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The Manifest of the American People for the 21st century.

Like: “The Entire Americana continent must be in the control and hegemony of the USA”

Posted on September 28, 2008

We all know by now that the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers and its consequences in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Muslim World in general were the events of the decade. 

We do feel deep in our guts that the fall of Wall Street and its consequences would be the events of the century.  The fall of the last bastion of unbridled capitalism is shaking the World economy and sending strong Tsunami waves to the global finance and investment institutions all around. 

The US Federal government is nationalizing the major banks, the foundation and symbol of greedy capitalism. 

For the time being, the Federal government has bailed out AIG and then nationalized banks, like for example Goldman & Sacks and G.P. Morgan who have the task of purchasing the remaining failing financial institutions. 

Since when the two relatively puny latter institutions could purchase Washington Mutual and other giants for a nickel?  What organizations are behind Goldman & Sacks and G.P. Morgan to obtain formal nomination of the US Federal government for the nationalization process?  

It is well documented that minor cataclysms generate abundance of investigation and public coverage, but the coverage of seismic cataclysms that are financial in nature are relegated to professional manuscripts that the general public would not touch with a long pole. 

Did anyone read any serious coverage of the financial repercussions of the September 11 nightmare?  

Quickly a war plan was set up and the people galvanized against an “Evil” enemy and then the financial problems were swept under the rug.  

Or do you know of the causes of the bankruptcy of the energy giant ENRON?  If anyone comprehend the causes of the fall of Wall Street. then please disseminate your knowledge profusely and immediately, in words understood by the common people. 

One hint though; follows the money trails and you will catch the head criminals. 

Astute Warren Buffet has already invested 5 billions in Goldman & Sacks or 10% of the shares; thus, this is a strong lead to follow. 

The most direct way for grabbing significant threads is by investigating Vice President Cheney and his inner circle: they were fundamentally following orders of the malefic financial giant organizations behind the turmoils of this decade.

I wonder though why the fall of Wall St. happened when the last bastions of communism definitely shifted gears to participate in the new world economic order! 

The fall of Wall Street should have taken place shortly after September 11. 

The invasion of poor Afghanistan was not credible to infuse over 4 trillion dollars into the already failing financial institutions in the USA, through fraud and the scapegoat of a major war against “terrorism”.

The Bush Administration and the behind the scene nefarious financial organizations needed to invade rich Iraq and blackmail the neighboring tiny Arab Emirate States to redirect the swindle on the largest scale through front re-construction companies such as Bechtel and Halliburton and others private security companies. 

The pre-emptive war on Iraqis could not cost that much money and certainly the Iraqi people didn’t notice any beneficial change in their daily lives for six years but they are much worse everyday. 

This gimmick of infusing another 700 billion dollars from the US citizens taxes is basically one of the last payments of the Federal government to the financial mega mafias. 

For a year, those malefic financial mafias might lay low to ride off the catastrophe on the US people and then the same cohabitation and capitalist schemes will resume under laws cribbled with loopholes as large as elephants.

They say that everything is politics; Not in capitalist systems where political structures are fundamentally legal front for the mega financial mafias to bleed dry the citizens.

I urge the US citizens not to wait and see!  If you do not do your homework now and before the 700 billions are issued and then actively revisite your political structures, then the same cycle would recur at a nastier magnitude.

Many contradictory economics school of sciences that earned Nobel Prices such as the School of Chicago, the School of Vienna and even Amartya Sen tried to interpret a few of Smith’s economic principles and his metaphor of the invisible hand.

Capitalists have usurp Adam Smith’s economic principles as their system guideline to cheat their countrymen. 

Let us revisit briefly Adam Smith who published in 1776 “Investigation on the nature and causes of the wealth of Nations”

He stated that individuals have the tendencies to invest whatever capital they own within the areas of their residence so that they could have better control over their business because they are aware of the people they can trust and the environment that can use their skills and products and the functioning of the legal system.

This process of increasing the added value of their businesses in the local commerce or inner commerce is like “an invisible hand” at work for increasing the wealth of the whole economy. 

When the State risks to orient or guide an individual or moms and pops family businesses in the manner of investing his capital, it is meddling in pointless exercises since the investor is better positioned to know the kinds of activities he is fit to undertake. 

Smith relied heavily on the liberal scientific economic principles of the French School of the Physiocrats and then three economic revolutions carried his manuscript as their Bible. Mainly, the French Revolution in the political debates, the industrial revolution seeking justifications for their capitalist system and lastly the scientific revolution.

Smith warned against freight commerce where the capital of an investor is divided among foreign countries and never under his control (does the stock market correspond to freight commerce?).

Thus, a businessman prefers to deal within the inner commerce over external commerce and by far over freight commerce. 

How Smith’s explanations for a strong economy could ever be matched with the principles of these mega businesses that nobody even know the behind the scene power manipulators?

Maybe the climatic changes would usurp the rank of the fall of Wall Street for dire consequences in the decade after the fall of Wall Street and maybe the decision of the next US administration to lead the environmental remedies in a political gimmick to redirecting the attention of its public away from this major handicap might generate the necessary good will for behavioral change and away from this “stupid increase of consumerism growth” ideology.

Are you hopeful that the temporary fall of greedy capitalism might enhance a revival for the environment?  Don’t count on it. 

Only a serious movement to restructure the actual US political system with serious independent institutions to control, monitor and investigate the so-called check and balance porous institutions might offer a glimpse to the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Once this mass movement is on the march then the rest of the world will back it with all its might to save this one Earth and its 8 billions inhabitants.

I sincerely expect the Chinese people, the huge continents of India, Brazil, Russia and the European Union to get the message of the pitfalls of an uncontrolled capitalist system and sever the cozy relations between their political structure and financial institutions.




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