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Misogeny in “expert opinions”:  Or just tough luck experiences?

Is it rare to witness happy couples?  Is that opinion based on marital status, gender differences, economic factors. or family cohesion…?

There is a mathematical probability side to that statesman:  Two people, of different genders, having to agree most of the time, be satisfied with life most of the time, while totally strangers to their own characters, passions, and potentials… Too many interactions to balance, comprehend, and negotiate.  

There is a psychological side to it:  We tend to recall bad moments and events far more frequently than the good times.  

There is a social side to it:  External forces are more influentials than we are ready to admit; and these external factors are very powerful and amazingly potent in consistency.

In young “love story” movies two kinds of people in the audience cry:  Singles and resilient married couples.  Is that statesman coming from misogyny tendency or just tough luck experiences and eye witnesses?

Why western nations and developed States prohibit polygamy?  Is it a matter of logical deduction? For example, a prior law judged that it is illegal to convict a person twice for the same crime?

A patient asks his family physician: “Any recommendation for longivity?”

The Physician: “I suggest you get married”

Patient: “What are the odds that this works out”

Physician: “Don’t know.  At least this idea for wishing to live longer will never cross your mind again.”

I enter a library and ask the desk attendant: “Could you orient me to the section “Man is the master of his wife?”

The attendant: “Your best bet is “fiction stories”

A woman brought me to life and I cried.  Women will keep me in tears most of my life.

The wife to her husband: “Honey, a reminder.  Today is our anniversary.”

Husband: “Fine.  Let’s stand three minutes in silence, in mourning of that occasion”

Marriage is like selecting a dish in a restaurant and envying what friends ordered for dinner.




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