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Why women live longer than men? Adapted to frequent bowel movement sessions

Women have far many more opportunities to trying bowel movements per day.

I discovered that humongous advantage a week ago. I decided, instead of standing for pissing, to simply sit.

It is a success story at every sitting: My bowel movement, with this new method, is smooth, creamy, of normal constituency, easy, and refreshing… No need anymore for exhausting your breath, bringing a magazine, allocating special time, fearing heart attack, a blood vein rupturing, taking enormous time and energy for this simple job.

It takes the same amount of time to doing two tasks in one session, and more efficiently at any length of term, short, medium, or long-term…

It is natural an event that comes naturally… Gone all these horror tales of gargantuan “product“, yards long, cross-sections as large as a newborn head, sewer system clogged…

Once, one of my nieces said: “If I don’t have three bowel movements a day, I don’t feel alright…” I wondered: “What?! If I can come once every two days I feel like a king and ecstatic…”

Managing a satisfying bowel movement was such a glorious event for me that I could feel the sensation many hours later: It was the actual real success story for the day!  If anyone would ask me: “What was your best memorable task today?” I had no hesitation being blunt and frank: “I had a bowel movement!”

Let us admit it: Constipation is a common ailment among the male genders, regardless of their eating habit: carnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, herbivorous… Actually, I cannot recall having a bowel movement in childhood.  How many of you male gender recall how was the toilet in your home in your childhood?  You certainly have a vivid picture of your favorite spot in the garden or the nearby forest…

Many would be surprised of my simple and bold hypothesis of “Why women live longer than men, are more enduring, cooler in their behavior…”

My conjecture is that the main reason, by far the most important of the many main causes, is opportunity for frequent bowel movements, just by having to stoop and sit… for pissing!  That is why I ticked the “lucubration” category.

Do you know that virulent bacteria and viruses normally converge toward the exit of the large intestine, and that the more frequent your bowel movements are, no matter how little is the “production”, is the best remedy for decreasing sickness frequency?

Chill out, sit down, and enjoy a normal enjoying day that would overcome many stupid and unnecessary tresses. Simultaneous multitasking should not be reserved for computer sciences…

Let me be frank: If I have a satisfying bowel movement in the morning,I feel that I own the day. Nothing can touch me for the day, and I feel confident that I will not feel sick for the day…

If I wait for the evening for a creamy and easy movement, it is difficult for me to go to sleep: I feel that I can go on for most of the night…

Do your best to Own your Day and your Health…

Note: I realized why men adopt lazy behaviors more frequently than women: Just deciding to sit for pissing is such a difficult undertaking to execute.  I am not referring to elder people finding it a problem to stooping or sitting on their buttocks, instead to standing and leaning on the wall with hands, but to youth who think that a standing position is a quicker maneuver to satisfying the urgent need for pissing.

Women acquired more stamina than men by simply having to stoop and sit for pissing

We are what our sleep dreams are; (Apr. 15, 2010)

            I classified this article within the “Lucubration” category; sort of notebook to be revisited. The idea flashed in my mind at 5 am as I was sipping coffee in the enclosed balcony after experiencing many exciting dreams.  It seems to me that mankind didn’t feel the urge to fly by watching birds: the urge was created from the sensation of flying during dreams of hovering inaccessible regions.  Man didn’t set on adventurous peregrinations simply because he was feeling bored and entrapped: he went forth because of sleep dreaming sensations that opened up the way and guided his decisions.

            If we could recollect the kinds of recurring dreams in our childhood then we could comprehend our journey. We say: “I have no idea why and how I ended up doing what I did and why my life turned out that way.” It is probably we don’t know: we were never encouraged to taking our dreams seriously; we failed to recollect our dreams and investigate their meaning.  I hear a few people saying: “Sleeping is such a waste of time.  I’ll have eternity to sleep when I die.”  If dreams are not the most essential part of life then how we could have experienced the most colorful sceneries, the most animated, the most “feel intense” events, the weirdest and most imaginative occurrences?  Maybe we feel mostly depressed during our waking periods simply because our potentials and capabilities appear far degraded of what we experienced during sleep dreams.

            How so often you hear someone ironically asking: “Are you daydreaming?” Show me someone who claims not finding time to daydream and I tell you that he is either a certified liar or technically brain dead and you should avoid him like the plague. Our sleep dreams are telling us the story of our life:  When we followed the suggestions of our dreams and when we shut it down.  Our sleep dreams are disgusting and nerve wracking when our daily behaviors go contrary to the dream guidance.  Our dreams are of the kinds of happy and colorful when our behaviors are compatible with the hints of our sleep dreams. Our dreams are chaotic and exhausting when our daily behaviors tend to fight off the control of the dreams.

            Maybe we should start listening seriously to our dreams.  Methodical recollection of dreams, finding connections and interactions among the dreams and within our waking actions can aid greatly our conscious decisions. Investing time to interpreting our dreams and stop feeling apprehensive and scared of what we have dreamt of can relieve our unconscious anxiety. Dreams are the best catalyst to change:  Time to be serious with what sleep dreams generate and taking dreams out of the esoteric domain into the scientific field.  Sleep dreaming is basically what we are; it is too potent to be ignored or maligned as a product of our daily actions seeking outlets for the body and mind to resting efficiently. Psychoanalysis profession could displace its practice from remembering waking up memories that are “unconsciously hidden” into the main sources of disequilibrium that reside in recollecting sleep dreams that we have been fighting off.

            I have this theory that many species disappeared and vanished for three reasons.  Most of the dead species were confined in a specific localized habitat.  They vanished because first, natural calamities in the habitat wiped them out; second, mankind was too swift in disturbing their habitat that the slow process of sleep dreams could not react in a timely manner for the species to re-adapt and mutate to the altered habitat; and third, the species lacked sleep dreams or this function was degraded to permit evolution and adaptation to new environment.  Is mankind fate of the same kind?




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