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Ultra orthodox Jews in Israel have lost it; (Mar. 8, 2010)

            There are alarming increases in family violence among ultra orthodox closed communities in Israel. Israeli social services are having hard times dealing with crimes occurring within ultra orthodox families such as killing of children, rape, violence, cruel behaviors toward children that are disguised under the rubric of Hassidic rituals and customs.

            When social services denounce such crimes, Hassidic demonstrations against secular services take to the street demanding closing of social services or avoiding to ask for their services on the ground of meddling in their religious prerogatives and traditional affairs.  Israel dailies made headlines of the killing of a 4 year-old boy by his “haredim” father; the 3 year-old boy left to die of hunger by his mother; and lately the death of 8 months girl whose father smashed her head repeatedly on the floor.

            There are waves of delirious “psychological problems” afflicting the ultra orthodox communities, especially those secret cults created in Central Europe in the 17th centuries (the Haredim) and the Habad (wise) sect of the Lubavitch dynasty of rabbins.  The grand father of the dead toddler who teaches in Vienna said “The real problem is that ultra orthodox communities have tendencies to hide their problems instead of going after rational treatments to avoiding these kinds of tragedies. We have got to come open relative to psychological distresses.  Many victims will surface at increased rate if communities keep to their closed ghetto mentality”

            The criminal father was very cool and answered “There will be no manifestations this time around: we are Ashkenazi and not “Frenk” (oriental Jews) or “hozer be ‘tshuva” (penitent).”  There is this “will to sacrifice” at the detriment of children’s innocent souls.  Worse, birth rate of Haredim families is alarmingly increasing: Haredim maternal schools rate increase is 40 times the secular schools.

            Within a decade, one out of 4 Israelis will be supporting society:  Hassidi women are not allowed to work and men prefer to “study the torah and the Talmud”.  Palestinians with Israeli passports are discriminated against in job openings: there are welcomed as manual labors.

Note:  I am wondering why women still allow men, who barely have read a single book, fraught with myths, to rule and govern their life.




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