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As if “leaders” are mostly lonely?

Leading sets you apart from others. Being out in front means you may walk alone.

The issue is “Do you feel you are leading by consensus or a vast agreement?”

By Dan Rockwell?

And you work to understand others but do others understand you? (If you feel alone, you aren’t alone? Feeling is the criteria, until proven otherwise)

Is being set apart results in feeling set apart? (Need to connect with the younger generation and comprehend how society set them apart)

Leadership’s “A” game:

Leaders bring their “A” game every day. You direct, guide, manage, decide, counsel, encourage, challenge, …

  1. You think of others and the organization before yourself.
  2. You think about tomorrow while those around you focus on today.
  3. You know things others don’t and can’t know. You keep confidences.
  4. You can’t spill your guts. You’re guarded even when you’re open.
  5. You’re always “on”, watched, and evaluated.

The danger of alone:

Loneliness always makes life harder. Stress is deeper, darks are darker, and thinking is impaired when you feel alone. I even read that loneliness speeds aging.

Leadership’s “A” game results in feeling “A”-lone. To make matters worse, happy people don’t like hanging with lonely people. Lonely people hang together and create more loneliness.

Facing the demon of leadership loneliness:

  1. Don’t expect people within your organization to understand you.
  2. Train top tier leaders to think like CEO’s who put others first.
  3. Engage people in the process early and often.
  4. Avoid faking and pretending. Faking feeds the demon of loneliness.
  5. Develop authentic relationships with leaders outside your organization. Expose your heart to someone you trust. Be selective.
  6. Hire a coach. Be a coach and have a coach. Mine is Bob Hancox.
  7. Take alone time at least once a month. Weekly is better. Alone time helps with loneliness.
  8. Clear your mind so you can think more clearly. Read, walk, run, exercise, or go to a movie.
  9. Warning: thinking you’re better than others is an arrogant defense mechanism that increases loneliness.

What are the causes of leadership loneliness?

How can leaders deal with feeling alone?




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