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Do you like Graphics on Job opportunities? And how to get Mitt Romney off his High Tree?

First, let’s consider the difficult positions Presidential Republican candidate Mitt Romney got stuck in.

Mitt Romney is conducting a campaign under the banner: “I am the most extreme of the right-wing Republicans…” and has no foreign affairs policy expertise: All his positions are meant to be contrary to what Barack Obama states. In all foreign issues, such as the war in Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear program, the position on Russia, the economic policies with China, the “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians (read link in note 2)…

For example:

1. Obama is negotiating with Taliban of Afghanistan: Never, says Romney. And what alternatives Romney has? Time to start condensed education and serious reflections for next debates with Obama…

2. So far, the negotiation with Iran is going well, so far, and Obama wants economic and financial sanctions to bring its fruits. Romney wants nothing to this “nonsense”. Romney wants to bomb Iran…as if he is fully aware of the US difficulties, militarily and economically, and the dire consequences to such foolish action…

3. Russia is no longer a superpower, and is Not the enemy number One as Romney insists on proclaiming high and loud. Apparently, Romney wants to project the image of an archaic dinosaur, as if the majority of US citizens are elderly conservatives of the Cold War…

Most former political public figures such as Henry Kissinger,  Brent Scowcroft, James baker, Robert Gates…disagree with Romney stands on foreign affairs…

The real problem is that the young Republicans advising Romney are as ignorant as their “leader” to be of any assistance in bringing Romney off the high tree he is perched on.

Mind you that Romney and Israel Netanyahu PM were college colleagues, as if personal acquaintances are the basic building blocks for considering the best interests of the State.

Graphic: Jobs, education, debt and quality of life for young Americans
Note 1: The first section was inspired from the weekly piece of correspondent Hisham Melhem to the Lebanese daily Al Nahar.




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