the exterior) of my computer and electronic devices.
    100. 100I understand how a mortgage works.

Note: It appears that women acquire far more talents to survive on their own than men. How many skills do you think a normal man could accumulate on average?




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