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Tidbits and comments. Part 406

Lebanon society has been gradually and consistently developing a structure based on a caste system (a closed religious sect) through the Ottoman legacy and has been strengthened since our independence in 1943. 

The definition of a Caste is that it is a closed system restricted in five elements:

First, communities are ranked from high to low

Second, it is formed of endogamous groups where marriages is restricted within the caste and intermarriage among caste is socially sanctioned,

Third, membership is determined by birth and is inherited and ascribed,

Fourth, the group at the top may be the largest numerically, and

Fifth, mobility is restricted and an individual can move up within the caste and, as a whole, attempts to move up; thus, the frequent rivalry among castes competing to take precedence in the hierarchical ranking.

There is a qualitative difference in the people between an ancient capital and a new capital (Damascus versus Baghdad). The Mogul Holago ransacked the Abbasid Capital and was defeated in Damascus.

In order to live a quality life and respect the human rights for basic dignities: As you grow older you learn that keeping yourself alive matched the suffering and sacrifices that your mother, parents and closer community extended for you.

A US federal judge allowed a nationwide lawsuit against Facebook. A privacy class action suit, which seeks damages from the social media giant for allowing third parties to access users’ data, was given the green light.

Robot machines are delivering sermons, performing sacred rituals, and doling out blessings? I prefer them to the clerics who live on people taxes.

A new “Not Like” icon will get me very passionate in following social platforms. If you “Like”, better press “Share”

Why should we get used to this insanity? The sea is 2 degrees hotter and the warmer streams are No longer being cooled enough by the poles. Number of cyclones have increased 4 times in 3 decades and their strength are far more devastating.

L’Enfant precaire qui ne sait pas comment devenir un adult hypocrite et suffisant: J’ai decide pour un PhD in engineering, a un age ou plusieurs de mes professeurs avaient des enfants au college.  J’ai du travailler a 4 jobs pour payer mes cours et survivre. Et j’ai persiste pendant plusieurs annes pour obtenir ce certificate/ diplome.
Le problem: Je ne me sent toujours pas confiant pour insister que les gens m’attache la mention Docteur ou professeur.

The deadly sin of Da3esh strategy is that it forgot that Islam was meant to transcend ethnicity, and race (Not sure about language). (ISIS is the same Saudi Wahhabi tight- ass sect)

Al Qaeda is left to die in Syria (in Edlib) and transferred and be used in every society that the new colonial powers decided to destabilize

A century later, after they implanted colonial Israel, USA Evangelical Zionist movement voiced its basic strategy: total ethnic cleansing and No right for return of Palestinians to their homes.

” if anyone is aware of his memory problems, he does Not have Alzheimer’s.” The memory is stocked and Not erased, but It is the memory processor Not functioning properly

In 1889, Patty Hill, a Kentucky educator, and her sister Mildred, who would go on to become an ethno-musicologist, teamed up to write songs for children and Happy Birthday” became their greatest hit. It went on to become the standard song for celebrations across a wide variety of countries and cultures. Even the Syrians sang in English Happy Birthday to President Bashar Assad.

My diagnostic of John’s love-making is that he was autistic in that matter.  An autistic regard the person he is in love with as an automaton, an entity created to his own desires. To John I was a Woman. I think sexual autistic males prefer to masturbate instead of having real rapport with a human being…”




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